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Small Talk Openers


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Ideas on conversation starters for all the holiday parties. Published in ViV Magazine (an all-digital magazine).

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Small Talk Openers

  1. 1. Iv‘ 1 N DNEWS/ HOT TOPICS EEV KATIF C. .'. DTCIN It's time to make the eridof year party rounds — which rncans lots of friendly chitchat. Need some Interesting openers? Vlvmag has put together same pop-culture-savvy topics, from the hottest new cook book to what to do during Prujed Runways next hiatus. Just click on the icons above‘ and party on! I‘ nu‘. ‘cl 1:
  2. 2. MINDNEWSI 1. 9 _ I . I _l HOTTODICS iv » _ Isl»-kw-I-‘ IEV KATIF T-APTON HOT TOPIC CORPORATE CULTURE GONE BAD Arcordlngto the . want, ” observes Mireille Gui! -.1no. .nrthorof Eager to lendahnndliry mentoririgafemale bu lying in the workplnu: is on the rise due to the (Atria, 2oo9). “lf women co-worker or considcrjaining the (urrerit economic : |im. rte, w|th women making up are going to rise to the top, we need to build trusted , J nonprofit dedicated to providing girls with 57 percent of the targets. “Women often see other communities at other high-achieving professional businesswomen role models. Use your party time to women as a dirert threat totheir getting what they women and learn to ask for help from one another“ network and recruit‘ Or rriaybeiust (ommlserate
  3. 3. MJNDNEWSI V _ g , - W __ HOTTODICS * . r - _ » ''‘¥'**-“‘ EV‘ l<LTl[ C. -KDTON SMALL TALK 0; : '£i'. El-? S HOT TOPIC PROJECT RUNWAY FINALE After months cl being OH the air, lol lowed by the drama you want to try yraur hand at transionning everyday appropriating old blazers, magazine pages and burlap of moving to a new my arrda new network, it‘: hard to materials In to something beautiful. sacks as fodder for fashionable handbagsxariy-ons and believe Heidi and Tlffl are already wrapping up the sixth by shoppers, you'll be inspired to whip up a few projects season of Nov. 19. If watching the design Faith and Justina Blakeney (Potter (raft, 2009) is a DIV yourself. And nothrng gets strangers chatting faster challenge to create clothing from newspaper made goldmine Filled with inexpensive projects that involve than a fascinating handbag!
  4. 4. r«'. INDNEWS/ I i - K I - I. ,. , V‘ . _ HOTTOPICS E _ ~ . I-‘Iii’ ‘ IBV KATIT GASTON CPEi'E- S . -_I 3l: 'ILR NC'I CRY r ' .1‘: < Jig. -.i'. t -_'_e_VLSl‘IV‘g| .‘/ HOT TOPIC NEW HOLIDAY HUMOR liyou enjoyed David Scr:1aris' (Little, The rnemolrist of the bor: r|r~turner:1—mavle who was poignantly remembered in I: St. M:rrtir1's, Brown and C0,. 2008) — .1 collection of stories offering (St. Martin's, zoo? ) shares everything zoog) Fctcd as ‘the literary event of the season. ” a dark, runny view at Christmas —you'lI relish reading from the horrors of waking up next to a naked French Burroughs’ unwavering love of the holidays — and discussing Augusten Burroughs‘ sometimes- Sarita impersonator to the revealing back story of his imperfect though they may be — shines through in salacious (St. Martin's Frress, 2009) relationship with Pighead, his friend and former lover this subversive collection 01 essays.
  5. 5. MINDNEWSI HOT TOPICS EV‘ >(; '.'I| T GAPTON o DEN HOT TOPIC SOPHISTICATED ANIMATION Up‘s moving depiction of 78.year«old Carl Fri: drickseri’s lxalloorvfilled adverrttires raised the bar for ; inirri.1ted movies with grown-up appeal. This season's contenders for adiilt-charmer; Include director Wes Andcrson’s foray into animation. (20th Century Fox. in theaters Nov. 1;)‘ Peppered with volceovers by A—| Ist: -rs such as George Clooney, Anjeliea Huston and Meryl 5treep. the adaptation of Roald Dahl's I970 book is steeped in nostalgujrorn its chei: ky nod to Ocean's rr to its old»school Rudolph was‘: a-I ii the Red-Nosed Rei'ndeer~| i|<e stopdnotion animation. And Der ll marks .1 historic moment as the widely buzzed-about , which features Drs‘ne'y'sfirst African American princess. hits theaters.
  6. 6. MTNDNEWSI HOT TOPICS Viv‘ ><»‘«Tll' GA’-JTOT‘-. TALK C‘3Ei'_! ?““ _ I' HOT TOPIC MOMOFUKU MADNESS "lt“ch| :I Davifl Chang at W: hat New Vuvk (‘my noodh: (loosely translated as "lucky peach" in Japancsc) has been profiled cvcrywhcrc, from Ban house Appém to to The winner of lwohrncs Beard Foundation Awards, Chang naw v ml" ! ".Vol( IF! V5 . -> 4»; .mmIqy mu. ‘ runs four vcslaurants in lb: East Village that are tonslstently jampacked (not shabby for someone who oncc dcscribcd his food as‘b: d pseudo-lusion cuisine") Nmv. you can slop the Inn: -5 thanks to Ch: ng’s an-If-dcpvtcating new cookbook, (clavkson Potter, 2009). cu-wriztcn with Peter Mcchan of the New Your rvmes Filled wvth stones and veclpes for tasty Asian dishcs such as Chang's lcgundary stunned pork buns and K0 knmchl (unsommé. this book is a must-discuss for foodies,
  7. 7. MlNDNEWS/ HOT TOPICS St‘ KATIE GASTON TALK 0 Ei'. E.'-28 HOT TOPIC SEASONAL SOUNDTRACKS If you're hosting this scason, don't forget to update your holiday-party playlistl For a traditional twist, check out Stings new solo album, (Dcutsche Grammophon) Inspired bythe Police Irontman's favorite season, the collection features music at the British Isles, including stirring interpretations of the Newcastle ballad ‘The Snow It Melts the Socincst. " the English begging sorrg"Sou| (5 Ire" and the 14th-century carol “(.3 bricI's Message. " Looking for something more dramatic? mgr: . . . Italian tenor Andrea Boccl| i's new holiday album featuring seasonal favorites in lush arrangements, (Decca). comes out Nov. 3, and includes guests ranging from the Mormon Tabernacle Chair to Reba M-: Enlirr: to the Muppets.