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The story of my Candy Crush Saga


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The story of my Candy Crush Saga

  1. 1. crushedI’ve officially been
  2. 2. I work in marketing.It’s my job to keep tabs on what’s popular these days.I’ve totes got to stay young and hip. YOLO.
  3. 3. So sometimes I find myself doing things(like reading the entire shades of grey trilogy)in the name of “research.”
  4. 4. More recentlythis research involved a crush.
  5. 5. to be more specific, I’m talking about a candy crush.
  6. 6. that has since turned into a saga.
  7. 7. i simply wanted to know why everyone is playing this stupid candy game with the ugly innocent curiosity.
  8. 8. so I started playing.(And obviously this is what I looked like.)
  9. 9. at first my candy crush exploration was just a fling.we kept it casual.and hung out when we had some time to spare.
  10. 10. Then things started to move to the next level(s).i was playing during my favourite shows.and ignoring my cat.(ok well if i had a cat, i would have ignored him.)
  11. 11. I played until my hearts ran out.
  12. 12. and then I’d count down the 18:02 minutes until the next heart came.
  13. 13. in a moment of weakness, when i actually consideredbuying a bundle of imaginary heartsit hit me:genius1. I had an addiction2. the strategy behind candy crush saga is pure
  14. 14. it’s free.(but you quickly find yourself amassing a “practical” list ofreasons why buying a lollipop hammer is a good idea.)
  15. 15. (until you find yourself waiting for a new life, whichfeels akin to swimming a mile through mud.)it’s quick.
  16. 16. it’s easy.(but tricky enough that when you beat a toughlevel you want nothing more than to post it forall of your facebook friends to see.seriously.)
  17. 17. Its got explosions. (And schools of swedish fish) And Explosions.
  18. 18. it’s a never-ending saga.(The levels keep going, So you do the same.)
  19. 19. i can feel this gamepulling mefurtherandfurtherinto abrightly colored,sugar-coatedrabbit hole.
  20. 20. they say curiosity killed the cat.well, now i know.
  21. 21. But really, i did this for you.
  22. 22. so you won’t be fooled byits innocent candy coat.
  23. 23. this is no normal game, my friends.
  24. 24. this is a game.that will chew you up.and spit you out.
  25. 25. i warn you now,if you choose to playPrepare to becrushed