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A presentation given to Travel and Tourism professionals as at a seminar run by Blackpool and Lancashire Tourist Board (Feb 08). Social Media for the Travel and Tourism industry. An overview of the social media space and opportunities for harnessing communities in social space.

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Social Media And Tourism

  1. 1. Social Media and Tourism 2.0 Katie Lips Social Media Strategist Kisky Netmedia
  2. 2. Overview • What is Social Media? • Networks, Communities, Tools • Tourism 2.0 Projects • Tips for Getting Started
  3. 3. What is Social Media • A trendy buzzword? • Content & Media created by a community? • Read/ Write Web: read and written by the masses and uncontrolled by organisations? • A conversation?
  4. 4. Services and tools • Blogs - Wordpress, Blogger, Typepad • Content Sharing - YouTube, Flickr, Photobucket • Social Networks - MySpace, Facebook • Professional Networks - LinkedIn, ecademy, xing • Microblogging & Presence - Plazes, Twitter, Jaiku • “Democratic Content” - Digg • Preference Sharing - Last FM, Wakoopa
  5. 5. Community... • Customers? • Audience? • Citizen journalists? • Fans? • “Griefers”?
  6. 6. Social Networks • Members only • Your Social Network • Get to know your customers personally • Advertise (to very specific groups)
  7. 7. Blogs • Timely, up to date • Find your niche audience • Anyone can publish anything • Personal
  8. 8. Video Sharing
  9. 9. Photo Sharing
  10. 10. Trip Planning and Sharing
  11. 11. Events & Activities
  12. 12. Location and Presence
  13. 13. Google Maps
  14. 14. Key Activities • Talking about what you are going to do • Researching from others who’ve done the same thing • Sharing advice • Creating a mesh of diverse content across the web in multiple spaces
  15. 15. It’s not just about ‘Online’
  16. 16. For many, the “online bit” is now an integral part of the activity as a whole.
  17. 17. Social Media Strategies
  18. 18. A great website...
  19. 19. is not the answer!
  20. 20. The New Web Presence • Identify your community • Talk • Take part • Use many spaces online • One to one relationships • Create a “Social Media Cocktail”
  21. 21. People will... • Find your brand or product without having to search (very hard) • Interact with you in their social networks (without having to leave) • Offer feedback and advice & help to improve a product, a venue, a destination even • Feel like they know the ‘provider’ better (and trust you more) • Promote you (without you paying them)
  22. 22. Business Benefits to simple Social Media • Short term “buzz” • Long term reputation & trust • Reduce costs
  23. 23. Tourism 2.0 Projects
  24. 24. MySpace: NEW ZEALAND
  25. 25. Facebook: Burning Man
  26. 26. Blog: uwishunu
  27. 27. Social Network: Cool Austria
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Trips...
  30. 30. User Generated Reviews • Holiday Watchdog: • Review Centre: • Holiday Check:
  31. 31. Trip Planning and sharing • TripHub: • TripUp: • TripTie: • Tripadvisor:
  32. 32. Trip Planning and sharing • IGoUGo: • MyTripz: • MyTripBook: • Gusto: • Dopplr:
  33. 33. Activity specific communities • Walk Jog Run: • Bikely:
  34. 34. What’s Hot in Tourism 2.0 Projects? • Trust, User Referrals and Reviews • Individualism and Personalisation • Activity not Place • Personal Broadcasting and Travel Blogging • Finding and working with Evangelists • Being in the hottest new Web2.0 app • Google Maps
  35. 35. What’s NOT Hot in Tourism 2.0 Projects? • Astroturfing and unnatural “Pay per Post” • A belief that ‘users’ will do the hard work (and make “UGC” for free for you) • Building more empty ‘social’ ‘networks’ • ‘Risk based’ fear of all Social Media activities
  36. 36. Getting Started
  37. 37. Getting Started! Blogging • Write • Find & befriend other writers • Link & Comment • Post regularly and generously
  38. 38. Getting Started! Events • List events • Tell people • Make friends • Link events to blogs to ...
  39. 39. Getting Started! Sharing • Share photos • And videos • Tag them • Link them.....
  40. 40. Getting Started! Google Maps
  41. 41. Getting Started! Diverse Presence
  42. 42. Getting Started! More tips
  43. 43. What next? • You can start small • Build up the right toolkit for your project and for your community • Use new tools in conjunction with what you already do • Remember it's all about people
  44. 44. Where next? • Presentation: • My blog: • My website: