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Should factual products contain bias


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Should factual products contain bias

  1. 1. Should factual products contain bias? As the factual writing is becoming more and more important, we as viewers rely on media to sway our opinion on political, social and economic issues, and this can be easily done by the media’s bias streak, the material we read is like it’s injected in to us like the hypodermic syringe effect, meaning the facts we see is being forced in to our brains giving sending us an automatic message on a subject. In factual writing, journalists are now starting to be able to get away with being bias, as they can say that they are just sticking to a “side”, stating that they are only interested in talking about one subject, rather than the two sides to it. Some factual bias can also be obvious, for example stating all the good parts of a subject and only one bad thing. By bias being in everyday things we use, we are virtually unable to make up our own minds, and in a way this isn’t fare, as us as human beings are entitled to having our own opinion/say in things, and by bias being in factual products we are unable to do this. For example, racist bias has minipulated most of todays society give hatred towards people just because of their skin colour due to the information we are receiving, and if this kind of bias is in something 'factual', then society will believe it because we will automatically think that it's right. So I strongly believe that factual products shouldn't contain bias for this reason.