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Experiments evidence template

  1. 1. Experimental Photography Stephanie Westerman 1
  2. 2. Out of Focus To do this kind of image I had to change the AF on the front of the camera, to MF, this enabled me to change the aperture of the image I was going to be taking to make it more blurred. When taking these photos I felt like they looked normal to me because normally when I take photographs they end up coming out blurred most of the time, when I took these photos I didn’t change any of the settings, but once I started to play around with the settings I noticed that there still wasn’t that much difference apart from one is darker than the other, though not by much. If I where to do this again I would make sure that I used a light of some sort so that it wasn’t so dark, because when you look at the images as they are now you can’t really tell what they are supposed to be because of the white balance, the lighting and the amount I've blurred the image.
  3. 3. Hockney This is my version of a Hockney photograph, to do this I took lots of images of a periodic table, I thought that I would take images if this because it’s different to taking pictures of something standard., I thought that by doing the periodic tabet it would look different and like loads of different image had been put together for each little photo, this reminded me of the photographer Bela Borsodi, this is because he does the same thing in his images to make it look different, so by mixing the Hockney collage with the Borsodi style this shows that I have considered different kinds of materials/work. I also liked how there was lots of different colours in it, though because the only lighting I had was quite dim the image looks really dark. Again if I where to re-shoot this, I would make sure that I had a brighter light with me so that the image looks of More of a high quality and make it stand out more. I would also possibly take it somewhere different Because after looking at it for a while I feel like it looks too cluttered but at the same time it gives you lots of different things to look at.
  4. 4. Motion Blur This was one of my strong points when taking photographs in the four perspectives, though at the start it was difficult because everything I tried to take as photograph of kept coming out blurred, so this was quite hard to fix as I didn't really know what else I could do to make the background blurred and the foreground clear. To overcome this I realised I needed to change the setting on the main rocker to AV, this enabled me to get the effect I was aiming for. When taking these images I had really good lighting as it was bright where I was taking the photographs so this helped me to make them look more professional.
  5. 5. Use this slide to annotate your best image
  6. 6. (Experiment title) Explain the experiments you did and your findings. Talk about the results you got. Use the boxes on the right to show samples of your work
  7. 7. Use this slide to annotate your best image