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Countries with the highest quality of life


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Norway attracts many tourists annually. Cruises to Norway are a popular way of seeing the country. Cruises to Norway are enjoyable as they provide a variety of entertainment, all under one roof. Norway is the beaten track. However, it is easily accessible with more than 240 direct flights

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Countries with the highest quality of life

  1. 1. Norway Norway attracts many tourists annually. Cruisesto Norway are a popular way of seeing thecountry. Cruises to Norway are enjoyable asthey provide a variety of entertainment, allunder one roof. Norway is the beaten track.However, it is easily accessible with more than240 direct flights from Europe. Accordingto Micron Associates, in Norway you are alwaysclose to everything; the cities, the mountainsand the sea. You can combine midnight sungolf in the north. With a whale watching safarior a fjord experience in the west. Live in a stateof the art venue in the capital ;Oslo , ortransport groups into the southernmost ice hotelin Europe in Lillehammer. It has a relaxedatmosphere, even in the big cities. So, leavethe stress at home and come to Norway, enjoyits silence and get powered by nature.
  2. 2. SwedenIn Sweden real estate market sees a regulargrowth. The Sweden real estate market sellsaffordable and luxurious properties. The peoplelead a high quality of life in Sweden. There arefive weeks paid vacations to start. More ifyou’re older or work for the government.Parents get a total of 480 parental days foreach child.
  3. 3. Canada There are many jobs in Canada that attractpeople to the country. The jobs in Canada providea high quality of living and the country too is apeaceful place to stay in. Canada Rated the BESTPlace to Live! Every year since 1994, the UnitedNations has rated Canada as the best country inthe world to live in. Prosperity in Canada Theeconomy is BOOMING! A fast growing, modern,industrialized nation, Canada offers unlimitedpotential and opportunity. With the higheststandard of living, Canada is one of the richestcountries and is getting better.
  4. 4. IcelandOne can enjoy an arctic time by going forholidays in Iceland. Holidays in Iceland providewith stays in hotels made completely out of icemaking one believe in magic. Iceland isencompassing fabulousness, is one of the onlyplaces on earth where you will find volcanicactivity, hot geothermal soaking pools, and iceblue glaciers set a midst a moon-like landscape.
  5. 5. NetherlandsIn Netherlands one never can feel the time passingby. One can see the scenic countryside or live inone of the Netherlands hotels that are built toplease tourists. The Netherlands hotels provide justthe warmth and comfort one needs to enjoy one’svacation in Netherlands. The Netherlands is well-known for its tolerance of others. Whatever yourrace or sexuality, you will be welcomed here andpeople will respect your rights to live your life theway you see fit. The Netherlands are a place ofoutstanding beauty.
  6. 6. JapanTourists who travel to Japan never want to come back asthe people and the beauty of the place are socaptivating. Tourists travel to Japan and are locked in thefusion of the timelessness and modernity of the country. Itis no secret that Japan have the latest technologicaladvancement in the world from your cell phone to thefuturistic android that are now becoming a reality. Thanksto their innovation the Japanese have constantly re-inventing how we live our everyday life. The averagesalary men & teacher are able to earn up to 250,000Japanese Yen per month and if you are working in the IT(Information & Technology) sector you might be able toearn twice or triple the amount mention just now. Japanhas a good national insurance scheme which is governby the government that consider everyone includingforeigner (must be employed) benefit from an insurancecoverage. It can do you good as you will only need topay 30% of your medical fees but of course you will needto pay a flat rate each month.