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MC² Growing Business Internationally


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MC² Growing Business Internationally

  1. 1. expand your business across the globe
  2. 2. THINKING ABOUT WAYS TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS? WHY NOT GO GLOBAL?• Do you have time to manage your international business development efforts? • Do your colleagues have the right work skills to work in global markets?• In what countries would your companys product be in demand?• Do you have the right contacts in foreign markets?• Do your colleagues speak foreign languages and are they familiar with other cultures and ways of doing business overseas?• Is your company knowledgeable about international trade practices?• Do you know what selling strategies work in foreign
  3. 3. 95% OF THE WORLDSCUSTOMERS LIVE OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES• Expanding overseas will give you access to a new customer base• American products and services are respected and trusted across the world• Global sales prolong the life cycle of a product or service and make your company more competitive• Diversify sales during tough economic conditions by doing business with foreign countries where the markets are different• The advancements of technology and the internet have allowed todays businesses to operate and distribute their products across the globe• If you can sell more, you can grow your business, hire more employees, and create more wealth
  5. 5. • MC² provides a success strategy for launching new products and services, accelerating growth for small and medium sized companies across the globe.• MC² also enables large companies who are already global to effectively reach new customer segments in countries where they may not currently be doing business.
  6. 6. Connecting and building relationships with the rightcompanies can be a real challenge, even when they are in the same country and speak the samelanguage. Culture, geography, time zones, language and business practice differences are barriers that compound the issues involved with international trade.
  7. 7. Clearly, visionary leaders understand the great rewards that can come through overcoming those barriers. New ideas, new streams of revenue, new sales channels and new relationships can becompetitive advantages at home and abroad thereby enhancing sales, reducing costs and improving profits.
  8. 8. Valued Services• Consultation & Assessment• Strategy & Planning• Market Research & Competitive Analysis• Promotional Events & Trade Shows• Lead Generation & Qualification• Market Entry & Expansion• Sales Channel Development• Sales Execution• Relationship Management• Problem Resolution• Language Services• Web Design and Transformation
  9. 9. What If We Decide To Can We Save Money? Go Global Alone?
  10. 10. Direct Sales Employee Estimated Annual Cost Fixed Salary 60,000.00 Variable Incentive Compensation 15,000.00 Payroll Taxes & 401k Contribution 10,000.00Paid Vacation, Insurance & Workers Compensation 14,000.00 Company Automobile 10,000.00 Travel and Entertainment 18,000.00 Postage and Office Supplies 6,000.00Computer & Communications Equipment 8,000.00 Inside Sales Support 3,000.00Recruiting, Hiring & Training Expense 16,000.00 TOTAL $160,000.00
  11. 11. ConsultationMC² consults with theUnited StatesCommercial Service,U.S. and InternationalChambers ofCommerce, and othergovernmental agenciesfor quality assurance andadded value.
  12. 12. MC² collaborates with companies as a trusted partner to generate a significant increase in sales and profits. MC² works closely with an established business development firm in Moroccowho specializes in telecommunications and technology. In addition to the benefits of the Free Trade Agreement in place between the United States and Morocco, this strategic partnership provides MC² a direct regional connection with local representation providing market intelligence and relationships with clients and buyers in Canada the Middle East and Africa.
  13. 13. Global Points of PresenceStrategic International Partnership
  14. 14. Contact Us Today• At this time, we are offering a free consultation to determine if your company’s product or service would be in demand internationally. • We will identify potential target countries and let you decide if you are ready to partner with us to start developing a plan to grow your business globally. +1 859 802 9988