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Identity hub presentation

  1. 1. Identity HubKate Murphy s3319106
  2. 2. Identity Hub Engagement launchpad
  3. 3. Persona I have created an online presence to support my professional interests incommunity engagement. This began with launching a blog and Twitteraccount, clearly labeling myself as a community engagement practitioner. Itis important that all members of our community are given the opportunity tohave their say on policy, our city and the services that affect us every day –whether it’s the roads we drive on or the services we rely on. We can deliverbetter outcomes for communities when we know and understand their needsand wants. With this in mind, I have promoted consultations – both live consults thatfollowers can get involved in, and examples of innovative models to giverecognition to those who are doing it well and to build a community ofpractice. I have followed other relevant blogs and Twitter users – such asIAP2 and TownHall Social – to stay abreast of trends in the area anddemonstrate that I am connected with the industry. I have blogged about theart of facilitation, a key skill for community engagement professionals. Postssuch as these will hopefully showcase my skills and experience to potentialemployers or clients looking for consultants.
  4. 4. Designing a brand Positioning statement: My blog has been called Engagement Launchpad to attractpeople working in the community engagement field. It aims to share ideas and insightsin the field, acknowledge innovative examples and become somewhat of a community ofpractice. My categories/key identifiers include community engagement, community consultation,facilitation, stakeholder management and IAP2.Target publics What’s in it for them?Prospective employers -such as communications and communityengagement managers or stakeholderrelationship managersA snapshot of Kate Murphy, including values,principles, skills and experience, which will assistin recruitment.Community engagement practitioners -such as consultants, facilitators, local/stategovernment officers/managersPotential for building a community of practice andknowledge sharingGovernment decision makers - includinglocal and stateDemonstrates the importance of communityengagement – shows government that there arepractitioners advocating for more and betterengagement
  5. 5. Blog posts Media mapping Course material: The Emerald City Professional interest: Facilitation Summary post
  6. 6. Twitter interaction @KatieMareeM
  7. 7. Twitter interaction @KatieMareeM
  8. 8. Social media platforms