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Blaze 4 july 2011

  1. 1. ISSUE 4: July 2011 E! SU alk tw ca I S on th e ea r? I S de sig ns fle s h 1 et hi sy H al s f 01 nc in icu nd o r2 1 da 01 atten T bi ti on ir o rig eg u rv ir po te m be 0- % 2 IN e p hi ut th No the Se 2 01 d 100 os us m og Ex tr t ss tt 2’s ge fro e h rs iev e eL er ent Raear 1 t ce d nd ts ac ous m stud or tro du te n yH m l Su -Leve Y sp At tude em 03 in as eing p s s c ad To hich 02 A l eP b rd o nogo le A o e L ew K 14 W wa Kn w a u en s 11 Ne Hoee th 15 S WELCOME What a busy and successful first year However, I am delighted at the Knole community has had. We amount of successes we have continue to work hard to ensure that achieved and would like to pay Knole Academy students achieve tribute to the governors, leadership their full potential. Many staff have team and whole staff for their huge given of their time and expertise, efforts and generosity of time and working Saturdays, evenings during expertise in both setting up and holidays, sometimes with establishing Knole Academy as a remuneration and sometimes vibrant and inspiring place for voluntarily to ensure that students teaching and learning. It is a ‘Education is not are as prepared as possible for public measure of the success of the the filling of a examinations. academy that so few of our quality staff are leaving (2 retirements and 1 We are delighted that we will be pail, but the on one site next year as this should promotion). ensure that we have further capacity Next year will bring its own lighting of a fire.’ to improve. We are also pleased that challenges in terms of re-establishing we have secured almost £900,000 for vision and expectations on one site the capital bid, more details of which but the staff are ready and willing for William Butler Yeats will follow shortly. this challenge. Poet and Playwright Looking back on the year it would be easy to criticise what we have not Mary Boyle yet quite achieved and it is the case Principal that we were extremely ambitious.
  2. 2. SUMMER EXHIBITIONTUESDAY 21st JUNE MEDIA STUDIES Knole Academy held its first summer exhibition to show case the outstanding work of the A level art, Knole Academy media studies students textiles, graphics and media students. The evening celebrated their first ever exhibition of was a visual feast. Work was displayed in three work and awards ceremony alongside the areas of the school and the highlight of the evening was the A2 media student’s film premier followed art exhibition and catwalk show this term. by the A level textiles students’ catwalk show. We The A2 students, in particular, produced were able to award a significant number of prizes some stunning video and art coursework to outstanding students, generously sponsored and every one of them should be by Sevenoaks and Knole branches of DFAS, Gary congratulated for their effort and Gabriel Associates, Gordon Phillips (our lead amazing creativity. A2 students Alice sponsor) plus Knole Academy prizes. Jamieson and James Coomber were both awarded well deserved art and media The galleries and auditorium were packed with not awards and the AS media award went to only students and their families but local Rebekah Burgess who is proving to be an dignitaries, sponsors, eminent artists, staff past and extremely competent film maker. I would present and many, many friends of the school. All were overwhelmed and delighted with the like to wish all the media students leaving exhibition. us this year all the very best for the future. Mrs Leith02
  3. 3. RATTUS NORVEGICUS Science students have their pound of flesh Mrs Corbett and Mr Deighton’s Year 12 AS Applied Science class set out on their first dissection of a full, complex organism — a brown rat, Rattus norvegicus. The students were guided through each stage of the process as they established how multifaceted living ‘machines’ function. Each tiny organ was carefully removed and examined. Eager student, Rimini Stone perused the rat before she commented, “It is fascinating to see the sizes and establish the weights of the organs”. As Kacey Broad carried out her exploration of the heart and lungs she described how thrilled she was, “Dissecting a rat was one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had. Being able to take a close look at the organs was fascinating.” Students were fully engaged and the task enabled them to develop their scientific capabilities. Ollie Nichol excitedly summed up the thoughts of the class, “A great experience! Fantastic to see the physiology of the rat in real life.” MATHS CHALLENGEThe UK Maths Challenge is run by Leeds University and allows selected students to sit a complex maths test. Themost recent test was sat by students in year 7 and 8 and we are proud to announce that the highest scoring studentsfrom Year 8 were: Richard Lusher (Gold), Chloe Farwell and Jamie Parker (Silver), Robert Nicholson, Aran Kaina, EllieMinshull and Charlotte Taylor (Bronze). Well done also to Craig Norris and Frank Smith (Year 7) who also won bronze.Congratulations to those students for an outstanding effort.Competition: All students are invited to attempt our maths competition. The first student with the correctsolution to Mr Cason will win a prize.Question:Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. 1 peck =1/4 bushel and 1 bushel = 1/9 barrel. How many morepecks must Peter Piper pick to fill a barrel?A) 12 B) 13 C) 34 D)35 E) 36 Twelve of our Year 11 students opted to undertake rock climbing and use it as an assessable option as part of the practical component of their GCSE PE GCSE PE course. It proved to be a huge success. They all STUDENTS attained either an A or A* grade and REACHING had a thoroughly enjoyable time in the process. Laybacks, fist jams, belaying, abseiling and knot work were just some of the skills that our students perfected over the two-day course at THE HEIGHTS the Bowls Outdoor Education Centre in Sussex. The students demonstrated bravery, courage and determination AT BOWLS throughout and readily accepted that a total reliance upon the maturity and ability of their peers was essential in order to ensure safety. Next year our Year 10 GCSE PE students will be offered the same opportunity. I’m sure they will grab it with both hands. 03 03
