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Green Libraries


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A lightning presentation (6 minutes) on Green Libraries during the LibraryCamp unconference at ALIA Access 2010 in Brisbane.

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Green Libraries

  1. 1. Green Libraries Katie Hannan, LibraryCamp ALIA Access conference 3 September, 2010, Brisbane
  2. 2. Sustainability What is sustainability
  3. 3. Ideal Places Libraries are well positioned within existing community frameworks to promote sustainable living. Public libraries are perfect places to promote sustainability. Why?
  4. 4. Statistics 1,515 public library service points (1,437 fixed point libraries and 78 mobile libraries) 46% of Australia’s total population are members of public libraries Over 67% of public libraries are open for more than 30 hours each week Total expenditure on public libraries has increased from $651 million in 2003-2004 to $830 million in 2007-08 7,821 terminals provide Internet access 1,566 public access computer terminals were provided for word processing, CD- ROM use etc That’s 9, 387 computers - just for the public to use
  5. 5. Go Green
  6. 6. Where to next? ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group - just launched this week ALIA SLG website aliaGREEN e-list @GreenLibraries Facebook flickr
  7. 7. References Slide 2 - Image from Slide 3 - Image from Slide 5 - Image from Slide 6 - National and State Libraries Australasia. (2009). Australian public libraries statistical report 2007 - 2008 Retrieved 4 July, 2010, from publications/statistics/2009/pdf/NSLA.Statistics-20090924- Australian.Public.Library.Statistics..2007.2008.pdf
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