Wcps facilities plan


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Wcps facilities plan

  1. 1. Worth County Primary School1304 N. Isabella StSylvester, GA 31791<br />Media Facility Plan<br />Presented by: Katie Hill<br />FRIT 7132<br />Fall 2010Dr. Green<br />“Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow”<br />1<br />11/3/2010<br />
  2. 2. The mission of Worth County Primary School (WCPS) is to provide students with a solid educational foundation that will ensure a successful journey towards graduation and productive citizenship.<br />2<br />11/3/2010<br />
  3. 3. School Vision<br />Our vision for Worth County Primary School is to assist students in the development of their full potential through differentiated instruction that is challenging and motivating.<br />To achieve this vision we will make curricular and instructional decisions that are data driven, standards-based, and provide the necessary scaffolding for student achievement. <br />We will dedicate ourselves to the success of our students by being life-long learners and outstanding educators through the use of professional development and research based practices.<br />As a result, our students will be offered a quality standards-based curriculum with appropriate instructional technology to prepare them for their life-long educational journey.<br />3<br />11/3/2010<br />
  4. 4. School Beliefs<br />Students learn best when they are actively engaged through quality time on task.<br />Each student is a unique learner and should be provided differentiated instruction.<br />Students learn best in a safe, orderly, and well-disciplined environment.<br />Prompt and regular attendance by students, teacher, and staff leads to improved performance.<br />Teachers, parents, and the community share the responsibility in preparing students to learn, grow, and function as productive citizens.<br />4<br />11/3/2010<br />
  5. 5. WCPS Media Center Mission <br />It is the mission of the WCPS media center to ensure that the members of the WCPS community become effective users of ideas and information and lifelong learners. This mission will be accomplished through media center goals.<br />5<br />11/3/2010<br />
  6. 6. Media Center Goals<br />To provide materials and learning experiences that contribute to lifelong learning and support a wide variety of teaching and learning styles, student needs, abilities, and interests.<br />To provide students and teachers with physical and intellectual access to the variety of informational resources and materials necessary to support the achievement of curricular and instructional goals.<br />To assist students in the development of attitudes and skills which enable them to become independent, life-long learners.<br />To assist in creating partnerships for learning through leadership and collaboration.<br />To maintain a program that functions as the information center of the school with a climate conducive to self-exploration, experimentation and self-fulfillment.<br />To provide activities that encourage students and others to become discriminating consumers and skilled creators of information and to function in the global learning community.<br />6<br />11/3/2010<br />
  7. 7. Media Center Profile<br />Opened in 1995<br />Approximately 128,000 square feet<br />Serves approximately 950 students, Pre-K to 2nd Grade<br />Serves 70+ faculty members<br />One full-time media clerk<br />One full-time media specialist<br />7<br />11/3/2010<br />
  8. 8. Current Facility Floor Plan<br />11/3/2010<br />8<br />
  9. 9. School Entry Way<br />9<br />11/3/2010<br />School Entrance<br />(Media Center located on left)<br />Outside View of Media Center<br />(School Entrance to the right)<br />
  10. 10. View from Main Hall<br />10<br />11/3/2010<br />View from Main Entrance<br />View from End of Hall<br />One hall of the media center has windows facing the <br />hallway. The media center is within sight of every visitor who walks into the school.<br />
  11. 11. WCPS Media Center<br />11<br />11/3/2010<br />Front Doors of the Media Center<br />
  12. 12. Entering the Media Center<br />12<br />11/3/2010<br />View upon entering the Media Center<br />
  13. 13. View to the Left / View to the Right<br />11/3/2010<br />13<br />Right Side of Entrance<br />Left Side of Entrance<br />
  14. 14. Circulation Desk<br />11/3/2010<br />14<br />The circulation desk is at the front of the media center and is the first thing a visitor sees when entering. There are two rooms directly behind the circulation desk. The room on the right is the media specialist’s office and the room on the left is a storage room.<br />
  15. 15. View from Circulation Desk<br />11/3/2010<br />15<br />This is the view of the media center from the circulation desk. A mirror is mounted on the back wall to give the media specialist and clerk a better view of browsers.<br />
  16. 16. Media Specialist’s Office<br />11/3/2010<br />16<br />
  17. 17. Teacher Workroom<br />11/3/2010<br />17<br />View to the left of Teacher <br />Workroom. <br />View to the right of Teacher<br />Workroom.<br />The Teacher Workroom houses one laminating machine, a paper cutter, and<br />a comb binding machine. It has an entrance from the hallway and from the <br />media center. This room also has a sink (which is never used) and cabinets<br />but no shelves.<br />
