3rd Grade Endangered Animal Project


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3rd Grade Endangered Animal Project

  1. 1. Endangered Animal ProjectThird Grade at CNCS2012
  2. 2. Third grade decided that they wanted to study animals.Upon further discussion, they were most concerned aboutthe animals that might not be around very much longer.
  3. 3. Students determined what they would need to know about an animal to deem them an expert on that animal. Each student chose an endangered, threatened, or criticallyendangered animal to research. They became experts on those animals.
  4. 4. Students used the circle of view points thinking strategy to determine all the people who would be involved with theirparticular animal. These people included poachers, poachers’ families, fashion designers, the public, conservationists, researchers, photographers, zoologists, et. Al. Students discuss these people’s points of view and wrote poems from their perspectives.
  5. 5. Students also researched and became experts on the habitats. They created dioramas to show others what their animal’s habitat would look like. Students used realistic materials tocreate an image of a habitat.
  6. 6. Students studied their animal’s physical appearance. They became familiar with the profile and structure of the face. They also studied the color scheme oftheir animal. They began working with color matching. Using newspaper forms and paper mache, students also created animal puppets so that they could become their animal when they shared information about it.
  7. 7. Students became so involved and concerned about theiranimals that they began to wonder what they could do to help. After some research, they learned that they could adopt an animal through the World Wildlife Fund to assist with their conservation efforts. As a class they decided to adopt an emperor penguin chick.
  8. 8. Third graders organized a bake sale and shrinky dink jewelry sale to raise money for the emperor penguin chick. The students createdpenguin jewelry that might appeal to the public. Upon further discussion,they also decided to plan an endangered animal evening for their families. They wanted their families to be as informed as possible. Altogether, the third graders raised enough to adopt three emperor penguin chicks!