  4. 4. YEAR 7 PASTORAL CARE As Knole Academy’s first year 7 group approach the end of their first year it is a good time to look back and see how far they have come in this time. In September 2010 they came to the Academy excited and quite anxious, mainly about getting their lunch and finding their way around school. The ‘Show and Tell’ event showed everyone how well they had adjusted to secondary school. They are now well settled in the Academy and making good use of all opportunities they are given. Most students have participated in extra curricular activities and all have grown in confidence. It is good to see that most students have a positive attitude from the attendance records. The average for the year group is 95% and over 40 students have attendance of more than 99%, which is fantastic. Next year we hope to see even more students with excellent at- tendance. I am sure that they will take the confidence that they have developed this year with them into year 8 and become excellent role models for the new year 7 in September.YEAR 8PASTORAL CAREBlazing momentsYear 8 seems to have flown by very quickly. Year 8 studentshave continued to maintain their excellent attendancerecords. The average attendance for the year group is 95%and 33 students have attendance of more than 99%, 13 ofwhom have 100%. These students have to be congratulatedand will be rewarded with a trip to Thorpe Park.I asked some Year 8 students to share their highlights ofYear 8.“This year I really enjoyed the school trip to the Royal Ballet.We saw really talented people, doing what they do best”Amy Edwards 8DT“My highlight this year was doing my GCSE Maths examearly. We (Giuliana Jelly, Chloe Farwell, Sophie Allchin, KatieSlade and Heather Campbell) did our GCSE Maths on 6thJune and 10th June 2011.” Giuliana JellyI now look forward to Year 9 and hope that every student willcontinue to flourish with the range of opportunitiesavailable to them at Knole Academy.Mrs McGauley 04
  5. 5. YEAR 9 PASTORAL CARE As the end of key stage 3 approaches year 9 and their tutors have taken a little time to reflect upon their memories, achievements and how they have changed. ‘I remember their first day at secondary school the pensive, anxious faces and that was only the parents.’ ‘I have enjoyed all the times in form where we have laughed together’ ‘I have enjoyed doing the drama challenges’ ‘I am proud of when I came first in the 100 metres last sports day’ ‘My best friend taught me to draw a star in art’ ‘I had 100% attendance’ We are now about to embark on a big transition into key stage 4. I want to wish the girls lots of luck on their next journey at Knole Academy.YEAR 10 GIRLS YEAR 11 GIRLSPASTORAL CARE PASTORAL CARE What a busy yet challenging year we have had. ItThe year 10 students started their GCSE studies in has been a real pleasure and a privilege to work withSeptember by attending a workshop at Knole East. the Year 11 girls. This is the year when serious workThe day marked the beginning of a new stage in their needed to be done and many deadlines had to beeducation. Since then it has been a very busy year and met. It is also a time when stress could have takenthey have realised just how quickly their GCSE studies over and affected performance and behaviour. Iprogress, with GCSE examinations and controlled must be a very lucky year leader but I am proud thatassessments before Christmas. They are now more than every single girl did their best. I am also delightedhalf way through their GCSE courses and have a very that attendance and punctuality for GCSE exams wasgood idea of what they need to do to be successful excellent. Now the time has come to wait for resultsnext year. They have also continued to play a full part and hope that all that potential has beenin school life, with students taking up opportunities to realised. Throughout the four years that I have beenperform in the school production, in school year leader for this year I have never feltconcerts and sports events. They have also had events disappointed. Many girls have been motivated toto prepare them for their careers and are looking study and revise following the advice givenforward, mainly with excitement, to their work during PSHE lessons and assemblies. Girls embarkingexperience placements. Now it is really important that on their own personal journey have found the helpthey maintain their confidence and hard work into year given about a choice of career, and particularly on11 so that they can achieve the GCSE grades that they how to do a really good job interview, invaluable. Allare capable of. the Year 11 Tutors are sad to have said goodbye to their young ladies. I can honestly say that the leaversYEAR 10 BOYS assembly was very moving and in its own way an apt tribute to such an outstanding and charming year.PASTORAL CARE Miss K Hughes. YEAR 11 BOYS PASTORAL CAREThe last two terms have had a rather different feel forthe current year ten boys. All students have had to getused to life in their option classrooms without their May I take this opportunity again to wish all yearyear eleven peers, as they have now gone on study eleven students the best of luck in their remainingleave. I have been really impressed with the manner exams this summer? The year eleven leavingin which the students have conducted themselves in celebration was thoroughly enjoyable but I dopreparation for and during their GCSE exams this term. however need to formally apologise for theIt is an exciting time to think that, come August, some horrendous rendition of American Pie sung byyear ten students will already have up to eight GCSEs. myself and Mr Massey. As I said on the day, youThis number will only increase as students complete were a fantastic year group to lead andtheir core GCSE subjects next year alongside an work with. I wish you every success in 05additional one year optional qualification. Good luck the future. I will see you all on resultslads. day.
