SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire


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SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire

  1. 1. > Candidates ReportName: Ms Katie Herta Date: 21 January 2011
  2. 2. This report is confidential and is intended for the sole use of the person who completedthe questionnaire.It has been given to you to provide some feedback about the analysis of your responsesto the questionnaire which you recently completed.The self-report personality questionnaire invited you to describe your behaviour,preferences and attitudes in relation to different aspects of your working life. It waschosen to give a broad picture of your current style. Your responses have beencompared with a large group of people who have filled in the same questionnaire.When considering this report’s description of your personality, it is important torecognise that it is based on the answers you gave and is your own view, representingthe way you see your behaviour, rather than how your personality might be described byanother person. This self-report can nevertheless give important clues to understandingthe way you see your style at work and it is likely to enable us to predict a good dealabout your behaviour in different situations. This report links the information under threebroad headings and summarises all of your responses to the questionnaire.The specific application of the information will influence which sections of the report aremost relevant. You may have already received personal feedback of these results, or hadthis offered to you. Whoever gave you feedback and/or this report should be qualified toanswer your queries about any aspect of the report and provide a more detailed analysisof what the results mean for you.The contents of this report are likely to be a good description of your behaviour at workfor about 18 to 24 months, depending upon your work role and personal circumstances.If it is to be used in the future, consideration should be given to its continued relevance.RELATIONSHIPS WITH PEOPLEInfluenceYou describe yourself as someone who very strongly dislikes getting involved inpersuading or negotiating, and would much prefer not to sell ideas to other people.However, you have a slight inclination to take charge of others rather than leave takingthe lead to others. When it comes to expressing your views, you have a slight tendencyto say what you think rather than holding back your opinions, while still being preparedto criticise people when you feel it is appropriate. Furthermore, when it comes to groupdecision making, you are very likely to stand by your own opinion, even if it differs fromthat of the majority.SociabilityYou are someone who feels they are reasonably sociable. You feel as comfortable asothers in formal settings or when meeting new people. You are inclined to be slightlymore talkative and sociable than others, sometimes even enjoying being the centre ofattention. This slightly more talkative nature is coupled with a slightly greater need thanothers to spend your time with other people.EmpathyYou are likely to have a slight tendency to talk openly about your successes. In terms ofmaking decisions, you slightly prefer making decisions by yourself without wide-rangingconsultation. You are someone who tends to take an interest in others and is oftenprepared to provide support and make allowances for colleagues in times of personalcrisis.> 2 OPQ32 Candidates Report Ms Katie Herta: 21 January 2011 © SHL Group Limited 2008
  3. 3. THINKING STYLEAnalysisYou take an interest in peoples behaviour, and like to understand what drives them. Youare moderately interested in critically evaluating information and arguments. Onbalance, you are moderately comfortable working with numerical information.Creativity and ChangeYou describe yourself as being inclined to adopt a common-sense approach to problemsat work. You appear slightly less inclined to generate your own ideas, being fairly happyto develop upon the ideas of others at work. At the same time, you seem to prefer tomaintain a balance between traditional work methods and more radical or unorthodoxapproaches to tasks. You appear to adopt a flexible style to different audiences, varyingyour behaviour to suit the situation, and you may quickly become bored by routine. Youare likely to seek out new and varied activities to maintain your interest in work.StructureYou are balanced between planning things in advance and dealing with issues as theyarise. You also are as concerned with the detail and organisation of the task as otherpeople, neither paying particular attention to detail nor dismissing its importance. Youare slightly more likely than others to see tasks through until they are completed ontime. You also describe yourself as neither sticking to rules rigidly nor consciouslyprepared to break them.FEELINGS AND EMOTIONSEmotionYou may find you are moderately anxious, neither generally feeling particularly tense nortotally calm and collected on a day-to-day basis. You also tend to become fairly nervousbefore important events. You are likely to be neither difficult to upset nor particularlyeasy to offend. You appear to slightly prefer focusing on the positive aspects of asituation. You are generally someone who is neither overly suspicious nor entirelytrusting of others. You display your emotions and feelings at work as much as otherpeople.Energy and DriveYou appear to be as active as most other people and are most comfortable when you aremoderately busy. You like to balance winning with taking part in activities for their ownsake. You see yourself as being as ambitious as most people and find targets can bequite motivating. You prefer to make decisions reasonably quickly rather than ponderingover them at great length.> 3 OPQ32 Candidates Report Ms Katie Herta: 21 January 2011 © SHL Group Limited 2008
  4. 4. ASSESSMENT METHODOLOGYThis Profile is based upon the following sources of information for Ms Katie Herta: Questionnaire / Ability Test Comparison Group Used OPQ32r US English v1 (Std Inst) OPQ32r_EN_US_IS01_ Managerial & Professional- 2007 YesPERSON DETAIL SECTION Name Ms Katie Herta Date 21 January 2011 RP1=2, RP2=7, RP3=7, RP4=9, RP5=7, RP6=7, RP7=6, RP8=4, RP9=4, RP10=7, TS1=5, Candidate TS2=6, TS3=8, TS4=5, TS5=3, TS6=4, TS7=9, TS8=8, TS9=6, TS10=6, TS11=7, TS12=5, Data FE1=6, FE2=7, FE3=5, FE4=7, FE5=6, FE6=6, FE7=6, FE8=5, FE9=5, FE10=7, CNS=8 CRRB=1.00 11213 / 11 / 1430ABOUT THIS REPORTThis report was generated using SHL’s Online Assessment System. It includesinformation from the Occupational Personality Questionnaire TM (OPQ32). The use of thisquestionnaire is limited to those people who have received specialist training in its useand interpretation.The report herein is generated from the results of a questionnaire answered by therespondent(s) and substantially reflects the answers made by them. Due considerationmust be given to the subjective nature of questionnaire-based ratings in theinterpretation of this data.This report has been generated electronically – the user of the software can makeamendments and additions to the text of the report.SHL Group Limited and its associated companies cannot guarantee that the contents ofthis report are the unchanged output of the computer system. We can accept no liabilityfor the consequences of the use of this report and this includes liability of every kind(including negligence) for its contents.The Candidates Report Version Number:© SHL Group Limited 2008. All rights reserved. SHL and OPQ are trademarks of SHLGroup Limited which is registered in the United Kingdom and other countries.This report has been produced by SHL for the benefit of its client and contains SHLintellectual property. As such, SHL permits its client to reproduce, distribute, amend andstore this report for its internal and non-commercial use only. All other rights of SHL arereserved.> 4 OPQ32 Candidates Report Ms Katie Herta: 21 January 2011 © SHL Group Limited 2008