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Modified Bio Gas Plant


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A proposed idea for modified Bio gas plant

Published in: Education
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Modified Bio Gas Plant

  1. 1. Modified BioGas Plant* Proposed Idea By: ALOK KATIYAR ANKIT SHAKYA IIT ROORKEE
  2. 2. ABSTRACTNow a days demand of energy becomes a big crisis for world,in order to compensate the crisis countries are producingmore and more energy and ultimately environmental safety isbecomes the major issue.This presentation describes one of best renewable energysource “BIOGAS PLANT” with the inadequacies in all previousbiogas project and some suggestions to compensate theinadequacies. This presentation also describes the way toimplement the suggestion and the impact of this project in thecountry.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION“BIOGAS PLANT” is one of the best and cheaper ways toproduce energy without affecting the environment. Inbiogas plant the organic mass is converted into biogasand fertilizer by anaerobic digestion.
  4. 4. The inadequacies OfBiogas plants in India
  5. 5. Unavailability of dungLow fermentation rate in wintersUncontrolled amount of water poured into reactor/plantLack of technologyOversized plant
  6. 6. 1. Unavailability of dungSince now a days animal dung may not beavailable in required quantities due toreduced role of animals in agriculture,various other materials such as molasses,pressed cane stalks, various kinds of agrowaste can be used with animal slurry.e.g. for using agro waste in biogas plant anadditional predigestor is to be added, sincedecomposition time of agro waste is morethan animal slurry.
  7. 7. 2. Low fermentation rate in winterOne of major cause of the failure of Biogasplant in India is low fermentation rate in winterdue to drop in ambient temperature.we can overcome this problem by• Providing a layer of thermal insulation over plant.• In case of individual household plant animals along with their sheds could be shifted near/over the plant, their body warmth will keep the Biogas plant temperature higher than the ambient temperature.
  8. 8. Fig: An individual household plant & animal with their sheds
  9. 9. For community Biogas plant proposedmechanism is• Building a chamber under the Biogas plant where the water would be stored for warming purpose.• A motor to drive water out of under ground chamber for external heating.• An external overhead tank to store water for heating.• For heating this water a small fraction of Biogas could be used for heating.
  10. 10. Fig: Community Biogas plant with improved design
  11. 11. • Uncontrolled amount of water poured in rector/plantA technician could be hired which wouldguide people and check proportions ofwater and dung before feeding intoplant/reactor.
  12. 12. • Oversized plantIn many case studies it has been found that20-30% animal dung could not be collected,so this correction factor should be addedwhile designing Biogas plant.
  13. 13. Thank You If You have any queries please feel free to write usat alok.jul15@gmail.comWe will be happy to hear from you ….