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ENNA – Open Innovation Platform Development Project

The project seeks answers to what methods and interfaces universities and research groups need in order to channel top level research know-how to companies, how to channel companies’ needs to top level research and what can be done in order to make this collaboration as part of the curriculum?

Project aims to develop universities’ and research groups’ abilities to:

1.) Enhance the interface between top level research know-how and companies
2.) Connect the company-academy collaboration as part of the universities’ education system

Value of the ENNA project is leveraged from the collaboration between different scientific fields. One highly potential common application among the project partners is solar power.

Project partners are: Department of Energy and Process Engineering (Tampere University of Technology), Department of Materials Science (Tampere University of Technology), Optoelectronics Research Centre (Tampere University of Technology), Nanoscience Center (University of Jyväskylä) and Technology and Maritime Management (Satakunta University of Applied Sciences). Project coordinator is Hermia Ltd (project manager Petteri Mäkeläinen).

Project is financed by Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (Ostrobothnia) and European Social Fund. Closing date for the project is 31.12.2012.

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Enna open innovation platform project

  1. 1. Project Manager Kati ValtonenTampere University of TechnologyUnlocking Innovation through Collaboration –seminar 26.9.2012
  2. 2. Motivation Developing the abilities of the universities to Enhance the interface between top level research know-how and companies Connect the company – academy cooperation as part of the education system Find out what methods and interfaces are needed to Channel top level research know-how to companies Channel the needs of companies to top level research
  3. 3. Methods Innovation platforms SolarForum, Wear Forum, Energyfoorum, Photonics Forum Academy - Company cooperation Staff training Seminars and events Theses
  4. 4. SolarForum PortalTool for communication and knowledge transfer forSolarForum clusterWith users from companies, research units and highereducation institutes, we cover all aspects and gain relevantinformation
  5. 5. SolarForum PortalUser based content: Markets Technologies Future trends Support policies EventsContent focuschanges with theinterests of users Tag cloud shows the most popular topics in SolarForum Portal at that time
  6. 6. Tampere Wear CenterConcentrates on scientific and practical aspects of wearStrengthens research in the field of wear of materialsDevelops wear-related problem-solving services forindustryTampere Wear Center is rapidly developing into aninternationally recognized concentration of advancedwear test facilities and expertise
  7. 7. Wear ForumWear Forum is acollaboration networkbetween TWC, researchinstitutes, and companiesthat connects the materialspecialists with wearexpertsWear Forum portal is adeveloping wear databaseFor Wear forum membercompanies and TWCresearchers
  8. 8. Department of Energy and ProcessEngineering The research activities consist of numerical modelling and experimental methods. The research is conducted in close collaboration with the industry. The department has four research groups: Energy Production, Environmental Health, Flow Research and Paper Converting and Packaging Technology.
  9. 9. Department of Energy and Process Engineering Path from idea to innovation Idea, innovation and information sharing among the staff Training Innovation guide Enhance collaboration with companies Innovation webpages: www.tut.fi/EPR Events Innovation team
  10. 10. Photonics ForumPhotonics Forum is adatabase for information andknowledge sharing betweenindustrial, research andeducational membersinterested in lasers, opticsand optoelectronicsForum should work as aninnovation platform fornew ideas to improvedevelopment of newproducts and processes
  11. 11. Nanoscience Center Nanoscience Center (NSC) is a cross-disciplinary research center shared by the departments of physics, chemistry, and biological and environmental science. NSC business cooperation Spin off companies Analysis and characterization services Fabrication of nanomaterials Joint R&D projects
  12. 12. Nanoscience Center Enhancing interaction and change of knowledge between researchers and business interested in nanoscience Thematic workshops, expert seminars Nanoscience Days Business Day Tekniikka2012 Technology fair