  6. 6. AIR FIRE Dear all,A really good year for the A team so far. All members of the Fire house have continuedAll you Air heads out there should be very to put in maximum effort in all activities under-proud of the fact that we are currently taken and we are at the top of the house pointrunning in second place for total house league at present with 5082 points. We arepoints scored since September. hoping that with the house competition results, Sports day as well as creativity week, we can ac- cumulate more points and take the cup home toWe are only 765 points behind the current FIRE.leaders Fire. I know I said winning isn’teverything, it’s the only thing, but try Congratulations to Liberty Brown 8EW with 377telling that to JLS or Lemar. Anyway as Mr house points, Chloe Baldock 9BE with 343 houseT said, ‘I pity the fool’ that challenges our points and Chelsea Rowe 7JA with 170 househouse on sports day, good luck. points. The top three fire girls! TI- Remember Flames never give up and never surrender. Sincerely TOP FLAME. ‘Fire is made up of many flames, So lets all remember to play the game. Don’t be afraid to trust the dream, That we will be the winning team! Through storms, hurricanes, And all kinds of weather, We will brave the elements And never flounder! Through harvest, Christmas, Easter and summer, We will tread the earth and cross the water. We will calm the wind and always remember, WATER To never give up and never surrender. ‘Vital for all forms of life I would like to tell you all about my experience of being in the house ‘Fire’. Everyone in Fire works towardsWe began the year with great enthusiasm and getting as many house points as they possibly can, outthe members of WATER house are still inspired of all four house groups we have the highest amountto put out the fire, turn earth into mud and air of house points so far this year. Every time we walkinto rain. in to the auditorium we always have our theme tune playing ‘The Ring of Fire’ by Johnny Cash. Our proudWe will rock your boat. leader of Fire Madame Hughes always has a red feather boa round her neck and is always singing along to the theme song!Thanks are due to our house captains PoppyDiggens, Brooke Holford and Joe Watts for all Some of you may know that we have sports day soontheir hard work and to the members of 7RS who and I know that all of our house are going to do theirhave learned the Haka with Miss Laliberte and very best to win and, even if we don’t win it, it isn’t thehave been practising their cheerleading skills winning that matters it is the taking part!during lunch breaks. Fire is a very supportive house; we all work as a team and are there to offer support to people who need it Be afraid; thunder goes with rain. and we always respect and encourage our team no06 matter what!06 See you next year. Rebecca McAllister 8EW (an ardent flame!)
