Social action and community media part 1


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Social action and community media part 1

  1. 1. Social Action and Community Media Existing Product Research
  2. 2. Case Study: Humane Society of Missouri Purpose: The Humane Society of Missouri is an organization that helps prevent any kind of animal cruelty. The company is dedicated to giving abused animals a second chance at giving them the life that they deserve no matter what condition they arrived in. They help make the animals healthy again, with lots of special care and attention, until a loving person looking for a dog will come and take them home. For example, if an animal came in from starvation, they would feed the animal small amounts on a daily basis so that their stomach would expand slowly and make them gain enough weight to become healthy again. Another example would be if they came in from broken bones they would put a pot on them where ever the break is and keep them in a special care unit until they are healthy enough to be sharing a kennel with other dogs/cats. To make sure that the dogs don’t go to another abusive home they will do a number of checks on the family, whether they have had other animals before and why they haven’t got them anymore, how much time they have to care for the animals, and once they have done this kind of check they will often go to the people’s house that are wanting to adopt a pet and check that everything will be safe for them (no loose wires or anything that will put them in danger) and they will also check that the house and garden is big enough for the pet they’d like to adopt. They encourage people to get animals out of danger, no matter what time because as stated in the poster they are open 24 hours, 365 days a year. 2Creative Media Production 2012
  3. 3. Aims: Once the animals have come in at their worst there biggest aim is to make them healthy enough to have a loving companion at a happy and forever home. Before any of the animals in Humane Society of Missouri get re-homed, they put the animals on a programme that is educational for them. For example, they will give the dogs and cats house training, for obvious reasons (no urinating etc. in the house) they will teach them the typical things like sitting and laying down, by doing all of this it should give them more confidence and feel as if they will be able to trust and love their new owner again, though some may need more attention to get them used to being around different people again. Another one of their aims which is quite obvious is to try and stop animal cruelty altogether, to do this they have a phone line that is open 24/7 where you can ring and tell them of people that they know are/may be abusing their pet.
  4. 4. Techniques: The techniques that have been used in this advert are really strong because they have made the poster for local/national change, to change attitudes, and to raise awareness. To make a local/national change they have put the poster out to the public for everyone to see, this has given a mass audience to the company, hopefully by putting this poster out to people try and get them to call in and end the animal abuse, just from first glance you can tell what the poster is or may be about because of the animal on the front of the page and most of the image being black and white, which makes the image seem quite sad and down, but the way that they have used red writing over the top of the image represents danger and it might make people more intrigued to look at it, so this will make people wary of what the poster is about. This advert may also change people attitudes towards animal cruelty, by having ‘SPEAK OUT FOR THEM BECAUSE THEY CAN’T’ might make people stop and think about what is going on and how they obviously can’t tell anyone, and it might make people be confident and phone in if they do know of something that is going on rather than trying to keep it secret because they are scared of what might happen if they tell them, because if they wanted they could phone in anonymously. People don’t often think of things that could be happening to animals and they often forget about it, but by putting this poster out to the public it will remind people of what could be going on behind closed doors and make people want to do something to help the animals that could be in danger, this will raise the publics awareness of real life situations. 4Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: Humane Society of Missouri
  5. 5. Case: The Humane Society of Missouri Purpose: Because this is the Humane Society of Missouri the purpose for the company is the same thing, to help protect animals against abuse from their owners/other people because they can’t speak out for themselves, they try and get people to speak out for the pet’s so that they don’t have to be in fear and anymore pain. Once they receive a call from someone with a destination of where a pet will be being abused they will go and look at the house, the owner, and the pet itself to see what condition everything is in and keep going and checking on the pet, if they are unhappy with the environment they are being kept in and the company they have the dog will be taken away and kept wit the Humane Society of Missouri until the are ready to be re- homed again. In this poster they are encouraging people to call up if they know that something is going on no matter what time because as stated in the poster they are open 24 hours everyday, 365 days a week, because they want animal cruelty to stop altogether.
