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Katia Sol Madjidi CV December 2013


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Katia Sol Madjidi CV December 2013

  1. 1.  KATIA  SOL  MADJIDI,  PH.D.   616  Plateau  Drive    •  Kensington,  CA  •  94708  •  (510)  390-­‐4646    •   SUMMARY   • Specialist  in  transformative  learning,  leadership,  Indigenous  worldviews  and  global  studies   • Extensive  global  and  cross-­‐cultural  experience,  spanning  50+  countries  and  30+  Indigenous  Nations   • 15+  years  of  teaching  experience,  including  four  university  courses,  invited  course  lectures,  workshops,   intercultural  and  intergenerational  dialogue  circles,  and  leadership  development  programs   • Excellent  academic  record,  with  numerous  publications,  conference  presentations  and  awards   • Areas  of  expertise  include:     § Indigenous/Aboriginal  Knowledge     § Participatory,  Community-­‐based  and   § Transformative  Learning   Collaborative  Qualitative  Research     § Adult  Education   § Comparative  Education   § Leadership  Development   § Ecopsychology   § The  Dynamics  of  Global  Change   § Intergenerational  &  Intercultural  Dialogue   § International  and  Community  Development     § Social  Movements   § Freirian  Pedagogy   § Gratitude  Practice       EDUCATION   UNIVERSITY  OF  TORONTO-­‐  ONTARIO  INSTITUTE  FOR  STUDIES  IN  EDUCATION                                  Sept  2006-­‐June  2014   DEPARTMENT  OF  LEADERSHIP,  HIGHER  AND  ADULT  EDUCATION       Doctor  of  Philosophy,  Adult  Education  and  Community  Development                Additional  certification  in  two  collaborative  (interdisciplinary)  PhD  degree  programs:   • The  Dynamics  of  Global  Change  (Munk  School  of  Global  Affairs-­‐University  of  Toronto)   • Comparative,  International  and  Development  Education  (CIDEC-­‐OISE)     Dissertation  (successfully  defended  November  5,  2013):    The  Ecology  of  Transformation:  A   Relational  Study  of  the  Ecology  of  Leadership  Program  at  the  Regenerative  Design  Institute     Committee:     Dr.  Jean-­‐Paul  Restoule  (Supervisor),  Dr.  Edmund  O’Sullivan,  Dr.  Deborah  Barndt         STANFORD  UNIVERSITY                    Sept  1996  -­‐  June  2000                                  Master  of  Arts,  Education          Thesis:  Breaking  down  Boundaries:  The  Use  of  Dialogue  Groups  and  Participatory  Education  for  the   Healing  of  the  Human  Divide  (Supervisor:  Dr.  Martin  Carnoy)     Specialization:  Interpersonal,  Cross-­‐Cultural  and  Interracial  Dialogue  &  Communications     Bachelor  of  Arts,  Honors  –Latin  American  Studies   Honors  Thesis:    Revolucão  Humana:  Stories  of  Struggle  and  Human  Transformation  within  the   Movimento  Sem  Terra  (Brazil)  (Advisor:  Dr.  Kathleen  Morrison)     Specialization:  Social  Movements,  Freirian  Pedagogy,  and  Education  in  Latin  America       Minor–Spanish  and  Portuguese     SCHOOL  FOR  INTERNATIONAL  TRAINING   Culture  &  Development  Program,  Brazil                             Sept  -­‐  Dec  1998   Coursework:     Overseas  experiential  learning  program  (study  abroad),  focusing  on  Brazilian   culture,  Portuguese  language,  research  methodology,  and  issues  of  social  justice     SAN  FRANCISCO  STATE  UNIVERSITY   Wildlands  Studies  Program,  Nepal                                                                 June  -­‐  Aug  1997   Coursework:   Summer  semester  abroad,  combining  classes  in  the  field  with  a  two-­‐month  trek  in   the  Himalayas.    Focus  on  Integrated  Conservation  and  Development.    
