Keefe, Katherine Assignment #2


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Keefe, Katherine Assignment #2

  1. 1. The Syrian Problem An attack in Damascus, Syria has devastated the world. A neurotoxin called Sarin was used to kill approximately 1400 people.
  2. 2. Obama takes matters into his own hands Secretary of State, John Kerry, meets with foreign diplomats to obtain allies for the potential attack on Syria. France and Saudi Arabia express their interest and desire to get involved.
  3. 3. International Meeting in Russia Obama enforces his belief that if nothing is done, brute nations with weapons of mass destruction will become more normal in society Only four countries were willing to support the U.S. (France, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Turkey)
  4. 4. President Putin’s Position Putin does not believe that Bashar al-Assad was the “brains” behind the attack Although Putin claims that Russia does not want to be involved, the Russian Navy has sent out several ships to “help Russian citizens evacuate”. Therefore prevent any military violence from occurring in that area.
  5. 5. Iran’s Threat and Israel’s Fear The Obama Administration is concerned that Syria is setting a bad example for other Middle East Countries. Particularly Iran due to their high amounts of nuclear weapons. Being one of the only non-threatening countries of the Middle East, Israel is worried about their safety against it’s neighbors.
  6. 6. Syria Mocks America A well-known Syrian newspaper called the Al- Thawra wrote “the start of the historic American retreat” and that Obama’s delay was “a sense of implicit defeat and the disappearance of his allies.”
  7. 7. How the Pope Feels As most people assume, Pope Francis is calling for a peaceful resolution. He begs world leaders to escape the “spiral of sorrow and death” that would be further inflicted on Syria and anyone who tries any violence against them. He calls for abandonment of “futile pursuit”.
  8. 8. Isolationism perhaps? The first President of the United States, George Washington, supported Isolationism. He believed that dealing with foreign countries wouldn’t be beneficial. In regards to this Syrian dilemma, what would Washington want?
  9. 9. The Decision Obama decides not attack Syria and follow a plan devised by President Putin of Russia. Putin believes it is best that Syria ought to be monitored and have their chemical weapons taken from them and destroyed. This plan will be in progress until mid- 2014.
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