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Over the years Capital Campaigns have evolved from mammoth campaigns with hundreds of volunteers and staff to today when campaigns are much smaller both in structure and length of time and are highly volunteer oriented.

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Capital campaign

  1. 1. CapitalCampaign
  2. 2. Over the years Capital Campaigns have evolved from mammothcampaigns with hundreds of volunteers and staff to today whencampaigns are much smaller both in structure and length of timeand are highly volunteer oriented.Few Capital Campaigns for other than major institutions take morethan 12 to 18 months to complete and are more recently designedto be conducted by development staff with the assistance of aconsultant. In organizations that have no development departmentstaff, they usually opt to have on-site campaign direction, that is, anon-site Campaign Director/Consultant who works 24/7 on theirproject.
  3. 3. We at Bradley Associates are proud to provide staffing whether youneed it for a couple days a month or full-time on-site Director. Weare in position to provide that staff to help achieve your goals in theshortest possible time line.The ultimate success of a Capital Campaign for significant fundingsupport of specific programs or projects always goes back to theessential "pre-campaign" tasks that either were or were notaccomplished prior to the start of the campaign. A stalled CapitalCampaign is most likely the result of insufficient preparation. NoCapital Campaign preparation step is more important than theCapital Campaign Planning Study (or Feasibility Study).
  4. 4. Here are our thoughts regarding the all-important Capital CampaignPlanning Study:It can be argued that a Study is the single most important planningstep for a successful capital campaign.A Study offers the unique opportunity for an "outside set of eyesand ears" to ask important questions of potential campaign leadersand potential donors, and to receive candid and accurate answersfrom them regarding critical campaign feasibility issues.It does matter who the outside consultant and Study Director is.The professionalism of this individual reflects back to the client.Bradley Associates assigns its best staff for Study Director Positionsand values the client image in the community to the highestdegree.
  5. 5. A client should expect the following "deliverables" from a Study: A complete written and thorough study report A professional presentation to client leadership groups Confidential executive and management reports for key leadership Comprehensive recommendations that address all angles of funding feasibility Recommendations for goals, leadership, campaign structure and timingWe would be happy to provide a 10 page self analysis to determineyour readiness to begin a Capital Campaign. Request a copy.We are prepared to help you and will provide consulting services asneeded.