  2. 2. Katia Sol Madjidi–CV Page 2 AWARDS  AND  DISTINCTIONS   William  Taylor  Fellowship,  Social  Sciences  &  Humanities  Research  Council  of  Canada           Awarded  to  the  most  outstanding  social  sciences  doctoral  student  in  Canada;   $5000/year  for  two  years.                  2008-­‐2011   Doctoral  Research  Award,  Social  Sciences  &  Humanities  Research  Council  of  Canada                              2008-­‐2011     Highly  competitive  two-­‐year  doctoral  research  grant;  $20,000/year  for  two  years   Ranjit  Kumar  Graduate  Fellowship,  Foundation  for  International  Training  ($3,000)                                 2010-­‐2011     Awarded  to  one  student  at  the  University  of  Toronto  each  year  on  the  basis  of  academic  excellence   Doctoral  Completion  Award,  University  of  Toronto  ($8,400)                      2012-­‐2013   Doctoral  Completion  Award,  University  of  Toronto  ($3,000  top-­‐up  to  OGS)                        2011-­‐2012   Ontario  Graduate  Scholarship  ($15,000)                                      2011-­‐2012   Academic  Excellence  Award,  University  of  Toronto  ($3,000)                      2011-­‐2012   SGS  Travel  Grant,  University  of  Toronto  School  of  Graduate  Studies  ($1,750)     Awarded  highest  amount  of  all  applicants                            2010-­‐2011   Academic  Excellence  Award,  University  of  Toronto  ($3,000)              2010-­‐2011   Academic  Excellence  Award,  University  of  Toronto  ($3,000)                  2009-­‐2010   Doctoral  Guaranteed  Funding  Award,  Ontario  institute  for  Studies  in  Education             Full  scholarship  plus  guaranteed  funding  top-­‐up  (~$22,000/year  for  four  years)                    2006-­‐2011   Dean’s  Award,  Harvard  Graduate  School  of  Education       $42,000+  value,  with  admission  to  PhD  program  –  declined  to  attend  OISE/UT                          2006   Graduate  Fellow;  Peabody  Dean’s  Fellowship,  Scholarly  Fellow;  Vanderbilt  University                                      2006   $200,000+  in  grants  and  fellowships  with  admission  to  PhD  program–  declined  to  attend  OISE/UT   Overseas  Research  Grant,  Stanford  University  Center  for  Latin  American  Studies  ($2,500)                    1999-­‐2000     PUBLICATIONS   Refereed  Publications   K.  Madjidi,  “Educating  for  Unity  &  Global  Transformation,”  manuscript  currently  under  peer  review,   Journal  of  Transformative  Education,  SAGE.       K.  Madjidi,  “Solos  and  Spirit  Spots:  Aboriginal-­‐based  Spaces  for  Silence  in  Education,”  in  Silences,  pp.  73-­‐74.     Council  of  3M  National  Teaching  Fellows  and  the  Society  for  Teaching  and  Learning  in  Higher   Education,  Gatineau,  QB,  June  2008.     K.  Mundy,  K.  Bickmore,  R.  Hayhoe,  M.  Madden  and  K.  Madjidi  (Eds.),  Comparative  and  International   Education:  Issues  for  Teachers.  CSPI  and  Teachers  College  Press:  Toronto,  ON  and  New  York,  NY,   2008.   K.  Madjidi  and  J.P.  Restoule,  "Comparative  Indigenous  Ways  of  Knowing  and  Learning,"  Chapter  Four  in   Comparative  and  International  Education:  Issues  for  Teachers,  ed.  Karen  Mundy  et  al.,  CSPI  and   Teachers  College  Press:  Toronto,  ON  and  New  York,  NY,  2008.   D.  Schugurensky  and  K.  Madjidi,  “Reinventing  Freire:  Citizenship  Education  in  Schools  and  Social   Movements  in  Brazil,”  Chapter  Nine  in  The  Sage  Handbook  of  Education  for  Citizenship  and   Democracy,  ed.  James  Arthur,  Ian  Davies  and  Carole  Hahn,  SAGE,  London,  2008.      
