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Take care of your feet and they will take care of you


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More and more women are now the owners of feet that require ladies size nine shoes or above, so its all the more important to look after your feet. Read our paper to learn more…

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Take care of your feet and they will take care of you

  1. 1. TakeCareofYourFeetand TheyWillTakeCareofYou
  2. 2. Take Care of Your Feet and They Will Take Care of You Your feet help to get you through the day in one piece. Whether you work, look after children, study or do a mixture of all three you will soon notice when your feet are suffering. Wearing shoes that are not the perfect fit can turn a normal day into one of agony and pain. Sadly, many women suffer and fail to take care of their feet through no fault of their own. They suffer because of short-sighted retailers and manufacturers who fail to make shoes in sizes that modern women need. What’s Wrong with Having Bigger Feet? More and more women are now the owners of feet that require ladies size nine shoes or above. Most of the shops on the high street stock plenty of size threes up to a size six or seven. If you need a shoes size larger than this you may be lucky to find they stock one pair, but that’s your lot. Women with size nines or tens will often have to leave the store empty handed, shop in the men’s section or worse, buy a pair of shoes that doesn’t fit them properly. Damage Caused to Feet When Wearing Smaller Shoes Most of us know that buying children shoes that are too small is bad for them. The shoes cramp their feet and stop the feet from growing properly. As we get older our feet may stop growing and our bones won’t be as soft, but the damage caused by small shoes still causes problems. Rubbing is a huge problem, you may experience rubbing on the top of the foot, on the heel, soles or sides of your feet. Anywhere where the shoe rubs will feel sore, become red very quickly and could result in blisters and corns. You may also suffer from ingrowing toe nails that can become so painful that they require medical attention. Another issue that affects many women who cannot find larger women’s shoes is cracked heels. Cracked heels are caused by skin that is highly pressurised, often a problem when wearing shoes that don’t fit. When the skin has pressure applied over long periods of time it tries to protect itself and the skin becomes thicker. If the thick skin becomes dry it can crack and become extremely painful.
  3. 3. Find Shoes that Fit by Using Forward Thinking Shoe Retailers Don’t suffer just because your favourite high street store doesn’t stock large size ladies shoes. Take your hunt online and discover the retailers who recognise the need to provide fashionable shoes for women. You can find online stores that promise quality shoes that are available in size eight, nine and even up to a size twelve. The designs are modern and there are shoes for work, home, leisure and all seasons. Never squeeze your feet into shoes that don’t fit properly. Size 9 ladies shoes are out there, just look online.
  4. 4. Contact Details: Katie Long Shoes Ltd 143 Hampton Lane Solihull West Midlands B91 2RS Tel: 0845 263 8925 Email: