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External Recruitment


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Heneman III, Herbert.; Judge, Timothy A (2005). Staffing Organizations. USA: McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0072987227.

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External Recruitment

  1. 1. EXTERNALRECRUITMENT Katherine S. Chin
  2. 2. Administrative Issues Requisitions Timing Number of Contacts Types of Contacts Recruitment Budget Development of Recruitment Guide Process Flow & Record Keeping
  3. 3. REQUISITION A formal document that authorizes thefiling of a job opening, indicated by thesignatures of top management. Ensures that staffing activities areconsistent with the business plan of theorganization. Ensures that the qualifications of the job areclearly detailed so that a good person/jobmatch is made.
  4. 4. Components of a Requisition Form Date filed Position Date position is needed Department Salary/Grade Level Replacement/Additional Position Overview KSAOs needed Approvals HR Summary
  5. 5. TIMINGFactors that affect timing: Lead Time Concerns Time Sequence ConcernsLead Time Concerns Availability of labor in marketplace Knowledgeable about print deadlinesfor ads
  6. 6. Time Sequence Concerns Statistics Data-time between various phasesNUMBER OF CONTACTS How many applicants submitted their intentions How many are qualified How many are contacted and came for testing/interviews Ratio
  7. 7. TYPES OF CONTACTSDepends on 2 factors: Qualifications needed to perform job are clearly established which is done through job analysis. Job search and choice used by applicants where they search opportunities, what attracts the applicants relies on advertisements.
  8. 8. RECRUITMENT BUDGET Top-down or Bottom-up procedure Where to charge recruitment costsTop-down Approach set by Top management on the basis of business plan for organization and on the basis of projected revenues.Bottom-up Approach set-up on the basis of specific needs of each business unit.
  9. 9. DEVELOPMENT OF ARECRUITMENT GUIDE Formal document that details theprocess to be followed to attractapplicants to the job. Safeguards the interest of theemployer, applicant and recruiter.
  10. 10. PROCESS FLOW AND RECORDKEEPINGRecord keeping should be a processdone in every step.Haphazard record keeping may losewell qualified applicant.Importance of HRIS and filing.
  11. 11. EXTERNAL RECRUITMENT SOURCESEmployment at factory levelAdvertisements Radio Television News paper Online postingEmployment AgenciesEducational InstitutionsJob FairsRecommendations/ReferralsLabor Contractors
  12. 12. COMMUNICATION MEDIUM Recruitment Brochures Videos and Videoconferencing Advertisements Classified advertisements Classified display ads Display ads Online ads Radio and television adsOrganizational Websites
  13. 13. EMPLOYMENT BRAND is a company tag that places theimage of being a “great place to work”or “employer of choice” in the minds ofthe candidates. organizations must be well known tothe applicants orgs can highlight their awards andachievements
  14. 14. CHOICE OF INFORMATION APPLICANT POTENTIAL BEST FORMESSAGE CONVEYED REACTIONS DRAWBACKREALISTIC Both positive and Some applicants self- The best potential Loose labour negative aspects of select out, those who applicants may be markets or a job and will remain will have a more likely to leave when organization are better understanding turnover is described of the job and be less costly likely to leaveBRANDED An appealing Positive view of the Overly positive Tight labour description is org , increased message may result markets or for developed based on intention to apply for in employee higher-value marketing jobs and better dissatisfaction after jobs principles, prehire information hire emphasizing about the benefits of unique features of the job the orgTARGETED Advertising themes Better fit between May dissuade Specific are designed to application message applicants who KSAOs or attract a specific set and specific aren’t interested in seeking a of employees application groups the work attributes specific type featured in the of applicant message from applying
  15. 15. FAMOUS COMPANY SLOGANSDisneyland The happiest place on earth Hallmark When you care enough to send the very best Nike Just do it L’Oréal Because I’m worth it M&Ms Melts in your mouth, not in your handsKentucky Fried Chicken Finger-lickin’ good! FedEx When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight
  17. 17. Thank You