  3. 3. Katia Sol Madjidi–CV Page 3   Non-­‐Refereed  Publications   K.  Madjidi,  "Bahá’í  Institute  of  Higher  Education  Established  to  Provide  Educational  Opportunities  for   Oppressed  Religious  Minority  in  Iran."  History  of  Education:  Selected  Moments  of  the  20th  Century.   Edited  by  Daniel  Schugurensky.  Online:,  2006.   Several  reports  evaluating  the  progress  and  results  of  projects  funded  through  government  agencies  such  as   CIDA,  FAC,  and  HRSD.  Ghost  River  Rediscovery,  Calgary,  AB,  2002-­‐05.   K.  Madjidi,  Breaking  down  Boundaries:  The  Use  of  Dialogue  Groups  and  Participatory  Education  for  the   Healing  of  the  Human  Divide,  Stanford  University  School  of  Education.  77  pp.,  Stanford,  CA.  2000.   K.  M adjidi,  R evolucão  H umana:  S tories  o f  S truggle  a nd  H uman  T ransformation  w ithin  t he  M ovimento   Sem  T erra,  U ndergraduate  H onors  T hesis,  S tanford  U niversity.    1 10  p p.,  S tanford,  C A,  2 000.   K.  M adjidi,  T ransforming  T radition:  T he  S ignificance  o f  t he  R e-­‐creation  o f  T raditional  D ances  in  B ahia,   Brazil,  S chool  for  I nternational  T raining,  C eará,  B razil,  1 998.   K.  M adjidi,  A nalysis  o f  t he  H istory,  M ethodology,  a nd  S uccess  o f  t he  Jamundi  P rimary  S chool,   Foundation  f or  t he  A pplication  &  T eaching  o f  t he  S ciences.  C olombia,  1 998.   SELECTED  PRESENTATIONS     TEDx  Talk   K.  Sol  Madjidi,  “The  Transformative  Power  of  Gratitude,”  TEDx  Mission,  City  2.0,  Madrone  Studios,  San   Francisco,  October  13,  2012,  <>.   Invited  Conference  Plenary   K.  Madjidi,  “Indigenous  Ways  of  Knowing  and  Learning,”  Keynote,  Diversity  and  Equity  in  Education   Conference,  Eotvos  Lorand  University,  Budapest,  Hungary,  February  2012.       Refereed  Conference  Presentations   K.  Sol  Madjidi,  “Relational  Theory  –  A  New  Research  Paradigm  for  our  Times,”  Annual  Meeting  of  the   Comparative  and  International  Education  Society,  Toronto,  ON,  Canada  (Upcoming-­‐  March  2014.)       K.  Madjidi,  “Transnational  Religious  Actors:  Shaping  Global  Educational  Norms,”  Annual  Meeting  of  the   Comparative  and  International  Education  Society,  New  York,  NY,  March  17-­‐21,  2008.   K.  Madjidi,  “Comparative  and  International  Education  for  Teachers,”  Annual  Meeting  of  the  Comparative   and  International  Education  Society,  panel  chair  and  presenter,  New  York,  NY,  March  17-­‐21,  2008.   K.  Madjidi,  “Educating  for  Unity  &  Global  Transformation,”  World  Council  of  Comparative  Education   Societies,  Sarajevo,  Bosnia-­‐Herzegovina,  September  3-­‐7,  2007.       K.  Madjidi,  “Participatory  Development  for  Community  Transformation,”  31st  Annual  Conference  of  the   Association  for  Baha'i  Studies-­‐North  America,  Toronto,  ON,  August  16-­‐19,  2007.   K.  Madjidi,  “Indigenous  Epistemology  for  Global  Education  and  Transformation,”  4th  Annual  Conference   on  Indigenous  Education:  Asia/Pacific,  Vancouver,  BC,  July  19-­‐22,  2007.   K.  Madjidi,  “Comparative  Indigenous  Ways  of  Knowing  and  Learning,”  Annual  Meeting  of  the   Comparative  and  International  Education  Society,  Baltimore,  MD,  USA,  February  25-­‐March  1,  2007.   Other  Presentations   K.  Sol,  “The  Ecology  of  Transformation:  A  Relational  Study  of  the  Ecology  of  Leadership  Program  at  the   Regenerative  Design  Institute,”  CIDEC  Seminar,  OISE-­‐University  of  Toronto,  October  31,  2013.  
