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DMCA takedown notices and the eScholarship repository


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From the DMCA panel at Open Repositories 2015.
More details at
Images (c)2015 University of California, and available from the University of California webDAM.

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DMCA takedown notices and the eScholarship repository

  1. 1. DMCA Takedown Notices and the eScholarship Repository Katie Fortney California Digital Library @kfortney
  2. 2. Context 1. The UC System 6/10/2015 2
  3. 3. Context 2. eScholarship 6/10/2015 3
  4. 4. March 2014: 1 set of takedown notices 9 articles 1 publisher All >6 years old
  5. 5. It was kind of a mess.
  6. 6. Weird + New = Confusing (and scary.)
  7. 7. How can you minimize the stress? Preparation and communication. 6/10/2015 7 1.What do you tell the user? 2.Who else do you notify? 3.How do you define “expeditiously”? 4.If you take something down, what do you put in its place? 5.Who needs to sign off on this plan? 6.And last but not least…
  8. 8. Share your story. • • Blog if you’ve got one. • Our post: