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Research into film websites

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Research into film websites

  1. 1. RESEARCH INTO FILM WEBSITES Here I have looked at a film website of a similar genre of the film I will be producing. I look at the what the audience gain from looking at these websites and information concerning the visual style of the site and what interactive features it has to appeal to the target audience.
  3. 3. • This website presents many features that will attract the target audience, a simple one being that the viewer is asked which side they would like to support, if they would like to protect or destroy’ (As seen on the screen shot on the previous page). This simple yet effective feature gives a more personal feel to the viewer and helps them to interact more with the film itself. When looking at the visual style of the website you can see a consistent style, font and colour scheme that is seen on all other aspects of the film including the trailer, poster etc. The Transformers Poster (Same visual style as the website)APPEAL TO TARGET AUDIENCE
  4. 4. • Once past the first stage a new screenappears with multiple different featuresfor the audience to access, it consists of Screenshot of the websitedownloads, media extras, a gallery, ticketlinks, about the video game for thefilm, partners and extra informationabout the film. All these detailed featuresare used to attract and inform the fans ofthe film, offering more than what they seeon screen. There is a consistent colourscheme and special effects come up on thescreen that are used to wow theaudience. Having a successful website isan important aspect of the filmpackage, as it will be viewed everyday byfans and ultimately is there to give anextra insight look into film and show theaudience what they are buying into infurther detail. INTERACTIVE FEATURES