  4. 4. Katia Sol Madjidi–CV Page 4   st K.  Sol,  “Youth,  Elders,  and  Ancestors:  Revisioning  Communities  in  the  21  Century,”  Institute  of  Noetic   th Sciences  15  International  Conference,  July  17-­‐21,  2013.   K.  Sol,  “Remembering  the  Original  Instructions:  Youth  and  Elders  Reweaving  the  Sacred  Web,”  Institute  of   th Noetic  Sciences  15  International  Conference,  July  17-­‐21,  2013.   K.  Sol  Madjidi,  “Tools  for  Inner  Resilience,”  Northern  California  Regional  Transition  Conference,  October   12,  2013.   K.  Sol  Madjidi,  “The  Ecology  of  Leadership,”  Northern  California  Regional  Transition  Conference,  October   6,  2012.   K.  Madjidi,  “The  Bioneers  –  A  Revolution  from  the  Heart  of  Nature,  ”  Transformative  Learning  Centre   Monthly  Circle,  OISE/UT,  Toronto,  ON,  November  2010,.   K.  Madjidi,  “Aboriginal  and  Cross-­‐Cultural  Peacebuilding  through  Circle  Processes,”  Safe  Schools   Conference,  OISE/UT,  Toronto,  ON,  September  29,  2007.   K.  Madjidi,  “Pioneer  Leadership,”  Leadership  Calgary,  Preparation  and  presentation  of  nine  hour   curriculum,  May  2006.     K.  Madjidi,  “Indigenous  Youth  Leadership,”  Alberta  Council  for  Global  Cooperation,  Annual  Meeting,   2004.   K.  Madjidi,  “Unity  in  Diversity,”  Closing  Plenary,  Global,  Environmental  and  Outdoor  Education  Council   (GEOEC)  Annual  Conference,  Canmore,  Alberta,  2003.   K.  Madjidi,  “Indigenous  Youth  Leadership,”  Plenary,  FGL  Open  Global  Business  Society’s  Global  Youth   Forum  Calgary,  Alberta,  2003.   K.  Madjidi,  “Youth  Leadership,”  Plenary,  Youth  Development  Through  Recreation  Services,  National   Symposium,  Calgary,  Alberta,  2003.   K.  Madjidi,  “Connecting  Indigenous  Youth,”  Ghost  River  Rediscovery  Public  Engagement  Tours,  Alberta   and  British  Columbia,  Canada,  2003  and  2004.     TEACHING  EXPERIENCE   REGENERATIVE  DESIGN  INSTITUTE     Co-­‐facilitator,  E cology  o f  L eadership  P rogram                                October  2012-­‐  Present   • Co-­‐facilitate  a  six  month  adult  education  program  for  40  individuals  from  various  backgrounds,   focusing  on  the  development  of  their  personal  and  community  leadership  abilities   • Emphasis  on  “leadership  from  the  inside  out,”  or  cultivating  transformation  through  developing   practices  of  self-­‐awareness,  nature  connection,  and  building  conscious  learning  communities.   SOLYOGA       Lead  F acilitator   –  G ratitude-­‐  A  T hanksgiving  R etreat                                      November  22-­‐24,  2013   • Designed,  organized  and  led  a  weekend  training  focused  on  cultivating  a  gratitude  practice   • Developed  curriculum  and  facilitated  weekend  long  course  for  16  participants     DEPARTMENT  OF  GLOBAL  STUDIES,  WILFRID  LAURIER  UNIVERSITY       Contract  A cademic  S taff,  T heories  o f  I nternational  D evelopment     Sept-­‐  Dec  2009   • Led  w eekly  t utorials  o n  t he  t heories  o f  i nternational  d evelopment  f or  9 0  s tudents.   • Designed  lesson  p lans;  m et  w ith  s tudents.     • Responsible  for  a ll  m arking  a nd  g rade  a ssignments.  
