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The story of the triathlon.


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Published in: Sports, Business
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The story of the triathlon.

  1. 1. I tried a tri and I liked it
  2. 2. I ve al a w ysw anted to do a triathlon al a w ys one da last month ythe idea randoml popped yinto my head
  3. 3. swim bike runhow hard can it be
  4. 4. The word tri w literall just begging me to give it a go as y
  5. 5. so I signed up bam easy
  6. 6. I W floating on a cloud ASalready feeling like A seasoned TRIATHLETE
  7. 7. That s when I realized
  8. 8. I NEEDed TO KNOW HOW TO SWIMfine print IN AN OCEAN WITH GULp w ves and other people a
  9. 9. I had to wear suitable race attireFine print spandex body suit in public
  10. 10. I had to ha the right equipment vefine print hold on to your wallet
  11. 11. forget Try athlon
  12. 12. it w starting to sound more like as dedicate your whole life savings athlon
  13. 13. so I took a step back to the basics  
  14. 14. swim bike run  
  15. 15. I can do all of those  
  16. 16. I decided to embrace my inner faux athlete  
  17. 17. and take up the mantra fake it till you make it clearl it worked for pammy y
  18. 18. showed up on race da yno tri suit or fancy carbon rims  
  19. 19. just a bathing suit and some old running shoes  
  20. 20. and a distorted self view as Ienvisioned myself looking morelike this  
  21. 21. and less like this  
  22. 22. and what happened  
  23. 23. this happened  
  24. 24. but in my mind this happened  
  25. 25. I am now a real triathlete  
  26. 26. gatorade me bitches