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Magazine drafts - evolution

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showing how our team improved our double spread magazine article.

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Magazine drafts - evolution

  1. 1. First Draft: Example Layout MAIN IMAGE ADDDITIONAL IMAGE HEADER TAGLINE Page number Column with text Columnwithtext Column with text PULL QUOTE PULL QUOTE RATINGS
  2. 2. Our first draft of the magazine article was inspired greatly by Little White Lies and had slight similarities to a page layout seen in Empire magazine. The use of columns allowed for readers to follow the text easily and made the article look sophisticated and realistic to a published magazine or newspaper article. We found that this particular layout did not work well with the vision we had for the type of article we wanted to produce.
  3. 3. Second Draft: Example Layout HEADER TAGLINE MAIN IMAGE ADDDITIONAL IMAGE Column with text Column with text
  4. 4. Throughout the process we used a trail and error technique that would lead us to the layout and design we wanted to achieve. This was our second type of layout with was heavily inspired by an Empire magazine double page spread that featured review on the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We wanted to stick with a black and white theme but looking at this draft of the article we figured out that we would prefer the page to be darker and our third and final drafts shows this growth.
  5. 5. Final Draft: Example Layout MAINIMAGE ADDITIONAL IMAGE HEADER TAGLINE Column with text Column with text Column with text Column with text Column with text Social media links
  6. 6. This was the final draft of our magazine article and we kept the majority of the conventions that we were going to use in our first but we added ways for the readers to interact with us leading to a larger audience on all platforms. As the article is abnormal, the tradition being a white background with black writing, the article automatically stands out compared some others. This could represent the loneliness or mental struggle that the character is feeling.

showing how our team improved our double spread magazine article.


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