W hotels, a top digital iq brand


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W hotels, a top digital iq brand

  1. 1. W HOTELS, A TOPDIGITAL IQ BRAND Digital Strategies
  2. 2. COMMUNICATE THE DREAM OF THELUXURY BRAND W Hotels website is a well design website, which aim to provide a lot of information for the visitor and engage them, push them to find something interesting in there to stay on the page. Whotels Twitter account aim to make people aware of the news, but promote most of all a fashion and trendy style to engage a specific segment of their customers. With 1564 follower at the moment, their twitter account is updated on a daily basis 71268 Likes on their facebook page, they update constantly their page content with news, event, videos and images. They interact with their fan
  3. 3. DIGITAL AS A PIECE OF THE LARGER PUZZLE The W Store To promote their product and mae customer becoming addict of the W brand, the Whotels webpage give the opportunity to anyone to command product of the Hotels. Whotels become then even more closer to their customers as they follow them at home, they provide them with goods that will enable customer to have Whotels brand outside of the actual hotel.
  4. 4. TELL A GREAT STORY Mobile tools:  Reason for the customer to engage with the brand  Those tools add an utilitarian and educational value for the customerFlickrThis photostream tool enable Mobile tool to localize your hotelcustomer to have Whotels and check in with your favorite social mediaphotos directly on their mobile
  5. 5. BE A CULTURAL TASTEMAKER « entrer dans le monde du design, de la musique, et de la mode ». On the first page, this section invite visitors to get in « the world » of W hotels, of their interests subject and that way they engage potential customers to share those same interests. Instead of going in a magazine website to have info and articles, visitors that share the same vision of W can just go on their website. They are telling their story, in a world of « design, trends and music » and want people to come and share it withe them
  6. 6. PROVIDE A TRUSTED GUIDE TOLIFESTYLE ENHANCEMENT Promoting new events, and  Those provided information giving the visitors all the grabs the audience and information he needs to invite people again invite follow and participate to the people to share common event is a very good strategy interest and participate in the that uses Whotels. same events
  7. 7. TALK TO YOUNGER LUXURYCONSUMERSMusic playlist The music playlist they propose in their webpage enable visitors/customers to listen to music directly in their page. The music is a smart way to engage with customer and identify a proper style
  8. 8. OFFER INCOMPARABLE SERVICES Appart from the regular hotel guest services that are describe on the hotel webpage related to it, the Whotels group give other services tool such as guarantee best rate They provide their customer with ‘best rate guarantee claim’, so that if customers found best rate in an other site, they offer to honor the garantee.
  9. 9. USE DIGITAL TO CONVEY EXCUSIVITYWhotel Garantee Exclusivity  SPG : Starwood Prefered Guest Giving the opportuity for guest following the program to amplifies their access, and personalized it. They propose special offer and advantages, with special access to properties and rewards
  10. 10. W HOTELS DIGITAL STRATEGY RATE1. Communicate The dream of the luxury brand 1 2 3 4 52. Digital as a piece of the larger puzzle 1 2 3 4 53. Tell a great story 1 2 3 4 54. Be a cultural tastemaker 1 2 3 4 55. Provide a trusted guide to lifestyle enhancement 1 2 3 4 56. Use history as a way to push forward 1 2 3 4 57. Encourage the spirit of competition 1 2 3 4 58. Talk to younger luxury consumers 1 2 3 4 59. Offer incomparable service 1 2 3 4 510. Use digital to conver exclusivity 1 2 3 4 5