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Assignmentguideline mid term


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Assignmentguideline mid term

  1. 1. MID-TERM PROJECT Name: Ashley MurayamaSex used in Advertisement during the 21st Century Around the World
  2. 2. SEX IN ADVERTISING• Time period of the article: Early Twentieth Century CE• The time period that you choose: (0-2 points)• Country discussed in article: United States• The country that you choose: (0-2 points)• Summary of the article: This article is about sex used for advertising products to attract attention to the customers. During the early twentieth century, such a image would have offended many people, but at the same it was as appealing to other customers.
  3. 3. This is an ad for the camera brand, Nikon S60 which detects up to 12 faces. This picture is of two college females, one on top of another, posing for the camera in lingerie. The setting is on the bed in a dorm room and what seems like during the day. Behind the two girls, there are five male colleges boys hidden behind windows and a curtain. And it appears to be a man’s hand holding the camera. This picture occured in 2011, Singapore by Euro RSCG.N.d. n.p. Web. 18 Oct 2012. <>.
  4. 4. This is ad is for the wide- angle lens called Omax. This picture is of a man using his camera at the beach. There are two females in bikinis near him, with one female’s bikini hanging off her back. The man is facing toward the ocean with his lens away from the females, but they do not know that it is a wide-angle lens. This picture is at the beach, and took place in 2011. This ad shows that we now live in a era where it is easy to take pictures secretly. This was created by Publicis, in India.N.d. n.p. Web. 18 Oct 2012. <>.
  5. 5. This ad is for the male body wash brand called Axe. This picture is of a man relaxing in a bubbling bath tub, with a pair of feet tangling on the other side of the tub. It appears that the owner of the feet is facing toward him, and facing down, most likey giving him oral sex. This picture occured in 2010, and it shows that scents attract humans. This ad was created by Lowe MENA, United Arab Emirates.N.d. n.p. Web. 18 Oct 2012. <>.
  6. 6. This ad is for a heel smoothing product brand named Samantha. The picture is of a pair of heels, shaped very similar to the sillouette of a female butt. This ad was created by dentsuiNDIO, in 2010 in the Phillipines.N.d. n.p. Web. 18 Oct 2012. <>.
  7. 7. This ad is for a knee smoothing brand. The picture is of a pair of knees, with both big toes sticking out. It is angled to look like breast and nipples. This ad was created by McCann Worldgroup, Bangkok, Thailand in 2009.N.d. n.p. Web. 18 Oct 2012. <>.