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The story of the roller derby.


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Published in: Sports
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The story of the roller derby.

  1. 1. forget sk8ER boys.
  2. 2. they ha good hair, but not much else. ve(if you’re a sk8er boi, ignore that comment above. call me!)
  3. 3. on the other hand,i went to my first roller derby this weekend. and met some sk8er girls.
  4. 4. and no, drew barrymore w not there. as (I know, I know, part of me thought she’d be there too.)
  5. 5. fish net stockings. short skirts. skates. tattoos. daaaaaaaamn gina!
  6. 6. these girls weren’t nice.
  7. 7. they were bad ass.
  8. 8. remember what it w like when we were kids and aswe hung out at the roller rink? (side note: remember when roller rinks existed?!)
  9. 9. ok, now add a few things to that image
  10. 10. trash talk. shoving. beer. bruises.oh yeah, and the occasional broken face.
  11. 11. and the names. oh the names.
  12. 12. missile america. peter pansy. primp daddy.sheeza brickhouse. carmen getsome. hard cora.
  13. 13. and then there w the re-animate’her. as
  14. 14. yes, she is for afraid.
  15. 15. she w the most intimidating girl i’ve ever seen. as(well aside from that girl in the ring. but they kind of look alike, don’t you think?)
  16. 16. i think maybe i’ll put on a few more coats of eyeliner this week and see if I can imitate her cold stare.
  17. 17. but i don’t think my mom would approve of tattoo sleeves. so alas, i’ll probabl just look like a tired raccoon. y
  18. 18. I suppose most of us book nerdsdon’t grow up to be roller derby girls.
  19. 19. but thats okay.
  20. 20. because we all secretl own y ‘whip it‘ on dvd anyw y. a