  7. 7. LA PIZZA - J’ADORE GEOGRAPHY Last week the year 10 French The Year 11 BTEC Travel and GCSE groups had an unusual Tourism students put on a fantastic preparation for their and very professional exhibition forthcoming Controlled as part of one of their coursework assignments. This was attended by Speaking Assessments. They staff and students from a range of made pizzas and salads, laid year groups. The Year 11s worked the table whilst the pizzas extremely hard to produce a display were cooking and then they about places to go and things to do all sat down to eat the meal in the local area and the south east together and discuss it. The more widely. All this hard work paid next step is to talk about it for off, as they girls received a raft of four to six minutes and have positive comments from those who the conversation recorded. attended. Well done Year 11 and Miss Shaw.READING Miss L TowseWe have been delighted with theresponse to Mrs Boyle’s request forvolunteers to help with extra reading.Friends of the Academy meet oncea week with small groups of Year 10students at both Knole East andKnole West.We have found that these groupspromote not only reading confidence butalso social skills. Students are now more THE GLOBE PLAYERSreceptive to others’ opinions and keenerto make their own YEAR 7 PERFORMANCE We thought it was going be another rainy Wednesdaycontribution. afternoon. Until our teacher told us we were going to see a play to do with William Shakespeare. We all satThis initiative has only been possible with in the auditorium in a big circle. We didn’t know muchthe dedication of the volunteers and Mrs about Shakespeare, we were very enthusiastic about it.Burns’ hard work in organising it. There weren’t many props but that’s what it was like inThank you all very much indeed. Shakespeare’s times. The people told us we had to use our imagination and listen to the words they were sayingMrs Guy carefully. There were six interesting plays, our favourites were Romeo and Juliet and The Twelfth Night. Between plays the people who were acting told us William Shakespeare’s life and more about the plays as we only saw a bit of each. The costumes were limited so again you had to use your imagination. One of the plays we had to use our imagination a lot was about two pairs of identical twins but the actors really didn’t look ANYTHING alike! In Romeo and Juliet the girl actor was so inspiring that when Juliet had to cry she had a believable expression on her face and even managed to cry. It was a very interesting and enjoyable afternoon. Jessica Green and Ellie Moore 07
  8. 8. CANARY WHARF & YEAR 10MOTOR EXPO BUSINESS STUDIES TITLE On Monday 28th March we went on a business trip to Bluewater to find out about how the businesses work and about whether staff and customers are happy with the service provided and their jobs. I really enjoyed the trip, firstly we had a tour around Bluewater. The tour man told us about the architecture, how it was designed and some information on the amount of staff and average spend of each person that goes there. We then had some tasks to do, we had to ask staff and customers our questionnaires that we designed in our business lesson. We asked staff in different shops and customers that wereStudents from Yr12 and 13 Business Studies visited different ages to get a range of answers. For ourCanary Wharf and the London Motor Expo on June other tasks we needed to collect some research8th 2011. The visit exposed students to a working day from the core stores at Bluewater and then wein London’s financial hub – home to companies such applied the research to say how they use theas Barclays, Credit Suisse, HSBC, Citigroup and marketing mix. Overall I found the tripThomson Reuters - and allowed them to walk around educational and it was fun at the same time.and view exhibits from Europe’s premier motormanufacturers. Chloe ShearsStudents quizzed Land Rover and Bentley staff as tothe core purpose of the show: “to showcaseinnovative products, to stimulate public interest andto collate customer contacts for future marketing, testdrives and hopefully sales” was the response receivedfrom both firms. ICTStudents were driven around Land Rover’s off road This term has been very busyexperience, learned about new green’ technology for the ICT department withfrom Nissan and Vauxhall and found vehicles they can looming coursework deadlinesaspire to own in the future. for the National Certificate. Final figures are not yet readyAttended by: Frank Puxty, Kirsty Dixon, Christie but it is looking like a bumperMonahan, Jenny Healey, Sarah-Jane Levings, Tolu Ajao, year for ICT results, with manyRimini Stone, Kacey Broad, Tamannah Miah, Elizabeth students achieving a B gradeFoster, Lauren Debenham, Ashley Chinyani, Charlie and above.Silvester, Joe Decoine, Lisa Roberts, Mr Dewey and MrsGrant Meanwhile years 7 and 8 have been using new interactive software ActivExpresions. This allows students to each have an interactive handset with which they can answer questions posed by staff. This allows the students to test their own understanding of topics studied in class. We would also like to thank parents and students for donating Tesco’s Computers for Schools vouchers, we collected just over 6000, however we have decided to bank them until next year when we hope to add to this year’s08 total.
