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  1. 1. Katherine Fikes University of Oklahoma Portfolio
  2. 2. Table of Contents Resume -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 Portfolio Press Release -------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 Pitch Letter ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 Interview ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 Feature Story -------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 Creative ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10
  3. 3. Katherine Fikes 210-413-1515 RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Lindsey + Asp, Norman, Ok May 2013 – Present Community Alliances, Fort Sill o Responsible for contacting and pitching to several organizations in Lawton to create official partnerships with Fort Sill OU Foundation o Recreating 220 newsletters to be sent to donors on behalf of the University of Oklahoma Public Relations Chair, Chi Omega Norman, Ok January 2013 – Present • Maintained all social media associated with the sorority Recreated and updated social media including creating a HootSuite account Entirely redesigned the chapter’s website • Ran several campaigns for Recruitment 2013 as well as multiple events • Responsible for keeping a high chapter morale Mentorship Committee Chair, PRSSA Norman, Ok August 2013-Present Created a beneficial mentorship program for all members of PRSSA Responsible for an entire committee and running biweekly meetings Sponsorship Committee Chair, PRSSA Regional Conference, Norman, Ok October 2013-Present In charge of raising $7,500 in sponsorship for the 1 st PRSSA Regional Conference in the Southwest region Dream Course Host, Public Relations Research, Norman Ok August 2013 – Present Selected as one of six from a class of 75 students to serve as a host for eight guest speakers throughout the semester Represented the University of Oklahoma and the Gaylord College throughout these events Team Leader, Leadership Academy Norman, Ok Summer 2013 Responsible for helping the Lindsey + Asp public relations agency operate during the summer Spent extensive time learning leadership skills Wish Granter, Make-a-Wish Oklahoma City, Ok February 2012-Present • Served as a liaison between the wish child and his/her family and the Make-a-Wish foundation • Met with wish families frequently for both formal and informal purposes • Handle all paperwork and documents necessary to grant the wish HONORS & AWARDS
  4. 4. OU Scholars Program Dean's Honor Roll ACTIVITIES OU PRSSA Member Chi Omega Member EDUCATION University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK BA in Journalism and Mass Communication Major: Public Relations (GPA: 3.25) Minor: General Business Graduation Date: May 2015 GPA: 3.46
  5. 5. Katherine Fikes XAVIER UNIVERSITY OF OHIO FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AUGUST 2013 Xavier Discovers Impact of Cell Phones in Classrooms CINCINNATI, OHIO – Professors at Xavier University have released information on the impact of interruptions in the classroom via cellular devices. The experiments prove that cell phones do serve as a distraction in academic settings. They demonstrated this by putting 32 undergraduate students in a room to take lecture notes on a movie, while having the disruption during the movie at two predetermined times. “We also set up a control room of 39 undergraduate students in order to monitor the same results from a group of people who did not receive the cell phone disturbance,” Mary Bridget Matthews, a professor at Xavier University who hosted the experiment said. Each member who participated in the experiment then took a multiplechoice comprehension test over what they had just seen in the video. The team then used a series of mathematical equations to compare the results. “Findings indicated that cell phone rings during a video presentation impaired academic performance,” Xavier professor, Shayne Worthman said. For more information on the experiment and the results visit ###
  6. 6. Pitch Letter Dear Mr. Bondy, As you know, the 2010 FIFA World Cup did amazing things to expand the world’s awareness of soccer in South Africa. The amount of international support has grown exponentially since the tournament, much of it coming from the United States. Starting January 19, South Africa will be hosting the Africa Cup of Nations, an annual soccer tournament featuring several of the different African countries. Since the United States has been so supportive of soccer in South Africa over the past few years, New York City in particular, we want to reach out in hopes of your attendance. The Africa Cup of Nations is very similar to a Final Four tournament in Africa. The best teams will compete in hopes of winning the tournament. This will be a very competitive year between many of the countries, promising for some great soccer games. In addition to the tournament, South Africa is a great tourist city that brings in hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. With opportunities ranging from jungle safaris to river rafting, there is something for everyone who comes to the tournament that you cannot get anywhere else. There is also plenty of history in the country. This wide variety is sure to be appealing to the culture and sports fans in New York City. We are very eager about this upcoming tournament and all of the great soccer that will be played. After having a chance to review the material, I will be emailing you to see if you would be interested in pursuing a story. For more information, feel free to contact me at 210-888-8888. Thank you for your consideration, Katherine Fikes
