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Kenyan Presentation


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As part of Transition Year geography, we were divided up into groups of 2 and given a country of interest. Each group had to research the requirements needed to travel to their chosen country, the food eaten, the cultural norms, and some of the most popular places to visit in the country. We also had to research how to get there, and at what price. We then presented our research in a power-point presentation and tried to sell our chosen country to our fellow class mates.

For our project we contacted the Kenyan embassy in Ireland and asked them could they provide us with any information on Kenya. Luckily they sent us loads of info and even sent us a DVD showing us the wildlife found in Kenya. I thought this project really enjoyable and I now really want to visit Kenya in the future.

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Kenyan Presentation

  1. 1. Kenya
  2. 2. Kenya Flag
  3. 3. Kenya Fact file Population: 41,609,728/41.6 million Capital city/ largest city: Nairobi Currency: Kenyan shilling Language: Swahili/English Religion: Vast majority of Kenyans are Christian Type of government: Semi-presidential republic Exchange Rate: €1 =111.34 Kenyan shillings Cost of living: Ksh50,000 or US$620 a month if you are a non-Kenyan family. Main Occupations: Construction, Design, Banking, Accounting, Business Development and most inTechnology.
  4. 4. Getting to Kenya: Kenya is very accessible. There are over 35 airports. The largest airport is in the capital Nairobi. The length of the flight is aprox. 8 hours. Flights:1.Ethad Airways –> Dublin – Abu Dhabi – Nairobi €467.002.Emirates -> Dublin – Dubai – Nairobi €564.003.Ryanair/British airways -> Dublin – London (€19.00 Ryanair) – Nairobi €1155 (British airways) Time difference: Kenya is 3hrs ahead of Ireland
  5. 5. Requirements Visas:To get a visitors visa to Kenya this is processed within 24 hours at the Kenya Embassy in Dublin. Otherwise most EU citizens can apply on arrival at the airport in Nairobi or any entry point to Kenya Vaccinations:DiphtheriaTetanusPoliomyelitisTyphoidHepatitis AAlso it is advised that you would take anti malaria drugs.
  6. 6. The people Kenya is made up of a rich mosaic of different people each representing unique cultures which when brought together, add up to the overall vibrancy of the country. The country has a total of 42 officially recognized tribes. Each of these tribes has their own unique language, cultural practices, staple food, and style of dress, dance, music and instruments. However Kenyans are united by two official languages: English and Kiswahili.
  7. 7. North and Rift Valley People Turkana girl Maasai Moran
  8. 8. Coastal peopleSwahili People
  9. 9. Central People – kikuyutransitional dance dress
  10. 10. Maasai Moran Dancers
  11. 11. CuisineName of food IngredientsUgali (Cornmeal Staple) Made from cornmeal that is added to boiling water.(Mashed Peas and Potato Mix) The most famous dishes in Kenya, a food that originated as a Kikuyu staple.Githeri (Beans and Corn) Kenyan dish that consists of boiled beans, corn kernels, and vegetables.Kenyan Pilau (Spiced Rice) A combination of rice cooked with flavour bursting spices.Wali wa Nazi (Coconut Rice) White rice is cooked with grated coconut meat to create a fragrant twist on plain boiled rice.
  12. 12. Eating Habits Three meals each day; Breakfast in the morning (kiamsha kinywa) Lunch after noon (chakula cha mchana) Supper in the evening (chakula cha jioni) At 10 oclock tea (chai ya saa nne) and 4 p.m. tea (chai ya saa kumi)
  13. 13. Tea Kenya is the largest producer of tea in Africa. Renowned for its brisk flavor and delicate fragrance, Kenyan tea is the nation’s biggest foreign exchange earner.
  14. 14. Economic activities Kenyas economy is heavily dependent on agriculture. Kenya is a leading exporter of Tea and Coffee. It also exports vegetables, flowers, and fruits e.g. Mango Kenyan coffee is unforgettable with a distinctly bold flavour, smooth acidity and mellow wine-like aftertaste. Major markets include Germany, USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, UK and Saudi Arabia.
  15. 15. Coffee
  16. 16. Sports Since the first appearance in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, Kenya has produced more world record holders and Olympic medallists in long distance running than any other country in the world. Kenya still tops in world sporting events dominating the middle and long distance marathon. Rudisha, the greatest 800m runner in history, broke his own world record at the Olympic Stadium and won Gold in 1m 40.91sec, he became the first man in history to run two laps of the track in under 1min 41sec, finishing in 1:40.91. Rudisha is famed to have only lost one out of his 46 tracks, he is unbelievably talented. Kenya’s high quality training grounds have played a big part in developing world class athletes. There are several high altitude training camps in Kenya that attract many International athletes for example the Iten training camp.
  17. 17. The connectionbetween Irelandand Kenya:Rudisha was trained byan Irish priest Colm O’Connell in Kenya
  18. 18. Dress Code Good, light safari wear is recommended for game driving. At dusk long sleeved shirts and trousers are recommended to maximise protection against insects. Beach wear is suitable for the coast (in resorts and on the beach) but in Lamu make sure you respect Muslim custom by covering up when in this area.
  19. 19. Visiting Kenya Kenya is a unique country among few in the African continent that offers sea, land, desert, experiences in one country. This gives Kenya a varied Physical and climatic conditions, it almost feels like visiting a different country after each region! Kenya has a diverse range of tourist attractions. It has more than 56 national parks and game reserves.
  20. 20. SafariList of top 3 Safari lodges to stay inTortilis CampFrom $320 Per person sharing/Per nightTortilis Camp is an exclusive and elegant lodge, situated in theKitirua Private Conservancy, bordering Amboseli National Park.Borana RanchFrom $560 Per person sharing/Per nightBorana Ranch sits on the foothills of the mighty Mount Kenya, withthe snow-tipped peaks to the south and a panorama of mountains andrugged desert to the north.Lewa Safari CampFrom $320 Per person sharing/Per nightLewa Safari Camp is located within the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy,which forms part of the Laikipia Private Conservancies
  21. 21. Wildlife
  22. 22. Top 3 places to visit
  23. 23. Accommodation
  24. 24. Accommodation