  9. 9. NEW HAIR ANDHAIR AND BEAUTY 6th form hairdressing and textile students have shown great creativity BEAUTY COURSES this year. Excellent examples of their hard work were displayed during the ‘Cat Walk’ show on 21st June. BEING OFFERED Achievement for year 11 has been pleasing this year. A NEXT YEAR large number of students, 48% Nail Art Certificate at level 2 achieved the Diploma in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy Long hair dressing & rather than the certificate this Photographic make-up year. Award at level 2 The department review for Work Workskills BTEC at level 2 Related Learning identified some excellent practice during teaching and learning. It was considered learners made good progress on courses and were well supported in their studies.CONSTRUCTIONThis year students have learned about and have acquired skills in:plumbing, brick-laying, carpentry, electrical installation, health andsafety, technical drawing including CAD and painting anddecorating. Tasks including soldering in plumbing using blowtorches, and setting the solder on fittings to complete a pipe systemduring their practical assessment. This was only allowed because ofthe students’ maturity and sensible approach to the course. ASDANThroughout, the students have demonstrated an ability to assisttheir peers and work as a team to ensure everyone achieved thetask set. Certificate of Personal EffectivenessYear 10 were given the opportunity of visiting K College Brook Year 11 girls have now successfullyStreet site, where they listened to a talk given by various people completed their portfolio and are awaitinginvolved in “Campus 21, Completion and Beyond”. Speakers moderation on the 1st July 2011.The girlsincluded Galliford Try which is a national housebuilding and worked very hard over the two years andconstruction company and Davis Langdon which is a global have produced some stunning work and weconstruction consultant. therefore do not anticipate any problems with their success which will give them a BThe students were given the opportunity to ask questions regarding grade GCSE.the construction process of the new college building, look aroundthe site area that is still being completed and participate in group Year ten girls have successfully completedwork activities. The students’ conduct during the day was their production of children’s story books commented on as being exemplary and moved onto a new challenge where in and a credit to Knole academy. groups they had to produce a two course vegetarian meal. They successfully Year 10 students will continue to produced these and invited a number of study construction next year whilst staff to trial the dishes who gave really several of the year 11 students will positive feedback. Currently they are KNOLE PASSPORT return to K College to start courses investigating a foreign country they would in their chosen field from like to visit and are producing a persuasive construction; one student will be brochure on their chosen destination. starting a new career in carpentry and hopefully attending college one day a week to achieve a higher qualification. 09
  10. 10. YEAR 10 GCSE LANGUAGESFOOD TECHNOLOGY TASTER DAY Food Technology really is a fantastic subject, as you On Wednesday 22nd June we went to learn not just about the preparation and cooking of Sevenoaks School for a taster day in the food but you also get to know marketing Russian and Mandarin Chinese. We were techniques, safety and hygiene and the processes divided in to two groups and taken off to do which the foods actually go through to end up on either Mandarin or Russian. The groups then your plate. Year 10 food technology is taught by swapped for the afternoon so that everyone Mrs McGauley. Every Wednesday she stays after had the chance to do both languages. In school to help the GCSE students to do research and Russian we learned the alphabet and how to coursework – until 6:00pm! I stayed behind on my form a basic conversation - then we made birthday to show my gratitude. posters using the words we had learned. It was great fun! In Chinese, we sampled We are currently working on shop surveys, design traditional Chinese food, learned a basic briefs and design specification. I have looked at conversation , tried our hand at calligraphy the different brand ranges and nutritional details and made Happiness signs. We had an of foods to make sure that they are suitable for my amazing, fun day. Everyone we met was target audience. polite and welcoming. Brooke Smith Ella Cullom and Kirsty Holden-Murphy CHILD HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT SOCIAL CARE In Health and Social Care Level 2 there are 6 In child development we have investigated play different units of work to complete. and why it is important for children. We were learning how making a creative activity out of In the units we learnt about the way service boxes will encourage a young child’s learning and users should be treated. We gained an development. Our class had fun when we made a understanding of how to help the elderly and train, robot, castle, playground and house out of young children. shoe boxes and cardboard boxes. Mrs. Boyle judged our models. We found that making items from We had work experience every Tuesday. I boxes encourages a child’s imagination when they went to Gloucester House and this gave me choose the item to make, materials and the colours the opportunity to work within a care setting. to use. We found that making and playing with the items we made encourages all areas of a child’s During our work experience placement we development. attended training and gained certificates in Moving and Handling and Health and Safety We have started our child study and we have Awareness. We were given the chance to completed an introductory visit to our child to find lead our own activities, which we were then out what stage of development they are at We graded on and several of us received a need to plan activities that we can do over the next distinction. four visits to our child where we can observe how they are growing and developing. In unit 1 we learnt about the laws within care settings and how they must be implemented. Lauren Aldridge I found this very interesting. Shenhaz Ali 10 Natalie Fisher Bethany Stewart Vickie Bright.
