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The story of the party.


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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The story of the party.

  1. 1. you should always bring fresca to the party.
  2. 2. i was never the wild child.
  3. 3. and let’sface it,partiesaren’treally mything.
  4. 4. because parties are not for introverts.
  5. 5. we introverts were never taught party etiquette.
  6. 6. when you see byob on an invite, what do you think?
  7. 7. if you thought beer, you are not like me
  8. 8. i saw byob, and i thoughtFRESCA
  9. 9. i couldn’t imagine a morerefreshing party beverage
  10. 10. but when i arrived sporting my un-koozied fresca can, all hell broke loose
  11. 11. i was confronted by people exhibiting a full range of emotions
  12. 12. some were confused
  13. 13. some were annoyed
  14. 14. some thought itwas hilarious
  15. 15. some gave me high fives i even got a fist pump
  16. 16. and one guy attempted to steal a sip
  17. 17. by the end of the night i was known as“the girl who brought the fresca”if only stieg larsson was around to write another novel
  18. 18. for the first time in my life even if for a brief moment i was the party
  19. 19. and i owe it all to my ice cold can of FRESCA
  20. 20. which in my heart will forever and always be a better social lubricant than beer