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A2 evaluation q2and3

  1. 1. 2) How effective is the combinationof your main products and ancillary tasks?
  2. 2. Overall I believe our 3 pieces related extremely well and through our audience feed back, we found that even those whoanswered our questionnaire established a brand identity between the 3 products. Magazine Similar colours Documentary The magazine article was named ‘Social networking-The truth behind your obsessions’ this is the same name we gave to our documentary, so immediately we see a sense continuity and brand image. I deliberately kept the house style of the magazine to the colours of the facebook logo and login and although we are discussing social networking in general, we tend to focus on facebook in more detail, and this is the reason why I choose to follow the colours associated with facebook.When producing the magazine, I wanted to include imagestaken from the time line as this would strengthen the idea ofcontinuity however, the images turned out to be very pixelatedso I knew if I used these, it would make the article look amateurand unprofessional so I therefore only used two smaller imagesof the main interviewees, the rest of the images were takenseparately however, still linked with the documentary andtherefore we still got an idea of continuity. Images of the Ipadand of apps was done deliberately to show how the internet iseasily accessible from many different types of technologymaking it easier to access social networking sites to show howit is becoming a part of every day life.
  3. 3. As well as this, I also included a pull quote taken from the interview with Neil. This shows how both the documentary and magazine are linked, also taking statistics which are used as a cutaway in the documentary links the two pieces together. I believe it is made to be very clear what it is our documentary is promoting through our listing article, I also included, not just information taken from the documentary but also opinions from us as producers ourselves as to why we choose the topic we did to produce our documentary on. Similarly with the radio trailer, we cut snippets from the main interviews and vox pops to be used in the radio trailer, in particular, the same quote that was used in the magazine article was used in the radio trailer so this emphasises the link between the three. As the extracts we used were from the main interviews which picked out the most important and key quotes allowing those who had watched the documentary and listened to the radio trailer would instantly recognize the snippets, which is similar to the pull quote use in the article. Also, the time and date stated on the magazine article Tuesday 20th March 9:00pm on BBC2 is also read out in the radio trailer, again emphasising the link. Same date that is shown on the magazine is broadcasted on the radio trailer The headings used in the magazine are not only associated with the content of the documentary but also to the radio trailer as the radio trailer promotes the idea of gaining peoples opinions of the riots as well as the facts which is similar to the sex crimes section in the article which states facts and statistics. This was done intentionally, to again link all three media products together.The radio trailer uses the same voice over as the documentary, however uses different music so in order to improve, wecould consider using the same music in both the radio trailer and documentary as this would create a better sense of brandidentity to keep everything consistent throughout all 3 products. However all in all I feel our ancillary tasks combine with ourdocumentary successfully. They all link and a clear brand identity is established. Both the magazine article and radio trailercontain similar information which successfully promotes the documentary and grabs the audiences attention.
  4. 4. 3) What have you learnt from your audience feed back?
  5. 5. In order to gain audience feedback we firstly carried out an questionnaire asking our classmates and peers who had beenthrough a similar process to rate and suggest any possible areas for improvements. Are you m ale or fem ale? We firstly began by establishing the sex of those who were 16 carrying out our questionnaire, as this would allow us to see if 14 the documentary may appeal to females more than males or 12 visa versa. 10 8 In this case, there is not much difference between the amount 6 and males and females which took part in the questionnaire, 4 therefore the data we collect should be fairly even and unbiased. 2 0 Male Female How w ould you rate the documentary out of 10? We then asked what our classmates would rate our documentary out12 of 10. 10 been excellent and 1 being poor, as you can see from the10 graph, the scores we got ranged from 6 to 9 with 8 been the highest scorer. We knew our documentary wasn’t entirely perfect and the fact8 we got no 10’s reinforces that there are areas for improvement and if6 we were to produce a documentary again these areas would be4 something we would need to consider. Regardless of this, we were satisfied with the scores we achieved, nobody rated our work as poor2 so its clear we were successful as first time documentary makers in0 following the conventions and producing a documentary that was to a One Tw o Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten high standard. Does our documentary follow typical conventions of a documentary?As you can see from this graph, everyone who carried out our 30questionnaire believed that we followed the typical codes and 25conventions of a documentary, we were extremely satisfied withthis result as following the conventions of a documentary to make it 20come across as professional was something we worked very hard 15at to achieve. This also allows us to see that although no one rated 10our documentary as excellent, it wasn’t due to the fact that we 5hadn’t followed the conventions of a documentary correctly. 0 Yes No
