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Iovation Stop Online Fraud Real Time: Reputation Manager 360


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Iovation Stop Online Fraud Real Time: Reputation Manager 360

  1. 1. Iovation Stop Online Fraud Real Time: Reputation Manager 360 Prevent Fraud with Device Reputation. Identifying the device used to commit fraud is an effective way to root out fraud — and one that iovation has offered its clients for years. What is new in the fight against fraud is device reputation, a new layer of defense that builds upon device identification and available exclusively from iovation. The only solution on the market today that takes an in-depth look at not only the device but also its history when used online, creating a reputation score. KEY FEATURES Business Rules
  2. 2. Set and fine-tune rules to assess risk by leveraging evidence, geolocation, velocity, watch lists, anomalies and risk profiles. Geolocation & Real IP Unmask proxies to find where transactions are originating to know where your users are really coming from Deployment Options Respond to threats fastest with our web service implementation, or deploy with gateway or through a third-party service. Reporting & Analytics Analyze trends and report on effectiveness through scheduled and on- demand reports and by working with your client manager. Mobile Recognition Block fraud from any Internet-enabled device including PCs, smartphones, tablets, laptops and even consoles. Real-Time Response Automate Accept, Review and Deny responses through our API and take action against risks in milliseconds.