  11. 11. DUKE OFEDINBURGHAWARD SCHEMEKnole Academy’s first DofE group are commencing theirBronze Award and have started their volunteering,physical activity and skills sections of the programme. Overthe coming months they will start planning and trainingfor their Bronze expedition: learning to use campequipment, first aid, map reading and navigation. The DofE Award scheme recognises students’ teamwork and initiative skills as well as their contribution to their local community. Our first group are all in Year 12 and the scheme will be open to all students over the age of 14 from September 2011. Contact our DofE unit leader, Mr Dewey for more information. Current Participants: Rimini Stone, Faith Allfrey, Christie Monahan, Lauren Debenham, Tammana Miah, Kacey Broad and Elizabeth FosterKNOLE PASSPORTWe are very excited about the Knole Passport which is being launched next year. This will be a fantasticopportunity for students to work towards an award that will recognise their hard work and effort in andout of school. There will be lots of activities in which the students can participate in order to achievetheir Bronze, Silver or Gold Award and it will be an excellent introduction to the Duke of EdinburghAward. I am sure that the ‘Home Life’ challenges will prove very popular with parents as the studentsstart to help more with the household tasks and chores. Please do encourage your child to sign up tothe Award. 11
  12. 12. DRAMA CHALLENGE WEDNESDAY 25TH MAY Drama took over KS3 for the morning to host the 2011 drama challenge. This marks the fifth year for the event and has once again caused pupils to show their seriously competitive streaks. The challenge gives pupils in Yr 7, 8 and 9 the opportunity to revisit skills previously learnt during their drama course here at Knole Academy. Each year group devises a 5 minute improvisation using a given theme. This year the themes have been:KNOLE ACADEMY Yr 7 – “SECRETS” Yr 8 – “AMBITION” Yr 9 – “HAUNTED TALES”DEBATE TEAMThe debate team headed to Sevenoaks School on 12th This year we were extremely lucky to have professional actress Lexie Lambert adjudicating the challenge.May 2011 to test their debating skills. The girls had to take The winners are as follows:part in two debates, one on whether Physical Education Year 7 - Rumbidzai Chimbizi, Hollie Webb, Ellieshould be compulsory for students and the other whether Hill, Georgia Armstrong and Elsa Waterfieldstudents should be provided with laptops. The team were with Genie & Me.fantastic in their efforts and came second winning a medaleach. They did really well and should be proud of their Year 8 - Zoe Maxwell, Amy Yandle, Rati Sivyerachievement. and Amelia Obbard with Clumsy Fairies. Year 9 - Maddie Bathe, Bethany Debenham, Abigail Scott-Inglis, Kelly Bethell, Elizabeth Bull, Megan Hadlow and Sophie Butters with Come Play With Me. Many congratulations to students and teachers who participated.Left to right: Gemma Sowten, Zoe Maxwell, Chloe Miller, Mrs V Hollidge - DramaMolly Ironside and Ella Zeki HISTORY The importance of learning History History has happened. Do we really need to look backwards? YES! I firmly believe that it is essential that students learn history, because of the vital life skills it develops. Hitler said “the broad masses of the nation will be more likely to believe a big lie than a smaller one.” Students of history will be less likely to believe big lies or small ones. Don’t just take my word for it. Here are some comments made by A Level history students: “History is a fascinating subject, and is really interesting. Learning history really broadens your mind, and teaches the essential skills needed to do well in your other subjects and in life.” Ollie Nichol 12CS “I like learning history because it’s a very well respected subject to have on your CV.” Charlotte Taylor 12JL “I enjoy learning history because it gives me an idea about what could happen in the future- history repeats itself” Jacob Lowe 13RD 1212 Jane Elliott - Subject Leader for History
  13. 13. DANCE DANCE AUDITIONS FOR KNOLE CASCADEKnole PlatformCongratulations to all the students who took part in DANCE COMPANIES (Junior & Senior) will be announced in assemblies inthe Knole Platform at Knole West on 4th May. September 2011.Cascade Dance Platform FUTURE DANCE EVENTS FOR 2011-2012Congratulations to all the students who took part inthe Cascade Platform at K College on 14th and 15th ANNUAL DANCE SHOWMay. JOURNEY TO THE THRONE CASCADE CHRISTMAS PLATFORMFREE RUN CHRISTMAS CONCERT I will be looking for dancers for the performances above.Media Studies and Dance Trip to see FREE RUN Please check the performing arts board regularly forperforming at the E4 Underbelly Festival at the announcements. The board is located near the EnglishSouthbank Centre area. COMMUNICATIONSMiss Simmons and Mrs Leith took a group of 30 PROJECTstudents to see Free Run on 5th July.The show was an hour display of explosive action offree running, one of the world’s most exciting and The Change Schools Communications Project with yeardangerous extreme sports. The show stared 3RUN, 7 has been gathering pace since we last reported in Aprilthe UK’s number one free running team, holders of and came to an exciting conclusion on 6th July.fifteen Guinness world records. The performancealso displayed a fabulous film projection which gave Year 7 have been working on the theme ofa modern and exciting