  6. 6. Did the opening montage grab your attention? From this graph we can see that perhaps the reasons why our16 classmates did not rate our documentary as excellent, was not due to the fact that we didn’t follow the conventions of a documentary,14 but because we didn’t follow them to a high enough standard, for12 instance although more people said the opening montage grabbed10 their attention, 11 people did not, which is a significant amount of 8 people suggesting this is an area that would need improving if we 6 were to redo the documentary. Perhaps spending longer just 4 researching opening montages sequences in documentary, rather 2 than the entire documentary in general would of helped to make 0 Yes No this are more successful. Is this a documentary that you w ould be interested in watching? 20 18 The majority of those we asked said our documentary is 16 14 something they would be interested in watching, despite the 12 fact that our target audience was parents of children who 10 may use social networking on a regular basis, it seems that 8 6 our documentary also attracted young adults and 4 teenagers. 2 0 Yes No From this graph you can see that the majority of those who complete Who do you think the 3 products are aimed at? our questionnaire thought our 3 products were aimed at teenagers25 whereas only a few people believed it was aimed at adults, this20 suggests that if we were to re do the documentary, we would need to either reconsider our target audience and do further research into the15 target audience we want the documentary to be aimed at so that it Series1 successfully appeals too them or perhaps broaden the target audience,10 because the questionnaire was only completed by young adults and teenagers, so this may not suggest that our target audience is5 completely wrong, but it may mean that our documentary appeals to0 teenagers as well as adults/parents because its something that they Children Teenagers adults/parents Elderly/Grandparents can relate too.
  7. 7. Does the magazine article follow typical conventions of a double page spread? 25 The majority of those who answered the questionnaire believed our magazine followed the typical conventions you 20 would expect to see on a double page spread, this shows that we successfully produced a double page which would 15 fit in with the radio times magazine we planned to publish it Series1 10 in. 5 0 Yes No What would you rate the article out of 10?109 Similar to when asked to rate the documentary out of 10,8 we asked our audience to rate our article out of 10,7 whereby 10 being excellent and 1 being poor. As you can6 see, scores ranged from 6 to 10 with the highest been 75 Series1 and 8, suggesting that we produced high standard article.4 We could possibly make certain improvements for3 example, the layout of the article however overall we were2 satisfied with the article we produced and this can be1 shown through the high scores we achieve through our0 One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten audience research. Out of 10 what would you rate the radio trailer? 12 Finally we carried out the same question, however with our radio trailer. We asked those who carried out our 10 questionnaire to rate our radio out of 10, whereby 10 being 8 excellent and 1 being poor. In this case, our scores ranged from 5 to 10 so its fairly broad in terms of what people 6 Series1 rated our radio trailer. 4 2 0 One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten
  8. 8. Does the radio trailer and m agazine article prom ote the docum entary w ell? From this graph, we can see that everyone who answered our questionnaire believed our radio trailer and magazine promoted our 30 documentary well, which was the aim of both pieces. We were 25 therefore extremely satisfied with these results as it means we 20 produced pieces which our classmates believe were successful. 15 10 5 0 Yes No A n s we r s Do you feel there is a brand identity betw een the 3 products? 30 Similarly, everyone who answered our questionnaire could Amount of people asked 25 see a brand identity between our 3 products, this is important 20 as it suggest continuity between products which you would find in professional pieces. Again, we were satisfied with 15 these results as it suggests our classmates believe we were 10 successful in producing 3 pieces that are attractive, follow 5 conventions and follow a brand identity. 0 Yes No Answ ersOverall, from our audience research questionnaire we found that our 3 pieces were successful and also gained constructive criticismwhich we would take into account if we were to redo or make another documentary. An example of this being the target audience asit seemed to appeal to teenagers when we set our actual target audience was set to adults/parents. As well as this peoplesuggested ways to improve our magazine, i.e. the layout. Other than the suggested minor tweaks which could be made to all 3products, we were overall satisfied with the feedback we got from out class mates, especially as they were familiar with the processwe had been through in creating the pieces.