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My top three film trailers

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My top three film trailers

  1. 1. MY TOP THREE FILM TRAILERS Katie Bucknell Each student was asked to produce a slide show on their three favourite film trailers. Each slide consists of a link to watch the trailer and notes on which techniques are used and how they are effective on attracting the target audience. Each film is different, and I look at how the trailers are successful, this research into film trailers will help me when constructing my own.
  2. 2. WATCH HERE• The music tempo is slow as the characters are first established, its calm and the shot duration is long. As events in the film start to unravel the music timing and style changes appropriately. Toward the end of the trailer, shot duration decreases and the music tempo gradually builds to make it more effective.• There is a short voice over at the start and then the trailer switches to focus more on the dialogue said by the characters.• Titles are used to highlight leading stars in the film, these are used to draw closer attention to who they are. For example the film stars Robert Pattinson and Piers Brosnan , both big name stars who will automatically attract the attention of the viewer.• The film has a very serious tone, with issues that are automatically displayed from the start, this tone is then juxtaposed with some comedic elements that are interspersed in between shots. Contrasting the two then has a greater impact on the audience.• The shots are edited so they fade in and out from one and other, you can still see one shot fading as another appears on the screen, I think this is an effective way of editing the shots and creates a smooth transition.REMEMBER ME
  4. 4. WATCH HERE• The film trailer here has again contrasting themes being portrayed, both happy and sad. This is seen through how the shots are edited, different tones and colours are used when different moods are being shown. At the start of the trailer the shot is bright and happy, and then after the car crash the tone turns to dark blacks and greys. This makes the shot more effective in conveying the mood to the audience.• The music choice changes throughout the trailer, after the crash there is hardly any music, it is very quiet and slow, representing the dark mood. Then later on when things start to change around the music gradually changes and builds to show hope, and toward the end of the trailer the music is much louder and the shot duration is shorter. This keeps the audience alert and interested in what is happening.• Throughout titles are used, to emphasise the characters names, especially as a well known star s being used, it is important to do this as it highlights this unique selling point of the film to the viewer.• Many different shots are used in the trailer, from establishing shits to close ups, this gives the audience a better feel for what the film is about.CHARLIE ST CLOUD
  6. 6. WATCH HERE • Right from the beginning of the trailer the tempo is upbeat this is immediately present the genre of a dance film to the audience. The shots are cut and jump from one to another quickly from the beginning, this keeps the audience interested without giving away much of the plot. • The music is upbeat throughout, however pauses momentarily when there is dialogue being spoken, as there is no voice over and therefore relies heavily on dialogue. • The shots are edited, some of the shots are paused for a second or changed to black and white, this gives the viewer a moment longer to take in whats on the screen, again without revealing too much as it is just a freeze frame. • Titles are used in the trailer, to convey key themes that are apparent within the film, examples being ‘believe’ or ‘love’. They are key parts of the film, and therefore are highlighted through the use of titles to give the audience a better understanding of the film, again without revealing too much. • There is again comedic elements, and these contrast with the dance that is used throughout most of the trailer, therefore when interspersed in between some of the shots are then more effective.STEP UP