  7. 7. Couple Moves to Norman to Provide Unique Pet Boutique Tucked away in a back corner of the Brookhaven shopping center sits a seven-month-old pet boutique that thrives off of its character and charm. Founded by Brent and Hillary Conley, The Sparkly Spot describes itself as a pet boutique and pawlour. Brent and Hillary had previously lived in Minnesota, but once Brent had been laid off of his job along with 600 employees, the couple had decided they wanted to move back to their original homes in Oklahoma. While in Minnesota, the dog-loving couple had fallen in love with an original pet boutique. Hillary had always wanted to open her own store named Sparkle and had realized there was not a store similar to this beloved pet store in Minnesota. Upon arriving back in Norman, Hillary pursued her dream of opening a store, The Sparkly Spot and knew with the huge market of dog lovers in the area, felt that this store could be a success. The Sparkly Spot takes pride in being one of the only places to find high quality pet care and the healthiest toys and treats for any dog. “We offer a variety of quality beds, clothing and treats for dogs,” Hillary said. “These are items you cannot find in your typical PetSmart or Target which is something that keeps our customers always coming back.” Something very special about The Sparkly Spot experience is the relationship both Brent and Hillary make with each and every owner and their pets. Recognizing how important consumer loyalty is to their business, this duo strives to create a friendship with each of their customers and allow their pets to have a personalized experience. “Each customer and their pet have a story and we genuinely love to learn what they are all about,” Hillary said. “These customers keep me motivated because I know they value our quality and I never want to let up on that.” Additionally, The Sparkly Spot offers a variety of pet grooming services in their Pet Pawlour for both cats and dogs. There are a variety of options for owners to choose from, however Hillary promises that their groomers are capable of providing any service an owner may desire. The most popular service is the
  8. 8. Sparkly Day Spa for dogs, which includes an all natural bath and blow out, nail trimming, ears cleaned, anal gland expression and a full body styling. Hillary takes much pride in the fact that all of their dog treats are 100% natural and are wheat and soy free, something that is extremely hard to find, especially in the Norman area. “We are also the only store in the entire Midwest region that sells Chrome Bones, an everyday luxury pet product,” Hillary said. “We have customers that come from all over the state exclusively for this product. It’s great to see the brand loyalty.” This will be The Sparkly Spot’s first time to prepare for the holidays and Hillary could not be more excited. In the center of the store stands a huge decorated Christmas tree along with several items ideal for a pet during Christmas time. “I stayed here decorating our Christmas tree for hours,” Hillary said. “There was glitter everywhere, but it’s fun getting to decorate my own store and make it festive for the holidays. I know our customers will be very excited.” Additionally, the couple has a dog themselves: an Irish terrier named Lucy. She has served as an inspiration for many of the products they purchase for their customers. Overall, Hillary has high hopes for the company. It proves to be a pet boutique unlike any other in the area, which creates the ability for a variety of customers to be drawn into the business. “It’s amazing how this company has taken off in just seven months,” Hillary said. “It blows me away and I could not be happier to have the chance to live out a dream of mine. I hope to continue to provide the Norman and Oklahoma area a unique shopping and grooming experience for their pets.”
  9. 9. Local Nurse Packs Up, Moves to Australia As our Tulsa weather shifts from hot summer to a refreshing fall, Rebecca Sooner is making the exact opposite transition. Her days are getting warmer as she adjusts to a new life with December summers in Australia. After divorcing her husband of five years, Sooner decided to pack up her belongings and join the Rio Tinto Pilbara mining team as a nurse in Western Australia. Having grown up in Tulsa, Okla. her entire life, leaving to go to another country, much less continent proved to be challenging. This, however, was a job opportunity and experience Sooner could not pass up. “My family never traveled while I have always had a sense of adventure and wanted to see the world,” Sooner said. “The only vacations I saw as a child were to Arkansas to visit my grandma every Christmas.” Upon finalizing her divorce this past June, Sooner felt as though the timing and experience was perfect given her situation. After going through a tough time, a change of pace was necessary. “It was a messy divorce, nothing was easy about it,” Sooner said. “Once it was finalized, I decided I needed to get away from everything familiar and completely start over in every aspect of my life.” Her time in Rio Tinto has not been the easiest experience. Being an American woman and working in a mining town presents its own variety of difficulties. With the brutal mining summers coming up, there is bound to be challenges for Sooner who employed as a nurse, will have to tend to many who commonly become ill from heat exhaustion. “I knew it was not going to be an easy job,” Sooner said. “However, I did not move to the other side of the world an easy life. I definitely wanted a challenge.” However, living in a mining town has many perks, which Sooner has not overlooked. Due to the small size and lack of activities, people in mining towns tend to create strong relationships amongst their fellow employees. Sooner is also experiencing standard working hours that very rarely fluctuate, unlike her old nursing job in Tulsa.
  10. 10. Ultimately, this adjustment has tested Sooner in many ways, but it seems as though she will rise up to the challenge. The experience is providing her the cultural change and personal growth she desired. “At the end of the day, this is where I want to be and I would not trade this experience for anything,” Sooner said.
  11. 11. To view my creative works please visit the following websites: This is a website I completely recreated as public relations chair of my social sorority. In order to put forth a presentable website, I completely recreated the outline, format and writing presented throughout the website. This is a video I created as the public relations chair of my social sorority. This video displays my iMovie skills as well as ability to compile meaningful and captivating pictures and coordinate them effectively with music.