Job hunt & interview


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Where to job hunt and how to ace an interview.

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Job hunt & interview

  1. 1. THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE HR THOUGHTS ON JOB HUNTING &INTERVIEW Katherine Chin Asian College of Technology September 21, 2011
  2. 2. THE HUNT
  3. 3. THE POSITION Know the position The skills The availability
  4. 4. THE SEARCH* Your School* Job Fairs* Newspapers* Postings* Online Job Postings* Referrals
  5. 5. THE SUBMISSIONCover Letter & ResumeEmailHand Carry Little Note: Clean your Facebook 
  6. 6. SELLING YOUR SELF The interview
  7. 7. INTERVIEW◊ Your time to shine◊ Notes primarily your verbal-linguistic intelligence and logical skills, but also takes note of your body language and attitude◊ Starts with warm-up questions◊ Looks into your family background◊ Comprehensive look into your image and personality, may take 10-40 minutes
  8. 8. TYPES OF INTERVIEW Phone Interview Video Call Interview One-on-one interview Group Interview Panel Interview
  9. 9. THE PREPARATION Know where the location of the office is Try to learn about the interviewer Know about the company Prepare hardcopy of cover letter & resume Research the salary range of position desired Mock interviews Sleep
  10. 10. DON’T WEAR… Plunging necklines Clinging skirts Loud, shocking colors Short skirts, shorts Tight clothes See-through fabrics Large jingly jewelry Sundresses Childish clothes Wrinkled or soiled clothes
  11. 11. 10 MAJOR POINTS FOR INTERVIEWS1. Arrive on time2. Introduce yourself in a courteous manner3. Firm handshake4. Listen5. Use body language to show interest6. Give concise answers7. Smile and nod8. Ask questions9. Thank the interviewer10.Write a thank you letter, email, or note
  12. 12. THE BASIC QUESTIONS Where did you learn about the hiring? What do you know about the company? Why our company? Tell me about yourself. What is your weakness? What can you give to our company? Why you?
  13. 13. THE BEHAVIOR-BASED QUESTIONS Situations (e.g. how you handle any kind of adversity) Include details (who, what, when, where, how?) What was your primary role? Example: Let’s say your boss scolded you for no reason at all. How do you deal with it?
  14. 14. AVOID BLOPPERS Showering and Stammering Too much ‘basically’ and ‘actually’, Open blouse, zipper Cold, clammy hands Taking a seat right away Redundancies (e.g. qualified expert, meet together, postponed until later, main essentials, repeat again)
  15. 15. ACING AND ICING Truth only, even if truth hurts, but you may put yourself in a better light Be bubbly, quick, and witty NEVER negotiate pay on the first interview KNOW the company as if you are part of the company already Be interested in the job details Prepare for discrimination, but capitalize on strengths, your credentials
  16. 16. BASIS HOW HR CHOOSE The set of skills The answers for the behavior-based questions The attitude The availability The salary range
  17. 17. THE EQUATIONRight Skills + Right Attitude + Rate + Availability = YOU’RE HIRED!!!
  18. 18. • “Where are the youth who will dedicatetheir idealism, innocence,good of the“Where are the youth who will dedicate their innocence, their their enthusiasm to the theircountry?”- Dr. Jose P. Rizal - idealism, their enthusiasm to the good of the country?” • - Dr. Jose P. Rizal -
  19. 19. Thank You andGood Luck!