edge. communication with 4 other communities in the Sevenoaks area – Dorton House School for students withThis was a truly amazing opportunity especially as visual impairment, Valence School for students with severethis was the UK’s first ever free running stage show. medical and special needs, Rockdale Housing for the elderly and First Steps Nursery. After initial contact with each of these 4 partners which involved small groups ofstudents, everyone involved was very keen to organise activities which could include every student in the academy.7K and 7E invited the whole of First Steps Nursery to a Teddy Bears’ Picnic on Friday 27th May. The challenge was todesign a series of activities that would interest and entertain the little children for the afternoon. Some students were COMMUNICATIONSable to incorporate some French into the games they devised for them. The nursery children were thrilled and PROJECTeveryone enjoyed the entire afternoon including the ice cream part of the picnic.7A and 7L visited Rockdale, one class at a time, to work with some of the residents on a sign language activity. Theytaught each other symbols and messages and thought up how to sign messages to the world. It was a trulycollaborative experience.7O and 7C visited Valence School on 2 separate occasions to undertake a challenge set by the Valence students andstaff to follow a trail and find answers to clues by following the lead of the Valence students. It was a cunning ployand stretched year 7 to their limits – not least in adding up the answers to clues in their head! Valence School haswonderful grounds and the students loved discovering all the hidden corners and the beautiful nature trail whichalso sports an inspiring outside classroom.7M and 7N visited Dorton House School to follow a rotation of activities which ranged from playing footballblindfolded to putting together a radio show in their radio studio. At the time of going to press, the visits had not yethappened, but if the success of the last 2 encounters between Knole Academy students and Dorton House studentsis anything to go by, these 2 visits will have been highly enjoyable and worthwhile.To summarise the process of the project, its aims and its successes there was a Gala Afternoon held inschool on Wednesday 6th July.Alison Truphet - Project Manager 13
  14. 14. TOP ATTENDERS YEAR 10Congratulations to all Knole students who have over WORK RELATED LEARNING99 percent attendance this academic year. They will all beinvited on a trip to Thorpe Park in July as a reward. D OF E AWARDGood attendance is crucial in allowing students the bestopportunity to achieve their learning potential. It is also On May 4th 2011, Year 10 enjoyed an exciting work related learning activity at Knole East and SCHEMEthe first thing an employer looks at when assessingcandidates for interview. Knole West. The students’ brief was to construct an item that could be made from recyclable household material. The students were dividedOur weekly attendance trophies for each year group have into groups and their task was to design andadded some healthy competition between tutor groups construct a prototype; package, promote andand tutors, with attendance being a real focus for all market their product by presenting it to theirstudents. fellow classmates. The calibre of work producedWe are sure that students will really enjoy the trip and was of high quality and a testament to thehope that next year even more students will qualify. dedication and hard work that was shown by the students throughout the day.Below is a list of all students with 100 percent attendancethis year – fantastic. On June 17th 2011Year 10 students had a Work Experience preparation session. This was held at both Knole East and West. Students were given instructions on Health & Safety, Team Work andAnita Adebola 7CG, Jessica Baker 11MH, Yasmin Problem Solving, First Impressions, InterviewBaldock 11LT, Sarah Bowen 7CB, Jade Cockburn 9TF, Skills and Time-Keeping, Presentation Skills andEmily Critcher 7RS, Laura Crowe 8DT , Rachel Easton Work Experience folders.11CC, Gemma Ellis 8IW, Hayley Ferrari 10HL, HannahGallagher 8IW, Kate Hosiene 8SD, Charlotte Ham 8IW,Chantelle Heath 11LT, Laura Hunt 9NC, Megan Keily 8IW, Both the days were well received by the year 10Lucia Kitchen 8IW, Celine Lagos 7PB, Mix Lakaew 7CG, students and hopefully have given them theHannah Lowe 10TS, Rachel Macey 9BE, Bethany Millar confidence to go out into the world of work in7CG, Megan Newton 9NC, Phoebe Nightingale 7KB, July and enjoy their work experience placements.Zoe-Louise Paans 7CG, Maisie Piggott 7JA, Jack Randall HIGHER9DO, Savannah Riach 8EW, Elizabeth Satterley 7CG,Joseph Slawinski 7MG, Jack Smith 8ST, Rachael Stothard EDUCATION8EW, Aiden Taylor 8ST, Samantha Tilley 7KB, HannahUregbula 8IW, Rebecca Webster 8SD, Christopher CONVENTIONWilkinson 7KT, Georgia Winchcombe 9NC, EmmaWoodhouse 8SD. On 28 April 30 year 12 students visited The University of Kent, Canterbury for a higher education convention. Students were able to speak with representatives from a wide range of universities as well as attending seminars on student finance, gap years, applications and personal statements as well as tours of the campus. The visit was very popular with students who gained a valuable insight into the next stage of their education. “I now have a better “It helped me make a14 understanding of course decision on what courses to requirements” take”