  18. 18. Teacher Resource Room<br />11/3/2010<br />18<br />View to the left of Teacher <br />Resource Room. <br />View to the right of Teacher<br />Resource Room.<br />The teacher resource room houses book/cassette kits available for checkout as well as periodicals. This room also contains a small table used for conferences and small group testing. There is also a small dry erase board located behind the door. <br />
  19. 19. Software Storage Room<br />11/3/2010<br />19<br />View to the left of Software <br />Storage Room. <br />View to the right of Software<br />Storage Room.<br />The Software Storage Room houses software programs as well as a copier and old laminating machine. This room also serves at the Media Clerk’s Office. <br />
  20. 20. Attendance Clerk’s Office<br />11/3/2010<br />20<br />View from main hall entrance<br />View from media center entrance<br />The Attendance Clerk’s Office is located next to the Teacher Resource Room. There are two entrances to this room. One entrance is off of the main hall and the other is from the media center.<br />
  21. 21. Computer Area<br />11/3/2010<br />21<br />There are only three computers available for visitor use in the media center. Of those computers, only two are currently working. The computers are mainly used by staff to search for materials using the OPAC. Students are rarely allowed to use the computers.<br />
  22. 22. Reading Carousel<br />11/3/2010<br />22<br />The Reading Carousel is located just to the left of the media center’s main entrance. The books on the carousel are the only books that Kindergarten students are allowed to check out at the beginning of the year.<br />The carousel seats up to six children for reading. Children must have the permission from their teacher to read in the carousel and shoes must be removed before entering.<br />
  23. 23. Reading Loft<br />11/3/2010<br />23<br />The Reading Loft is located on the wall between the Storybook Corner and the Emergency Exit doors. Only four children are allowed at a time are allowed to read in top of the loft due to space and safety. <br />
  24. 24. Storybook Corner<br />11/3/2010<br />24<br />The Storybook Corner is located in the far back corner of the media<br />center. It is large enough to seat up to two classes. Electrical outlets are <br />located on two walls of the story area. A television is mounted to the wall<br />above the book shelf. Note the bare walls.<br />
  25. 25. AR Books<br />11/3/2010<br />25<br />AR books make up the shelves along the entire left wall and the back wall by the Attendance Clerk’s office and Teacher Resource Room. Also, the first two shelves at the back of the media center are also used for AR books. There is a small table and stools near the back of the media center for children to utilize. A large mirror is in place to allow the media specialist and media clerk to view student activity in the back corner. <br />
  26. 26. Fiction / Nonfiction / Biographies<br />11/3/2010<br />26<br />Fiction Collection<br />Biographies<br />Nonfiction Collection<br />
  27. 27. Storage Rooms<br />11/3/2010<br />27<br />Long storage room behind MS office<br />Storage room beside MS office<br />
  28. 28. Restroom / Fire Exit<br />11/3/2010<br />28<br />Restroom Located off the Storage Room Beside MS’s Office<br />Fire Exit Located Next to Reading Loft<br />
  29. 29. Stacks<br />11/3/2010<br />29<br />There is plenty of empty space on most of the book shelves. <br />
  30. 30. Facility Use<br />11/3/2010<br />30<br />Book Check-in / Check-out<br />Class story time<br />Student Project Research<br />Teacher Research<br />Closed Circuit Broadcasting Equipment<br />Technology Equipment Use (LCD Projectors, Digital Cameras, Video Recorders, Laminator, etc.)<br />Occasional special events<br />
  31. 31. Positive Survey Results<br />11/3/2010<br />31<br />Good selection of books, videos, and software<br />Reading Carousel is comfortable<br />Large area for story time<br />Large selection of AR books<br />Easy to check in and out books<br />Provides laminating services to teachers<br />
  32. 32. Negative Survey Results<br />11/3/2010<br />32<br />Not enough tables and chairs for class research and instruction<br />Not enough computers for student to access<br />No listening stations<br />No LCD Projector or SMART board in media center<br />No room to spread out comfortably and read<br />Need more graphics and paintings on walls <br /> to brighten up environment in Storybook<br /> Corner.<br />
  33. 33. Facility Changes<br />11/3/2010<br />33<br />Utilize shelves more effectively to get rid of some shelves to provide more space for tables, computers, and listening station.<br />Provide more computers for student access<br />Provide a listening station<br />Remove Reading Carousel and Reading Loft to make room for more comfortable and colorful furniture<br />Custom painted walls in Storybook Corner<br />Add LCD projector and SMART board<br />
  34. 34. Tables and Chairs<br />11/3/2010<br />34<br />Community 72"Wx36"D Laminate Top Table & Addison Chair Set<br />www.demco.com<br />5 sets $5,574.95<br />Five sets of tables and chairs will be added to accommodate an entire class during research and instruction.<br />
  35. 35. Computer Area<br />11/3/2010<br />35<br />Trapezoid Computer Table Adjustable Height 96"Wx42"D<br />www.hertzfurniture.com<br />Two tables to make one hexagon $1,198.00<br />Dell InspironZino HD Desktop PC with 19" Monitor and AMD Athlon 2650e Processor & Windows 7 Home Premium<br />www.dell.com<br />7 Computers $3,836.00<br />Inspiration Classroom Chair 14"H<br />www.hertzfurniture.com<br />6 chairs $200.40<br />Computer stations will be added to accommodate students. Students will be able to computers to look up books, to do research and for taking AR tests.<br />
