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What is Ritalin


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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What is Ritalin

  1. 1. / /i"i8.i is i3~. .i"i'a| ii"i Ritalin is trademark c_ for methylphenidateg Treats attention _ deficit hypei‘acfi, /iiij disorder (ADHD). e and narco| epsy, This ' A medicine is a stim’u- i
  2. 2. How many benefits of Ritalin It is advised that buy Ritalin prod- ucts should be used as supporting i T part of total treatment for A T ADD/ ADHD. There must be proper counseling provided by doctors, sometime it is also used for patients having sleep disor- s. . ~ “ V D K I l l #
  3. 3. Hovv Many Disadvantages pf Ritalin z‘? : 5,4,». I“? t:“‘ Abusive use of Ritalin is highly ci'is- _ couraged. There may be some ' - .7: r"" adverse effects during chronic use / . of methylphenidate so you must ‘ constantly cross check for adverse‘ / effects. In some cases adverse . effects of methylphenidate appear in long-term therapies. Nervousne s and drowsiness are some added 1 side effects of methylphenidate. '
  4. 4. Who should avoid Ritalin The use of Ritalin is not recom- mend if you are suffering from anxiousness, tense or agitated. Added more if you have any eye infection or glaucoma your must avoid. If there is any family history of tourette's syndrome or you are facing this currently. If you have intake of any anti- depressant or you took in last 2-3 weeks time you should avoid Ritalin. It is also advised to consult doctor for any allergic for safe side.
  5. 5. What if You Forgot Your Dosage it is quite common that patients forgot to take the dose and worry what effect will be next. in this case its better to take the doss as soon as you remember instead tense your- self. If you are not tensed then simply skip your doss and take the next doss on time. Make sure you do not take double dose overdose of any medication is always har ful.
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