  6. 6. Aims: The aim for this company is to get as many pets as possible out of abusive and violent homes, by eventually trying to stop pet/animal abuse altogether. Another aim of this company is to get the pets fit and healthy again so that they can go to a loving home, for example, if I pet where to come in with burns they would treat the pet for burns until they are all healed again they would then put them in to a special care unit until they are healed again so that they don’t get any infections from interacting with other animals in the process. Once every animal is fit enough to be out and about and to be re-homed, they will put them on a training course, teaching them how to give their paw when receiving a treat, how to lay down, and other useful house training methods. Case: The Humane Society of Missouri
  7. 7. Case: The Humane Society of Missouri Techniques: The techniques that they have used in this advertisement will have raised local/national change, because they have put this poster out to the public, which Is a mass media, it will enable lots of people to see it, and because this poster is quite upsetting from the way that they have the dog behind bars, looking as if there in jail, making people think that their life was like a prison, which will make people aware of what could be happening to them. This poster will have also raised awareness, by this being a big image it would be the first thing that people would notice, and from the colours of the picture you can tell that the advertisement is going to be upsetting. And by the words ‘SPEAK OUT FOR THEM BECAUSE THEY CAN’T’ will give them a clearer incite to what the advert is going to be about, which could make people swing two ways, it could make them not want to read the article because they might get upset, or it might make people want to read on and help. When people see this poster their attitudes will change as well because of the kind of advert it is, and by having on the right hand corner the number of the company and towards the bottom of the page ‘Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year’ it will give them the confidence to phone in if they do think that something is going on or know that something is.
  8. 8. Impact: The purpose of the Humane Society of Missouri poster is to make people aware of animal cruelty and what could be happening to them behind closed doors, the poster has been designed to make people stop and think about what they might be going through to try and influence people to help them, because they can only defend themselves so much and there isn’t any way of the animals telling people what is happening to them because in most cases the animals that have been abused are hidden away so that the abuser doesn’t get caught in the act and go to jail, just like the poster says ‘Speak out for them because they can’t’. Another impact of this poster is to make the abuse of animals become more and more reduce as time progresses, because animal deserves to be put through pain for no reason. So by this poster being put out to the nation it will hopefully push people to protect the animals. The purpose of the second Humane Society of Missouri poster is to again make people aware of what pets may be going through and will in a way force them to want to phone in and help change their life and get them to a healthy lifestyle again with loving owners and get the criminals behind bars, and by getting them behind bars this will make sure that they don’t get another pet and do the same to them. 8Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: Humane Society of Missouri
  9. 9. Case: The Humane Society of Missouri Comparing and Contrasting: These two images are promoting the same thing as they are the same company, which will make them quite similar, but one of the posters doesn’t look as professional as the other, which I think is the left, I think this because of the way the poster has been put together, to me it looks like a trial run poster, whereas the one on the right looks more professional in the way that it has been put together and because of the way the colours have been used. The left image looks like an armature has designed it because of the way it looks like it has quite a lot of grain in it, this could be because of the contrast being too low, or they could have done it like this on purpose to make it look more disturbing. With the text being overlaid on the photo It makes the image seem a little distorted and a bit difficult to see properly. I think that they should have done it how they did on the right hand side poster because you can see everything clearly and it makes it easier for the audience. This poster is about animal abuse, so you would expect to see a pet that looks quite sad and scared, but to me it looks like its quite happy, though the dog does look quite skinny. The right hand image looks really professional because of the way that it has been set out with everything neatly placed, by having all the text to the right of the poster is enables the audience to be able to see the picture clearly unlike the other poster where the text is over the top of the writing. In this poster they have used a high quality image which again helps it to look more professional, which will help them as a business as people will know they are taking the subject seriously. By having a dulled down image it makes the poster seem more intense and scary, like the real life thing. By having the words ‘SPEAK OUT FOR THEM BECAUSE THEY CAN’T’ will make the audience feel as if the poster is telling them too rather than asking them too, which will help influence people because by telling them to speak out for them will make them think or feel like nobody is so then they will have to put a stop to this chaos.
  10. 10. Case: Behealthygroup Purpose: The purpose of this poster is to make people not want to take any sort of drugs by showing what you would look like if you don’t take them, being all happy and vibrant, then what you will look like if you do, all grey and deformed, by doing this it will hopefully put people off taking drugs so that they lead a better and healthier life. This photo has been split in half to two different images of the paths you could chose to take to raise awareness. By having a picture of a needle going straight down the middle of the image it will tell people what the advertisement is about before reading anything, its encouraging people to not take the wrong path and tempt death with drugs. This company focus’ on telling people what will happen to them if they take drugs and on the website they also give a list of drugs and the consequences of what they do to you if you take them long term. The company also gives a list of the symptoms of addiction so that you can do something about it before your too late.
  11. 11. Case: Behealthygroup Aims: The aim for this poster is to show people what they look like if they take the path to drugs, which will put people off because the picture on the right isn’t something they want to look like. They want to try and help people to chose the right life and not go down the wrong tracks because once you’ve chose drugs it will be a long and hard struggle to get off them again. This company also offers a course for you to get yourself back on track with your life and on the way to recovery as fast as possible.
