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The black swan


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The black swan

  2. 2. THE BLACK SWAN What is the title of your independent film and in which country was it made?- The black swan and New York City
  3. 3. THE BLACK SWAN Where did the idea for your film come from and who wrote the screenplay? Is it based on an original screenplay?- The idea of the film came from ‘swan lake’ with an unrealized screenplay about understudies and the notion of being haunted by a double. Darren aronofsky wrote the screen play.
  4. 4. THE BLACK SWAN Who directed the film? Has he or she directed any other well-known films?- Darren Aronofsky also directed the film as well as helping write the screenplay, he also directed Black Swan, The Wrestler, The Fountain, Requiem for a Dream, Pi, No Time, Protozoa, Fortune Cookie, Supermarket Sweep.
  5. 5. THE BLACK SWAN Who starred in the film?Natalie Portman: Nina Sayers/ The Swan Queen Mila Kunis: Lily/The Black Swan Winona Ryder: Beth MacIntyre/ The Dying Swan Barbara Hershey: Erica Sayers/The Queen Vincent Cassel: Thomas Leroy/ The Gentleman Benjamin Millepied: David/The Prince Ksenia Solo: Veronica/Little Swan Kristina Anapau: Galina/Little Swan Janet Montgomery: Madeline/Little Swan Sebastian Stan: Andrew/Suitor Toby Hemingway: Tom/Suitor Sergio Torrado: Sergio/Rothbart Mark Margolis: Mr. Fithian/Patron Tina Sloan: Mrs. Fithian/Patron Abe Aronofsky: Mr. Stein/Patron Charlotte Aronofsky: Mrs. Stein/Patron Marcia Jean Kurtz: Costumer Georgina Shaun P. OHagan: Stage Manager Sebastian Christopher Gartin: Sexy Waiter Scott Deborah Offner: Administrator Susie Stanley Herman: Uncle Hank Michelle Rodriguez Nouel: Physical Therapist Kurt Froman: Understudy for Siegfried Patrick Heusinger: Rich Gent
  6. 6. THE BLACK SWAN What was the budget for the film?- The black swan film was given a budget of $10–12 million
  7. 7. THE BLACK SWANWhich company has produced the film? - Protozoa Pictures and OvernightProductions Are the people who produced the film and Fox Searchlight Pictures distributed the film.
  8. 8. THE BLACK SWANWhat is interesting about the film poster?- She has a crack down her face on the main picture, she looks pale but her darkmakeup draws your attention and her eyes look evil like.
  9. 9. THE BLACK SWAN What do you learn about the genre of the film from the official trailer?- That it’s a thriller but not a horror, and you can tell that the film is going to be freaky and confusing but interesting at the same time.
  10. 10. THE BLACK SWANHow has your film been promoted?