Endogenous infections


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Endogenous infections

  1. 1. Endogenous Infections Endogenous reproductive tract Causes and infections are a result of overgrowth of organisms in the Concequences: Of vagina. Worldwide, they are the When the normal balance ofThe Reproductive Tract most common cause of RTIs vaginal flora is disturbed, an among women. These infections overgrowth of organisms can typically can be readily treated. If occur. Following vaginosis are they are not treated, they can the most common resulting cause problems ranging from infections. localized irritation to more serious consequences, such as 1. Candidiasis pelvic inflammatory disease 2. bacterial Submitted to Symptoms: Dr. Afshan Ameen Common symptoms are given Submitted By following Kokab Jabeen Vulvo-vaginitis (itching). Pain in the external genital 11040727-012 region & vagina. MPS-3RD Semester Painful or uncomfortable sexual intercourse. Candidiasis is caused by theWhat is endognous The presence of an fungus candida. use of antibiotics, abnormal discharge. oral contraceptives that containinfection? progesterone, or the presence of
  2. 2. other conditions such as diabetes, Vaginal douching should be associ-ated possibly becausepregnancy, or immune suppres- avoided, as it can dry or cause sexual intercourse affects thesion (such as that caused by HIV, imbalance in the vaginal environ- vaginal flora (e.g. by increasingthe virus that causes AIDS) can ment and, hence, lead to bacterial vaginal pH). In some cases, menalso increase a woman’s chances vaginosis. The use of “drying” or experience the itchiness andof developing candidiasis. “tightening” products can also discomfort of candidiasis. cause imbalance and otherBacterial vaginosis arises harm.Other health behaviors arefrom an imbalance in the normal also important. Women should bevaginal flora, which results in a encouraged to use low-dose (asloss of lactobacilli and can opposed to high-dose) oralchange vaginal pH. Bacterial contraceptive pills, avoid thevaginosis is found more unnecessary use of broad-commonly among sexually active spectrum anti-biotics, andwomen although it is not clearly promptly seek health services at Diagnosis of endogenoussexually transmitted and the the onset of symptomstreatment of male partners does infections is possible with Treatment: relatively simple laboratorynot reduce recurrence. Once a woman has an proce-dures. Prompt health care-Symptoms include a thin gray, endogenous infection, it can be seeking behavior, therefore,white or yellow/green discharge, treated with oral anti-microbials combined with appropriateand itching and soreness of the or topical intravaginal creams. diagnosis and treatment ofvulva and vaginal area. Although endogenous infections endogenous infections, couldPrevention: reduce the over use of antibiotics are usually notsexually transmitted, they may be sexually