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The Great Depression


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PowerPoint of my unit plan

Published in: Education
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The Great Depression

  1. 1. The Great Depression UNIT PLAN KATIE KEYSER
  2. 2. Analyze the learner  6th grade with 23 students. There are 12 girls and 11 boys, 14 Caucasian, and 9 African-American.  One student identifies with ADHD, another student is paralyzed from the waist down and in a wheelchair.
  3. 3. Objective  Students will analyze and explain what the Great Depression is, how it happened, and how it ended through the use of videos, readings, class discussions, and presentations by the end of the week with 100% accuracy.
  4. 4. Day by day  Monday: Class discussion of when the holocaust began and watch Stories from the Great Depression.  Tuesday: Explore news headlines about the Great Depression and create a news story in their own words.  Wednesday: Read Christmas During the Great Depression and have students discuss their holiday memories.  Thursday: Give the students photographs to choose and present it explaining why they chose it.  Friday: Watch a clip of America the Story of Us and write their reactions and thoughts on the era
  5. 5. Technology  Making sure videos are up and ready to be played, and that I am on the correct video.  PowerPoint for class discussions.  Use of computers to look up the headline stories.  Photographs printed and ready for kids to choose from.
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