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The way from idea to value


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Our talk on building better user experiences at Agile Tour in Vilnius.

Published in: Design
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The way from idea to value

  1. 1. Hello.
  2. 2. Journey fromidea to value.
  3. 3. She has a dream of the perfect wedding cake.
  4. 4. This.
  5. 5. He is famous for the best cakes in town.
  6. 6. What happened?
  7. 7. On theweddingday cake tastes wrong.
  8. 8. On thewedding Riskday cake buildup. tastes wrong.
  9. 9. Dough and shape of thewedding cake came with Birthday decorations.
  10. 10. Dough and Process shape of the doesn’twedding cake came with create Birthday value on its decorations. own.
  11. 11. Cake has newlyweds on a swing.Also there is a unicorn.And a kitten.
  12. 12. Cake has newlyweds on a swing. BuildingAlso there is unneeded a unicorn. features.And a kitten.
  13. 13. Top of thetoo tall cake fell on the newlyweds, while cutting.
  14. 14. Top of the Deliveringtoo tall cake what fell on the customer newlyweds, while wants, but cutting. not needs.
  15. 15. So.
  16. 16. If communicationcan fail, it will. Jukka Korpela Finnish IT writer
  17. 17. If a message can be interpreted in several ways, it will beinterpreted in a manner that maximizes the damage. Jukka Korpela Finnish IT writer
  18. 18. There is alwayssomeone who knowsbetter than you whatyou meant with your message. Jukka Korpela Finnish IT writer
  19. 19. Fine.
  20. 20. We still want to build stuff.
  21. 21. We still want to build
  22. 22. We still want to build process
  23. 23. We still want to build process talent
  24. 24. But how do we know thatwe are buildingthe right thing?
  25. 25. Let’s talk aboutbusiness model.
  26. 26. “A business modeldescribes the rationale of how organization creates, delivers and captures value.”
  27. 27. Agile is a value driven way of thinking.
  28. 28. So we have a vision and a sharedunderstanding now. Is that enough?
  29. 29. No business model survives first contactwith a customer. Steve Blank
  30. 30. Yes, you will fail.Don’t be afraid of it.
  31. 31. “Fail fast fail oftenfail cheap”
  32. 32. Start with the MinimumViable Product.
  33. 33. “It is an iterative process of ideageneration, prototyping, presentation, datacollection, analysis and learning”
  34. 34. Minimum viabledoesn’t mean crap. Marc McNeill
  35. 35. How do we do it?
  36. 36. User stories"As a role, I want goal so that benefit"
  37. 37. Backlog.
  38. 38. Definition of done.
  39. 39. Sketch it!
  40. 40. Sketching is anything thatcommunicates an idea fast.
  41. 41. Paperprototyping
  42. 42. Get out ofthe building!
  43. 43. Do customerdevelopment Talk to people, validate your ideas.
  44. 44. Continuously refresh yourbusiness model.
  45. 45. Give feedback &ask for feedback.
  46. 46. Make feedbackloops as short as possible.
  47. 47. Feedback door.
  48. 48. Working toohard will breakyou, it wontmake you moreproductive. Jeremy Walker
  49. 49. Build excellentuser experiences!
  50. 50. People doawesome when they aren’t afraid.
  51. 51. @salantsa @katjazorina
  52. 52. May 2013 Helsinki
  53. 53.
  54. 54. Thank you. Kiitos. Ačiū.