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Untitled Infographic

  1. 1. RECRUITING STRATEGY 5 Things Execs Should Be Thinking About in 2015 Social Media Is a Talent Source That Should be Taken Seriously of recruiters use or plan to use social 0 media for hiring, yet only 18% consider 0 themselves to be experts at social recruiting. 0 Linkedln has proven to be an N“ incom arably owerful tool for identi ying hot 1 assiye and active candidates as well as for connecting with otherwise unreachable talent S through personal netyorl<s. THESIS Business functions are becoming more and more automated, and talent acquisition is no exception. 'ith so many ways to connect with the right peo]ple—job boards, social media. and so on—it no onger makes sense to manually submit requisitions. Rather. technology has enabled recruiters to distribute requisitions in as easy as one click. Be Human: It Is Possible to 0ver—automate ’hile evaluating your recruiting stratedy and I considering the role oftecl1nolog‘y, one precaution that should be top of mind is over—auStomation. Ofcourse, _ the benefits of automation are many. But the last thing’ - you want is for candidates to feel like they‘re just one of several thousand others shuffled into a 'orl<flo'. Incorporate a human touch where possible. A Good Mobile Experience Isn't a Nice-to-Have, It's a Must 'e're deep into an unprecedented technology transformation—mobile devices have outpaced traditional machines as the top means for computing. Just about everyone is mobile- enabled, and in some cases that's their only means for staying connected. What You Don't Measure Doesn't Get Improved Fo1111(le1'& (‘l1ie1"Ad'isor at IIR Tech Adyisor Resource: Imps: //' '. jibecotn/ blog/ rccruiling-strategy-3-1l1l1rgs-execs-sliould-be—tlilnlting-abouI-in-2013/