DE Streaming Part One


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Class taught for Fulton County May 2012

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  • DE Streaming Part One

    1. 1. WELCOME!
    2. 2. AGENDA – DAY ONE Today’s Meet - How do you use DE Streaming? – Logging into Discovery Education Review – How to find, share, save videos / Exploring full video options Video Quizzes Video Segments as Hooks Basics of Closed-Captioning / Advanced Closed-Captioning Options Sounds / mp3 / Speeches / Wordle or Tagxedo / Lodge McCammon My Content Personal Exploration
    3. 3.
    4. 4. Diagnostic Assessment How do you useDiscovery Education STREAMING to reach the 21st century learner?
    5. 5. Leverage Media Assets from Discovery Education STREAMING to help speak their language Audio (speeches, Videos Images interviews, sound effects, songs) Encyclopedia Builder ToolsTheme Pages Articles and (Writing Prompts, and Lesson Reading Quizzes, Plans Passages Assignments) ...and much, much more!
    6. 6.
    7. 7. LET’S DIVE RIGHT IN ….
    8. 8. FIND A VIDEO From the streaming homepage, you can search for digital media by keyword, subject, grade level, video type, video detail, materials, media pack, or curriculum standards
    9. 9. VIDEO SEARCH RESULTS The video search results page includes a thumbnail image, content title, # of segments, and video length. “Roll over” a title to review more information including a description, preview, copyright, and producer and quick links to view curriculum standards or add to My Content.
    10. 10. SAVE VIDEO
    11. 11. SHARE A VIDEO
    13. 13. Print student quiz as isPrint student quiz keySave quiz as MS word andeditSave quiz as MS word andedit, with answers
    14. 14. Hook your students with Video Segments!
    15. 15. Mathematics > Performance Standards > M4N2.d - Round a decimal to the nearest whole number or tenth. (Advance to 32 seconds for hook)Channel 4 (Producer). (2002). Maths Mansion: Show 06: The Rounding Machine. [Full Video]. Available from
    16. 16. Use Closed-Captioning to Reach ALL Learners
    17. 17. CLOSED-CAPTIONING To help students who are hearing impaired To help ELL students To reach multiple modalities Higher-level applications:  Students create new closed- captioning script/movie is viewed with sound off
    18. 18. Filter for Closed Captioned Titles
    19. 19. Setting up and viewing CC
    20. 20. How to Download Media with Closed Captioning1. Create a folder on your desktop.2. Right-click on the blue download icon and select “Save Link As.” 1. Save the video in the folder you just created.3. Right-click on the “CC” icon and repeat the same process.4. Adjust the CC settings within your Windows Media Player. 1. Click here for step by step instructions. 2. Click here to read more about Closed Captioning on Mac computers.
    21. 21. Three Sources for MP3 AssetsAudio  Historicreadings,speeches, Sound music Effects Rain, door shutting, animal noises Songs  Thematic educational songs
    22. 22. DE STREAMING Library of Songs• DE STREAMING has close to 466 elementary school songs on the site.• To find them, click inside the Search box, select “songs” within the Media box, and click “search.”• Download and save the song on your computer, and insert it into PowerPoint.• Top it off with DE STREAMING images OR create your own! Example!
    23. 23. Lodge McCammon» Jefferson Davis» Civil unrest in the land of cotton» Circa 1861» Lincoln as chief, the northern states he’s gotten» To be anti-slave Republic» Hey! We need those slaves to survive» The south has a voice, but congress is biased» We’ll break the heck away and write a constitution» For these confederation slaves states» Jefferson Davis is the best solution» He’ll give us secession updates» If it comes to war, he’ll have Robert E. Lee» While the North gets Grant to head their war machine» Seven southern states put a call to battle» When they drew this line in the sand» Shots at Fort Sumter made the sabers rattle» Now, eleven states will make a stand» 25,000 dead at Antietam» And at Chancellorsville Stonewall Jackson faces Southern guns» The Anaconda Plan restricted southern trade» Through rail and naval blockades» So as supplies ran out, so did the will to fight» Which drew closer the northern blade» Sherman marched heading to the sea from Georgia» Burning cities and then major towns» The north surrounded Lee causing the south to surrender» At the Appomattox Court House» April 9th, 1865» Was the day the Union won the power to survive
    24. 24. Get the picture?
    25. 25. My ContentCollectOrganizeShareRetrieveMedia (video, photos, music)QuizzesWriting PromptsAssignmentsAccessible from anywhere on the site.Main / sub-folderCreate hierarchies within content, grade levels or courses.Share folder contents with your school and your district.
    26. 26. Collaborate. Share Content.
    27. 27. EXPLORE ON YOUR OWNFind videos, video segments, teacher guides,quizzes, and blackline masters.Look for other resources – photos, audio, etc.Save to “My Content” / Organize “My Content”foldersExperiment with closed-captioningTutorial resource for review and independentexploration….50 easy ways to use DE Streaming