  12. 12. Case: Behealthygroup Techniques: This company has used public awareness in this poster because they want people to be able to see what they will look like when they take drugs on a long term which will make people not want to take any sort of drugs even more because nobody wants to look like the photo does, they have also used this image to try and shock people. The photograph also has a syringe in the middle of it splitting the girl in to two, this is making people change their attitude on drugs because it should put people off seeing how big the needle is and again because of the picture, this poster will also raise awareness as well because it says at the bottom ‘Drugs can lead to a slow and painful death’ which will give people the interpretation that they are going to die slowly and painfully after trying to take drugs only once. This company has used national change, they are making a mass audience aware of what will happen to them if they take drugs by the picture on the poster. Although this poster is minimalistic, its gets straight to the point so that people know what the poster is going to be about.
  13. 13. Case: Behealthygroup Impact: This poster will have a really strong impact on everyone that sees the poster because it will make them realise what will happen to them if they take drugs, and it will influence them to help others to get off hem weather it be friends or for themselves. The photograph that they have used should also shock people as well from what the girl looked like before she did drugs and what she looks like after she has done then. By people seeing that drugs will make you change and from reading the bottom part ‘Drugs can lead to a slow and painful death, don’t start in the first place’ should make people come together to stop drug use and addiction. They have got straight to the point so that the audience know how important it is to not take drugs/to get off drugs.
  14. 14. Case: U.S Department of Health and Human Services Purpose: The purpose of the U.S Department of Health and Human Services is to offer people help to get off drugs when they cant themselves or just need that nudge. This company works with a few different organizations to help people get the help that they need quickly, via human health agencies and human services, they have over 300 programmes covering different activities and a range of different treatment almost nation wide. For example if someone came in with some sort of addiction they would keep them bus for the full time so that they didn’t have chance to think of needing the drug that they are addicted too, some may become violent in the process because they are angry that they cant have the drug which will mean that they are then placed in a room by their self for a few hours until they are calmed down and so on until they are rehabilitated.
  15. 15. Case: U.S Department of Health and Human Services. Aims: The aim for this group is to get people off drugs and give people the happy and healthy life that they deserve so that they can lead a normal life drug free. They aim to get people off drugs, realise that its harming them and call in asking for help by putting their number at the bottom of the poster, they have also given a list of the drugs in slang that people might offer them so that they hopefully know to say no.
  16. 16. Case: U.S Department of Health and Human Services. Techniques: This poster has been used for global change, awareness, change in attitude, and to provide information. Global change has been used on this poster by it being put out to the public of America for people to see, which is one of the main places where drug addiction arises. By putting this poster out to them by offering help this would persuade people to change their mind and think about what they are doing and get help. This advertisement is also raising awareness, it shows in the picture what the pills look like and it also has the names written of what they may be offered in slang, by doing this it will make people aware of what they will be faced with and know what to do with the situation. This will also change people attitude and provide information, to do this they have used a colour overlay of red, which normally represents danger so this will let people know that drugs are very dangerous. ‘It’s to die for’ Is also written along the top of the poster, which will tell people that drugs can kill you which would give them even more reason to say no if they are offered them and more reason to get help and get off the drugs if they are already on them, so by giving them this information it should make them change their mind on the situation.
  17. 17. Case: Behealthygroup and U.S Department of Health and Human Services Impact: The impact of the first poster is quite strong because it shows people that they look like on drugs, with the flushed out grey skin tone, lazy eyes and a slanted mouth and what they look like without, happy, full of colour and without a distorted/disfigured face, which would make people not want to take them because they shouldn’t want to look like the right hand photo. The syringe in the photo is quite disturbing because of the way that its on the girls face. The impact of the red poster is quite vigorous because of the way that the pills/drugs look as if they are being handed to the audience as if they are being offered to them, and by saying that they are ‘to die for’ would make people want to try them to see what they are like but if you were smart enough you would say no and that’s what this poster is trying to do, its trying to influence people to say no to drugs.
  18. 18. Case: Behealthygroup and U.S Health and Human Services. Comparing and contrasting: I think that the photo on the top of the page is quite interesting because it shows what the girl looks like before and after drugs, which may bring home to people what the smallest thing it can do to you is. This poster is minimalistic and boring at the same time because there isn’t much too it, there isn’t really any colour to break up the text and the image which makes them blend in together a bit, which gets boring to look at after a while, though what I find interesting about the text is the fact that they have used black and bold writing to make it stand out from the rest of the poster. The poster on the right only looks as if it fits one genre, teenagers, this is because of the text on the poster which looks like graffiti and as if it’s been done by a teenager, which is ok because it might be the target audience that they are going for but it would make it better if It had a more simple writing. ‘Because you only die once!’ will make or should make people realise that once they die there isn’t any coming back, you can undo what’s happened, so this should make people stop taking drugs and get the help that they need. Overall I think that these posters are ok but I think that they could be better because there isn’t much too them and I don’t think that they look very professional.