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Mind map


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Mind map

  1. 1. Messy – This will show the audience that the company doesn’t really try and it won’t make the product sell. It will also look like an amateur has created the advertisement. New – Will the layout I use be new and original? Orange, Blue and Silver. Neat – This will show Bright and professionalism to the Bold. audience if everything is done to look clean and tidy. Dark. Colour schemes House Style Old – Will the house style I use be from an original IRN-BRU advert? Mind map Products Sports Bag Sports Bottle Poster Sports Thermals Sports Equipment Fonts Bright – This will stand out to the audience and draw them to the advertisement. Billboard Cardboard cut out leaflet Football/Rugby boots Using these colours will help to make the product stand out to the public and draw them in. Original colours of IRN-BRU adverts. Complicated – This kind of font will be difficult for the audience to read and will put them off looking at the advertisement. Simple – This will ensure that the audience can read easily. Bold – This will be nice and easy for the audience to read.
  2. 2. IDEA 1 – This is one of my first ideas, stereotypically when people think of energy drinks it makes them think of sports, so for my product advertisement I thought that I would put an IRN-BRU advertisement on to a sports bag, this is a good idea because whilst playing sports you will often travel around to different venues, so by having the advertisement on the bag, it will follow the sports member venue to venue and over time a lot of people will see it. I think that there is a strong chance of me using this as an advertisement as it’s different, and original, something that people won’t have seen before, as I have found out via looking at sports bags. I could also do something similar to go with it as a pair to make more of a profit or make more sales. This could be a new era for advertising.
  3. 3. IDEA 2 – This is the second idea, after some time of thinking I thought that this could possibly go with the sports bag as a pair to make it sell more. The shape of the bottle for this drink is individual and different to the typical water bottle shape, which is something I find interesting because it’s different to look at, and it’s original. This is a good promotional factor to use because when someone is seen drinking from the bottle they will think that they are drinking IRN-BRU, this is good because it promotes the drink with the bottle and it’s also promoting the drink by someone else drinking it, this will make the audience or anyone that see’s want to try the drink. This bottle will also be different to others as well because the bottom circle will have solid re-usable ice in to keep their drink nice and cool. This is also showing the products are recyclable.
  4. 4. IDEA 3 – I think that this is a good idea because again people link energy drinks to sports because of other advertisements, so this is why I thought of doing sports thermals for people to wear. Again as the sports people travel around to different venues different audiences from different places will see it and feel as if they want to try the product, if I where to do this, I could also do a male and female version, this will gain more of an audience this way rather than targeting it to one specific group of people. Looking over different thermals for sports I haven’t seen any thermals with advertisements on, so this shows that this is a new and different idea being brought out to the public, which will be interesting to see the audiences reaction and feedback. This could launch new ways of advertising.
  5. 5. IDEA 4 – This is a simple poster design for an energy drink and is the sort of thing that I could do for my advertisement, though every advertisement does this, so this is why I’m opting to do something different that hasn’t been thought of. If I where to do a poster I think more or less everything would be the same, as in having a big image of the product looking really powerful and then bold text that catches your eye.
  6. 6. IDEA 5 – This bus advertisement is one of the most common advertisements and I won’t be using this one because of how un-original it is. This is a good way of advertising in one way because lots of people will see it, but because of how old this kind of advertisement is not many people will tend to look at them anymore, though it’s still a good idea because the bus will be traveling around to different places so it creates a big audience.
  7. 7. IDEA 6 – This is similar to the bus advertisement. This advertisement is good because of the way that the motor bike will be traveling around to lots of different places so lots of people would see it, with it being a racing bike it will also be on TV competing in races so this means it will be being shown all over the world and created new audiences, though as the same time because of the speed that it will be traveling at it will be difficult for different people to see. On the second one I like the idea of the bike being in the logo of the product because straight away people will know what the product is and it’s really different looking to other bikes which makes It really interesting to look at, they have also stuck with the same colour theme on this, so this kind of motorbike could be considered as a promotional product. To go with these two I could also create a matching helmet.