The story of Cape Cod.


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The story of Cape Cod.

  1. 1. twenty mad campers went into the woods.
  2. 2. Me, Tyler, Debbie, Brenda, Peter, Hannah, Nana, Brian, Danny, Annika, Ian, Don, Colin, Joe, Susan, Dane, John (ok it’s twenty if you count the dogs: Harls, daisy, mario)
  3. 3. and it’s a miracle we all survived.
  4. 4. every year my mom’s side of the famil takes a y trip to cape cod.
  5. 5. i tell people i summer at the cape.
  6. 6. i often lea out the fact that my summering is done in a tent. ve (that i share with my dog.)
  7. 7. now don’t get me wrong, camping is fantastic. think of all the bacon!
  8. 8. but famil camping yis a breed of it’s own.
  9. 9. especiall my famil y y.we bear no resemblance to the carefree people in this picture. (ok, except for the red sox hat.)
  10. 10. we’re a mixed bunch.
  11. 11. we ha a seven year old who will ve clean you out in poker.
  12. 12. the bob marley w with dreads. one without.
  13. 13. a grown man who hates technologyyet loves to suggest potential facebook status updates. (shhh! don’t tell him i talked about him on..gasp! the internet.)
  14. 14. an irishman who casuall throws in ‘me’ before nouns. y example: ‘me’ beer is empty. will ye pass me another?
  15. 15. a little girl who will onl eat sugar. y breakfast. lunch. & dinner.
  16. 16. a teenager in love. il <3 ;) y
  17. 17. boys who challenge each other to pointless contests to prove their manliness. milk chugging. arm wrestling. push-ups. fire building. not bathing. sigh. boys.
  18. 18. pet owners who seem to pa more attention to their y dogs than their children. cough. mom. cough.
  19. 19. three electricians. two plumbers. one carpenter.
  20. 20. two chihuahuas.and one golden retriever. (wearing a lampshade)
  21. 21. a nurse. a teacher.
  22. 22. oh and then me, little cousin forgot my name and i w wearing a as virginia sweatshirt. nickname
  23. 23. and nana. we’re kindred spirits.
  24. 24. now imagine this group huddled under the awningof a blue tarp in the pouring rain.
  25. 25. surrounded by loved ones and the peaceful sounds of nature.
  26. 26. and then: fart! ew! gross! nice one! nasty! evacuate! wowza! that’s not polite! sa it for the bathroom! ve
  27. 27. welcome to cape cod camping.
  28. 28. where everyone smiles for the pictures. cheese cake!