  15. 15. FAREWELLS TO...Our first farewell is to Mrs Francene Kennedy who started teaching on the Knole West site in 1974 atthe then Sevenoaks School for Girls. She will be remembered as a science teacher, but also as a pastoralleader for a number of years.Mrs Elaine Moss, vice principal, started teaching art and design at Sevenoaks School for Girls in 1984.she has been head of art and design, technology, assistant headteacher and deputy headteacherleading on the visual arts specialism. Her contribution to whole school development has beenimmense and her creative flair will be sorely missed by the students and staff. Fortunately, she willcontinue next year to lead on the specialisms on a part time basis.Mrs Isabelle Winstone has been offered a promotion at another school and we wish her all the verybest and thank her for her two years at the school. She has left her mark on A level textiles and Catwalkshows.We all wish them lots of luck for the future. WELCOME TO... The cashless payment system in the Knole West We are very pleased to welcome the following Dining Room has been a great success – queues staff to Knole Academy in September. In at the tills are almost non existent. Staff and English, we will have Mr Town and Miss Kimber. students transferring from Knole East will be In Science Miss Alldis and Mr Dawes. In ICT Miss added to the system in September and we Maginn and in maths and music we welcome encourage everyone to use the online payment two part time teachers, Mrs Cheveley and Miss and monitoring facility at Ive respectively. We look forward to making which will them all feel most welcome and a part of the help reduce the peak time queues at the cash Knole Academy team. entry machine.HOUSE LOGOSEarlier in the year students in each of the academy housessubmitted designs for a brand new logo to represent their house.Many creative designs were submitted and it was very hard tochoose the best ideas. On Wednesday 15 June students whoproduced a selection of the most exciting designs took part in alogo workshop to review, combine, refine and finalise their ideas.The outcomes from this workshop were then refined further by MissMiller using computer design software ready to be used in all futureHouse events. Air Earth Water Fire 15
  16. 16. SUBJECT KEY DATESREVIEWS 2010-2011 FOR YOUR CALENDAR THU 1 SEPT - FRI 16 DEC : Autumn Term As we approach the end of the academic TUES 3 JAN - FRI 30 MARCH: Spring Term year, I am pleased to be able to feedback on MON 16 APR - FRI 20 JULY: Summer Term another series of subject reviews as well as a review on Special Educational Needs and THURS 18 AUG: GCE Results Day 11am-12pm Post 16 provision. (KW Auditorium) The subject areas covered include THURS 25 AUG: GCSE Results Day 11am-12pm construction, Asdan, hair & beauty, food (KW Auditorium) studies, health & social care, child development, business studies, law, science MON 5 SEPT: Term begins for ALL students. and public services. As you can see, we have been extremely busy with our monitoring programme and, as always, we are very THURS 29 SEPT : Open Evening grateful to the students and parents who take the time to present to us their views and opinions. The questionnaires gave MON 3 OCT & TUES 4 OCT: Open Mornings positive feedback across the board with over 90% of students and parents regularly MON 24 OCT - MON 31 OCT : Half Term Holiday agreeing that subjects are enjoyed, progress is being made, work is clearly explained and discussed with individuals and that STAFF DEVELOPMENT DAYS students are expected to work hard and do Thursday 1st September INSET DAY their best. It is also generally acknowledged Friday 2nd September INSET DAY Monday 31st October INSET DAY that students know their targets and how to Wednesday 4th January INSET DAY achieve them and that they can get on with Monday 16th April INSET DAY their work without interruption, although on this last point there were individual cases where disruption in class was an issue. The PLEASE DO NOT BOOK HOLIDAYS setting and marking of homework met with DURING TERM TIME - THEY WILL NOT BE a varied response and students have been recently reminded to ensure that homework AUTHORISED KNOLE ACADEMY is recorded in planners on a regular basis. UNIFORM As well as these focal points in the year where parental comments are invited, please note that parents are encouraged to communicate their views to the academy Due to the difficulties with uniform supply that we via student planners, form tutors, email or have experienced throughout this year and because by attending the parent forum meetings. of the large number of complaints from parents about the quality of a number of items (especially Mr P R Derrick the blazer and the skirt) supplied by Price & Buckland Vice Principal we have made the decision to use John Lewis as our main uniform supplier.SPECIALISING IN EXPRESSIVEARTS & LANGUAGES Price & Buckland will continue to supply the PE kit and school tie for boys, as these items are veryPrincipal: Mrs Mary Boyle MA, competitively priced and they wear well. The tie can also be purchased from the academy.Tel: 01732 454608 Ordering of both school uniform and PE kit is done on line. Please visit the Academy website for more information and for the complete uniform list. If any parents are unable to access a computer at home 16 please contact Mrs Mills who will send out a letter.