  36. 36. Listening Station<br />11/3/2010<br />36<br />Inspiration Classroom Chair 14"H<br />www.hertzfurniture.com<br />6 chairs $200.40<br />Hamilton HH/W906-MULTI Wireless Listening Center 6 headphones w/transmitter and rack<br />www.encoredataproducts.com<br />1 set $419.00<br />Clover Listening Table<br />www.schooloutfitters.com<br />1 table $304.99<br />
  37. 37. Reading Area<br />11/3/2010<br />37<br />Comfy beanbag pillows in a variety of shapes and sizes.<br />www.demco.com<br />8 pillows $215.92<br />Comfy chairs and sofas in a variety of colors.<br />www.demco.com<br />7 piece set $1,890.85<br />New furniture and pillows will be more comfortable than the previous Reading Loft and Carousel and will accommodate more students. Students will also not have to take their shoes off before entering area.<br />
  38. 38. Custom Painted Walls in Storybook Corner<br />11/3/2010<br />38<br />Principal Stacey Rutledge will paint bare walls in Storybook Corner. The only cost will be for paint and painting supplies. Graphics will be western themed to go with current farm animal graphics that are currently painted throughout the media center. Also the media center currently has a western theme. Above are some ideas for the paintings. Children will have western clothing and will be in reading settings. Request for permission to use graphics will be sent to thistlegirldesigns.com.<br />
  39. 39. LCD Projector and SMART board<br />11/3/2010<br />39<br />Projector Ceiling Mount<br />www.epson.com<br />$195.00<br />PowerLite S7 Multimedia Projector<br />www.epson.com<br />$529.00<br />iTeach Mobile Interactive Whiteboard Stand www.schooloutfitters.com<br />$1,270.88<br />LCD projector and SMART board will enhance research lessons as well engage students throughout the lessons.<br />
  40. 40. Revised Facility Floor Plan<br />11/3/2010<br />40<br />*Red indicates recommended changes to Facility Floor Plan.<br />
  41. 41. Current Media Center Facilities Policies<br />11/3/2010<br />41<br />Hours of Operation:<br />The WCPS media center operates on a flexible schedule and is open daily from 7:45 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on regular school days and teacher planning days.  Students and faculty have access to all media services, materials, and equipment.  Students may come to the media center at any time during the day to return books, use reference materials, or use computer look up stations.  Students may check out books from 8:15 until 3:00.<br />Checkout Procedures:<br />Kindergarten and first grade students may check out only one book at a time and second grade students may check out two books at a time; these books must be returned before another one can be checked out.  Each student is assigned a patron number (check out number) on the automated system. The media center will provide a bookmark for each student at WCPS.  This bookmark will include the following information: student’s name, teacher's name, and media center number.  After each student has been STAR tested, the student's reading range will also be located on the back of the book mark.  In order to check out a book, the student will bring the book to the circulation desk, show their bookmark and scan their book.  No due date is given; however, a reminder will be sent through the student's teacher when a book has been out for over two weeks. Books can be returned by dropping them into the slot at the end of the circulation desk.  Materials other than books should be returned directly to one of the media center staff. Shelf markers are provided for students to use when choosing a book.  Students are asked to browse carefully and replace any book that is not chosen in the same position on the shelf from which it was pulled.<br />*Red text indicates recommended change to Facility Policy.<br />
  42. 42. Current Media Center Facilities Policies<br />11/3/2010<br />42<br />Browsers:<br />Teachers may send up to five unaccompanied students to the media center at one time.  These browsers are asked to come after the first 15 minutes of the instructional block of time so that they will not interfere with the checkout time of the scheduled "specials" group.  Each browser must wear a browser tag with his or her teacher's name on it.  Browsers may stay in the media center for no more than 30 minutes. Students may read in the reading tower, in the rocking chairs or on beanbag chairs.  They may use reference materials, read magazines, access the Internet (with teacher's permission and appropriate instruction), or simply look for a book to check out. <br />Damaged or Lost Materials:<br />Media center materials lost or damaged by a student, or while checked out to a student must be paid for.  The cost of the lost book is the original price.  Damage is assessed by the media specialist and books found to be unusable because of damage must be replaced.  The original purchase price will be charged for this.  Damaged books in unusable condition are taken off the database and discarded.  They do not become the property of the student.  Check out privileges of students with lost or damaged materials are suspended until the item has been returned or paid for; however the student may still visit the media center and use materials in the media center as usual.  Replacement of a missing or damaged barcode will cost the student $1. <br />*Red text indicates recommended change to Facility Policy.<br />
