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Top 10 tricks to get your remodel off to a good start


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The trick to a successful remodel project is the right preparation ahead of time. Avenue B Development highlights the Top 10 tricks to getting your project off to a good start.

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Top 10 tricks to get your remodel off to a good start

  2. 2. TIME TO REMODEL!Do you worry this will be you?
  3. 3. IT’S EASY TO FEEL THIS WAY…With 10 easy tricks to get your remodel off to a good start
  4. 4. TIP 1: HGTV PROJECTS ARE NOT REALITY• Full house remodels do not usually getdone for $40,000• Materials and labor are often donatedfor the show• Permitting is expedited for the show
  5. 5. TIP 2: SET A CLEAR OBJECTIVE• Write down WHY you are doingthe remodel and WHAT you wantto get out of it• “I need space for a growing family toinclude an extra bedroom and familyroom”• “I want to create a green, energyefficient space that reduces my carbonfootprint”• “I want to sell the house in 2 years andwant it to be easier to sell given myneighborhood market”
  6. 6. TIP 3: DEFINE YOUR NEEDS V. WANTS• Go into the project knowing what youHAVE to have and what would be NICE tohave• Make a list of Needs v. Wants so thatbudget tradeoffs are easier down the road• Possible Needs: 1 extra bedroom with room forKing Bed, updated kitchen with more counterspace, improved flow throughout house, moreenergy efficient features• Possible Wants: Marble counters, heatedfloor, double vanity, walk-in closet in newbedroom
  7. 7. TIP 4: KNOW YOUR BUDGET• Whatever your budget, you can create agreat space• However, your budget parameters willdefine how that space is shaped• Size• Finish Level• Phasing• Being realistic will allow you to get themost of out whatever that budget is
  8. 8. TIP 5: HAVE FUNDS READY• The longer a project drags out, themore money you will waste• Have all funds ready for disbursementat the beginning of the project• If all funds are not ready, have a clearphasing plan for the project based onyour budget• Don’t get stuck with cabinets and nocountertops!
  9. 9. TIP 6: KNOW YOUR STYLE• This is YOUR space, not thecontractor’s• Know what style works for you andyour family – don’t be swayed by abunch of different fads• Create magazine clippings of roomsand styles that you look – even if youdon’t know where to find those items,your contractor probably does and canbetter point you to the right showrooms
  10. 10. TIP 7: FIND THE RIGHT CONTRACTOR• Do your research• Do you want a contractor with significantexperience remodeling kitchens and baths?• Do you want a contractor that knows yourneighborhood?• Do you want a contractor that specializes inmodern v. traditional construction?• Good Sources:,• Interview several contractors to identifywho you will work best with• Check references
  11. 11. TIP 8: PREPARE FOR PERMITTING• A small remodel will not take 6weeks….because the currentwaiting time for permits is 12weeks!• Be prepared and patient; thecontractors have no control overthe length of time it takes to startthe review• It IS improving and wait timesshould be back under a monthwithin the next few months
  12. 12. TIP 9: HAVE A PROJECT KICKOFF• Before construction starts, ensureyour contractor has a projectkickoff with you to define:• Anticipated project timeline• Working hour expectations• Communication expectations• Working conditions expectations• Payment schedule/timing• This will ensure that you minimizesurprises and potential issues
  13. 13. TIP 10: SELECT LONG-LEAD ITEMS EARLY• Don’t sit around waiting for materialsto come in• Certain items have long lead times:Windows, Doors, Flooring, and specialorder fixtures• Select these as soon as possible sothat when you’re contractor is ready toinstall, the items are on hand