Sample Chronological Resume


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Sample chronological resume is usually used for fresh graduates.

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  • we are very highly thankful to you that you have uploaded such type of resume samples and ready made resumes it will be better for freshers who want to apply for jobs but they dont know how to apply.
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Sample Chronological Resume

  1. 1. JUAN DELA CRUZ (0918) 777 9802 Happy Paradise, Shangri-la, WonderlandObjective: To become a Cook in Siomai-yan Resto.Summary of qualifications: Excellent communication skills Good problem solving skills Has analytical skills Possesses strong leadership skills Trust-worthy and dependable Proficient in M.S. Office applicationEducational Attainment:Tertiary B.S. Business Administration Major in Financial Management University of San Jose-Recoletos Magallanes St. Cebu City 2009-2013Secondary Holy Rosary School of Pardo El Pardo Cebu City 2004-2008Primary Pardo Elementary School Pardo, Cebu City 1998-2004Seminars Attended: Money Matters SM Cebu-Trade Hall March 2012 Today’s Work Ethics Radisson Blu November 2011Affiliations: Execom Member READS University of San Jose-Recoletos 2012-2013 Member JFINEX University of San Jose-Recoletos 2009-2013
  2. 2. References: Mr. Tiban Tambokikoy Manager Happy Mart 0922-881-5636 Mr. Goliat Chuva Cook Manokan 0917-623-5523 Mr. Gangnam Style Patient Psychiatric Ward 0922-881-3496