  43. 43. Current Media Center Facilities Policies<br />11/3/2010<br />43<br />Reserved Materials:<br />Many times a class project or unit of study will require a specific collection of books and/or materials.  At a teacher’s request, these books and/or materials may be placed on the reserve shelf for the duration of the project or unit of study.  Prior to each holiday or grade wide unit study, materials relating to that topic will be placed on the reserve shelf.  Teachers may sign up to use these materials during a specific block of time. Teachers are asked to promptly return these materials as other teachers have also signed up to use them.   Extensions teachers will be permitted to sign up for the use of an item for a full day.  Individual halls may also sign up for use of an item for a full day under special circumstances such as Native American Day and Farm Day.<br />Scheduled Visits:<br />Each class is scheduled to visit the media center once every week. On each visit students should bring their media center bookmarks to use to check out a book. When a student has checked out a book, the bookmark is placed in the book. The teacher should stay in the media center and help supervise students during book selection.<br />*Red text indicates recommended change to Facility Policy.<br />
  44. 44. Current Media Center Facilities Policies<br />11/3/2010<br />44<br />Cooperative Planning:<br />Collaborating with all other member of the learning community is an important part of the media specialist’s job. The media specialist will work with teachers to plan, conduct, and evaluate learning activities that integrate information literacy skills with curriculum content. In addition to supporting the instruction of information literacy skills such as those listed in the Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning, the media specialist will work with teachers to provide the resources they need for instruction. The media staff will work with teachers and administrators to build and manage a collection that includes a variety of materials that provide access to information that is necessary for students to meet learning goals. The media specialist is available to meet with individual teachers on an as needed basis. Teachers should make an appointment with the media specialist for this purpose.<br />Video Use:<br />All videos shown at WCPS must be educational, directly related to curriculum content and must be included in lesson plans. Only video that are the property of WCPS should be shown. Video usage request forms are available and must be turned in to your assistant principal on Friday of the week prior to requested use. Videos should be reserved by signing up in the video room by Friday, one week before you plan to use the video. It will then be set aside for you and can be check out at the desk. Mrs. Rutledge will sign final approval.<br />*Red text indicates recommended change to Facility Policy.<br />
  45. 45. Current Media Center Facilities Policies<br />11/3/2010<br />45<br />Laminating:<br />The media center staff offers laminating services between 8:00 and 8:45 daily. Items may be dropped off in the media production room at any time during the day. Please use a post-it note to label your material, and leave your material next to the laminator. Finished laminating may be picked up from the shelf in the media production room; your post-it note will designate it as yours. If your laminating is still in the machine, DO NOT CUT IT OFF. Media staff must measure your laminating before you can take it. <br />Please be aware of the following restrictions on items to be laminated:<br />No abrasive materials or metal objects such as staples, paper clips, or glitter. These could damage the laminator. A press laminator is available for laminating these items.<br />Items must be no smaller than an index card.<br />Items must be no wider than 24”.<br />Paper must be no thicker than poster board.<br />*Red text indicates recommended change to Facility Policy.<br />
  46. 46. Current Media Center Facilities Policies<br />11/3/2010<br />46<br />Formats in the Collection:<br />Print and non-print materials and equipment used to support the instructional process will be organized and made available through the library media center. Print media includes but is not limited to books, magazines, newspapers, and accompanying teacher resources. Non-print media includes but is not limited to CD-ROMs, compact discs, laser discs, computer disks, cassette tapes, video recordings, multimedia programs, maps, globes, and kits. Internet access and other on-line resources utilized in the delivery of instruction are also included as non-print media. Instructional equipment is any equipment used by students and teachers to facilitate learning.<br />*Red text indicates recommended change to Facility Policy.<br />
  47. 47. Revisions to Media Center Facilities Policies<br />11/3/2010<br />47<br />Copyright:<br />I would recommend our school adopting a copyright policy for students and teachers.<br />Confidentially of Student Records:<br />I would also recommend our school adopting a confidentially of student records policy.<br />*Red text indicates recommended change to Facility Policy.<br />
  48. 48. Worth County Primary School1304 N. Isabella StSylvester, GA 31791<br />Media Facility Plan<br />Presented by: Katie Hill<br />FRIT 7132<br />Fall 2010Dr. Green<br />“Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow”<br />48<br />11/3/2010<br />