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The information experience of new mothers in social media: a grounded theory study


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Slide deck for my PhD Confirmation of Candidature presentation, which I gave (and passed!) in April 2012. I have removed some illustrations of social media activity, which I had permission to use on the day, but this is the bulk of the presentation.

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The information experience of new mothers in social media: a grounded theory study

  1. 1. the information experience of newmothers in social media a  grounded  theory  study  kate  davis  confirma4on  of  candidature  april  2012  
  2. 2. background  research  ques4on  literature  review  research  methodology  research  design  contribu4on  next   outline
  3. 3. new  mothers  and  informa4on  informa4on  experience  in  social  media  new  mothers  and  social  media   background
  4. 4. * diverse and extensive information needs * social isolation is on the rise * information plays an important part in the process of maternal role attainment new  mothers  &   information
  5. 5. what is informationexperience? * interactions people have with information * engagement with information informa4on  experience  in     social media
  6. 6. the  ‘par4cipa4ve,  mul4modal,  flat  and  ever-­‐changing  features  of  Web  2.0  services’  (Špiranec  &  Zorica,  2010,  p.  151)  are  fundamentally  different  to  the  features  of  Web  1.0  and  have  undoubtedly  had  a  profound  impact  on  the  nature  of  informa4on  experience   informa4on  experience  in     social media being ‘in flow’ with information image  courtesy  misterbisson  
  7. 7. mothers are big users of social media new  mothers  &  image  courtesy  @taliacarbis   social media
  8. 8. research question
  9. 9. what is the nature of new mothers’information experience in socialmedia? research   question
  10. 10. the  literature  review  in  grounded  theory   theore4cal  posi4oning   mothers  &  informa4on   mothers  &  social  support   new  mothers  &  social  media  literature review
  11. 11. an  analy4cal  overview  of  exis4ng  related  research,  which  highlights  gaps  and  demonstrates  the  need  for  the  study   the  literature  review  in   grounded theory
  12. 12. * relational view of information literacy * community information literacy * information in many forms * body of research related to information experience theore4cal   positioning
  13. 13. informa4on  &   * behavioural in focus new mothers * descriptive in nature * incomplete picture * limited consideration of ‘lived experience’ * limited attention to new mothers * limited consideration of non-purposive activities
  14. 14. social   support image  courtesy  justplainhope  
  15. 15. new  mothers  &  social media image  courtesy  mayte_pons  
  16. 16. research gaps existing research this study behavioural  in  focus   holis4c  focus  on  experience  descrip4ve  in  nature   analy4cal  with  a  focus  on  making  connec4ons   and  genera4ng  theory  focus  on  health  informa4on  seeking   inclusive  of  all  informa4on  interac4ons  focus  on  purposive  informa4on  seeking   holis4c  view  of  everyday  informa4on   experience;  mothers’  lived  experience  with   informa4on  limited  applica4on  of  exis4ng  (behavioural)   applies  induc4ve  techniques  to  develop  informa4on  theories,  with  emphasis  on   theory  abduc4on  where  applied  focus  on  ‘tradi4onal’  informa4on  sources;   focus  on  social  media  insignificant  aWen4on  to  social  media  focus  on  parents  in  general  or  mothers  of   focus  on  new  mothers  children  of  an  unspecified  age  
  17. 17. methodology
  18. 18. grounded     theory 1.  a  methodology  for  the  development  of   theory  that  is  grounded  in  the  research   data  2.  the  theory  that  results  from  the   applica4on  of  the  methodological   framework  
  19. 19. history Glaser  and  Strauss    *  response  to  the  posi4vist,  deduc4ve  approach  to  inquiry  in  the  social      sciences      *  emphasis  on  ‘discovering’  theory    *  The  discovery  of  grounded  theory  presented  a  systema4c  approach  to      qualita4ve  research  and  theory  development  Strauss  and  Corbin    *  began  to  move  grounded  theory  toward  verifica4on    *  Basics  of  qualita6ve  research  was  less  flexible  in  approach,  emphasised      verifica4on,  added  technical  procedures  Charmaz  (and  Bryant)    *  data  and  analysis  co-­‐created  by  researcher  and  par4cipant    *  theory  is  constructed,  rather  than  discovered  
  20. 20. why   constructivist grounded theory *  well  suited  to  inquiry  concerned  with  understanding  phenomena  *  there  is  no  substan4ve  theory  to  explain  the  nature  of  new  mothers’    informa4on  experience  in  social  media  *  strong  precedent  for  the  use  of  grounded  theory  in  informa4on  research  *  construc4vist  approach  matches  the  researcher’s  world  view  and  is    appropriate  for  the  phenomenon  under  study  
  21. 21. design  pilot  revised  data  collec4on  strategies   research design
  22. 22. participants image  courtesy  sami  taipale  
  23. 23. sampling & recruitment
  24. 24. data collection image  courtesy  lars  plougman  
  25. 25. data analysis constant  compara4ve  method   ini4al   focused   theore4cal   satura4ng   theore4cal   coding   coding   sampling   concepts   sor4ng  memo  wri4ng  
  26. 26. pilot  study  participants
  27. 27. pilot  study  data collection can you tell me about how you use social media?
  28. 28. pilot  study  learnings construc4vist  grounded   semi-­‐structured,     interview     face-­‐to-­‐face  interviews   theory   in  depth     ques4on   interviews   mul4ple     social  media   sequen4al     toddlers   observa4on   interviews  
  29. 29. revised data collectionstrategies ini4al     social  media     follow  up   Interview   observa4on   interview   (f2f)   (Skype  or  f2f)   pre-­‐interview   ques4onnaire  
  30. 30. contribution
  31. 31. theory contribution theore4cal     model:  new  mothers’   practice informa4on  experience   method in  social  media   experience    facilitate  understanding   approach   of  how  new  mothers   informa4on  experience   use  social  media   in  social  media   combina4on     of  methods  within   grounded  theory   informa4on  experience   inform     framework   as  a  research  domain   use  of  social  media     by  health  providers  &   other  agencies  to   everyday     connect  with  new   or  community   mothers   informa4on     research  
  32. 32. next
  33. 33. july  2012     autumn  2013     next theorising   coursework   literature     review  revision  data  collec4on  &   analysis   wri4ng  
  34. 34. kate  davis  informa4on  systems  school  science  and  engineering  faculty  queensland  university  of  technology  |  |  @ka4edatwork   questions