Successful teaching starts with creating awesome experiences


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Slidedeck for a presentation I gave at the QUT Information Systems School teaching and learning seminar "Developing successful strategies for teaching and learning: learning from our positive deviants". Nothing quite like being a deviant ;-)

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Successful teaching starts with creating awesome experiences

  1. 1. experiences creating awesome kate davis @katiedatwork successful teaching starts with
  2. 2. be a Experiences are about people person understand that students are people too
  3. 3. keep it Review structure and content every year fresh
  4. 4. flip it Down with lectures Video mini lectures Workshops and industry guests in class
  5. 5. Mini lectures bite sized chunks of theory and key concepts
  6. 6. workshops Learn by doing,learn about real world applications
  7. 7. get Provide options and flexibility multi modes,places,formats,channels
  8. 8. On campus online Simultaneous online and face to face classes
  9. 9. Multiple formats for recorded material Melt streamed Melt download Collaborate download Collaborate streamed
  10. 10. Surface content in multiple places blackboard youtube facebook
  11. 11. twitter skype multiple channels Communicate in   facebook
  12. 12. extra A little bit of extra effort goes a long way mile Share links,push reminders,provide a google calendar
  13. 13. blend Create rich online experiences it Bend blackboard Blend synchronous and asynchronous Choose the best tools for the job
  14. 14. Make blackboard the unit hub
  15. 15. Blend classes with online materials
  16. 16. The right tool Facebook as forum
  17. 17. get out Go on field trips of class Capture content wherever you go
  18. 18. chuck Teach responsively it out Change it up on the fly
  19. 19. the secret... To majority attendance at a four to five hour Friday night class
  20. 20. choc- olate
  21. 21. kate davis @katiedatwork