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Digital evidence


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Digital evidence

  1. 1. Digital Document Presentation S
  2. 2. Classroom Community Initial Perspective Same PerspectiveS When it comes to classroom S I maintain my belief that community I believe that the classroom structure plays a big structure and overall attitude of the role in a students education and classroom can either hinder or help that presently, it is very difficult for your students. I believe that teachers should construct a classroom where teachers to create this tight knit everyone feels welcome and that community with the stress of each person feels appreciated. testing and strict curriculum. Unfortunately, I feel that society as well as the curriculum does not allow S I feel this way based on my teachers to create this community because they are so focused on observations in my classroom. A testing and have to pull kids aside classroom that has no respect for because they are on different levels. one another and no unity. There is no unity and no respect among students and teachers
  3. 3. Classroom Community How will this influence Why I think this? my teaching career?S Reading the text reinforced my S I believe this insight into the opinions on the importance of importance of classroom respect and a positive community will help me as a atmosphere. future teacher create a strong classroom community.S On page 189 it says: “Make respect central to your S I will take the tips I learned in classroom culture. Make it clear this class as well as in the that you care about tour reading to ensure I create a students and that your class will welcoming and beneficial lead to real learning that will environment for my students. benefit them.” To build a sense of community, develop rules collaboratively with your students and be very clear about these.” pg 189
  4. 4. At Risk Students Initial Perspective S When it comes to at risk students I feel that teachers as well as society do not help them as much as they need. We understand that yes some students are at a higher risk of not completing a grade but what do we actually do about it? We are so focused on the curriculum and getting ready for testingt that sometimes these kids get lost in the shuffle. Teachers I feel may not always have the patience with these students because it takes more work to help them grasp a concept. Changed Perspective S I have a changed perspective on at risk students because I realized that all students need and want the same things. We may label them “at risk” but when it comes down to it they all need Maslows Hierarchy of needs. It is up to the teacher to figure out how to give each student what they need possibly in different ways.
  5. 5. At Risk Students How will this influence Why I think this? my teaching career?S After this lecture on Maslows S Learning Maslows Hierarchy has Hierarchy, I reflected back onto opened my mind to each my field experience and realized students needs and will make me that my teacher differentiates very wary of how I fulfill those needs of my students. students based on academic standing but doesn’t fulfill their S As a future teacher I will get to emotional or psychological know my students and connect needs. I believe a way to meet a with them on a deeper level. And students common needs is to get will be able to understand the to know them and discover what different ways their needs can be motivates them and what they met. enjoy.“learn as much as you can about your students and make connections to their lived experiences” pg. 189
  6. 6. Technology Initial Perspective New PerspectiveS When it comes to Technology I S After watching the Social Media video believe that it is under used in the I realize that every aspect of the school system. I think teachers internet and technology can be used to reflect and enrich education. It all could make much more doesn’t have to be purely for interesting and engaging lessons research. Students can use if they used more technology technology to understand cultures and whether it is smart boards or teachers can use technology to help computers or something as students develop their own view simple as Google earth. Any thing points and creativity. Additionally, I that sparks kids interest I believe realized standardized testing is would be beneficial. stalling the use of individual and creative thinking that technology embraces technology video we watched in class
  7. 7. Technology Types of Technology How will this influence used in the classroom my teaching career?S Assistive technology S I now strongly believe that incorporating technology intoS Blended learning the classroom will benefit the students and as a futureS Flipped classroom teacher I will try my best toS Hybrid teaching incorporate it into the curriculum and make it relevantS Podcast, Pinterest, tiwtter to the students. That means I also will have to become techS Virtual learning savy and stay updated on new technology trends in education. “Build students confidence in their own intelligence and creativity.” page 189
  8. 8. Professionalism Teachers Contract from Initial Perspective 1920S When it comes to S After discussing the topic in Professionalism, I originally class and looking at the thought it meant treating people teacher’s contract from 1920’s I with respect and acting like a realized the enormous pressure professional. I didn’t realize it placed on teachers. was talking about whether society perceives them as S The contract made women professionals. seem flawless and perfect. They could only be a teacher and could not do anything else.
  9. 9. Questions? Conflicting Roles QuestionsS We also discussed how S My question is how are teachers are currently portrayed teachers suppose to meet the in the media and television and enormous expectations placed the conflicting roles that are on the? presented. S How are we suppose to makeS Teachers are either a saint or a society see teaching as a sinner. Boring or inspirational. credible profession when there Mean or Heroic. are so many stereotypes and conflicting roles
  10. 10. How to find the Answers?S I believe a way to S Additionally, I believe answer my questions that the pursuit of is to portray great higher excellence and teachers in the media knowledge among so that society sees teachers will help teachers in a real light change the way instead of what they people view the see in the movies. profession.
  11. 11. Commentary