  5. 5. Katia Sol Madjidi–CV Page 5 DEPARTMENT  OF  ABORIGINAL  STUDIES,  UNIVERSITY  OF  TORONTO     Teaching  A ssistant,  I ntroduction  t o  A boriginal  S tudies                    Sept  2007  -­‐  Dec  2009   • Led  w eekly  t utorials  o n  A boriginal  a nd  I ndigenous  s tudies  f or  1 20  s tudents.   • Designed  lesson  p lans  i ncorporating  c ultural  c ontent  a nd  A boriginal  w ays  o f  k nowing  a nd   learning,  s uch  a s  c eremony  a nd  I ndigenous-­‐based  p edagogy,  i nto  t he  c lassroom   • Met  w ith  s tudents;  r esponsible  f or  a ll  m arking  a nd  g rade  a ssignments.     ONTARIO  INSTITUTE  FOR  STUDIES  IN  EDUCATION,  UNIVERSITY  OF  TORONTO            Graduate  Assistant,  Comparative  and  International  Education  Course                  Sept  2006  -­‐  April  2008   • Assistant  for  Comparative  &  International  Development  Education  course   • Helped  to  prepare  and  welcome  weekly  guest  lecturers,  facilitated  class  discussions,  and   supported  students  between  classes.    Also  responsible  for  the  preparation  and  distribution  of   course  materials,  organization  of  technical  materials  in  support  of  the  class  curriculum  (videos,   online  learning  resources,  etc.),  management  of  the  course’s  online  forum  and  website,  and  the   preparation,  compilation  and  editing  of  the  course  textbook.     GUEST  LECTURES          Ontario  Institute  for  Studies  in  Education     •  “Comparative  Indigenous  Ways  of  Knowing,”  Comparative  and  International  Education:  Issues  for   Teachers  Course,  November  2007,  November  2008,  September  2009,  October  2010   • “Participatory  Development,”  Introduction  to  Community  Development  Course,  2008.   University  of  Calgary     •  “Indigenous  Issues  in  Latin  America:  Ghost  River  Rediscovery’s  Indigenous  Leadership  Program  in   Bolivia,  Guyana  &  Dominica,”  Latin  American  Studies  203.01  Course,  2005.   •  “Education  and  Development:  Stories  of  Struggle  and  Human  Transformation  in  the  Brazilian   Landless  Rural  Workers’  Movement,”  Latin  American  Studies  203.01  Course,  2004.     RESEARCH  EXPERIENCE   REGENERATIVE  DESIGN  INSTITUTE     Dissertation  R esearch                                                                                Nov  2010-­‐  Nov  2013   • Three-­‐year,  in-­‐depth  participatory  action  research  project  to  assess  how  transformative  learning   is  cultivated  within  the  Ecology  of  Leadership  program  at  the  Regenerative  Design  Institute   • Mixed-­‐methods  quantitative  and  qualitative  research  study,  incorporating  community-­‐based   participatory  action  research,  in-­‐depth  interviews,  surveys,  arts-­‐based  methods,  and  sharing   circles.    Study  has  reached  over  200  participants  in  various  forms  of  engagement.       • Co-­‐developed  an  innovative  360  degree  survey  for  program  participants  to  assess  their  own   inner  and  outer  leadership  development  as  well  as  for  them  to  receive  global  feedback  on  how   they  are  perceived  in  these  capacities  by  people  in  their  various  circles  and  communities.   • Defended  November  5,  2013   KEYI  STRATEGIES      A ssistant  E ditor,  Commonwealth  Series  on  Social  Entrepreneurship      Dec  2010-­‐Sept  2011   • Assisted  Dr.  Ruth  Shapiro  in  editing  the  Commonwealth  Club  series  on  Social  Entrepreneurship,   published  by  Stanford  University  Press.  The  book  includes  chapters  by  luminaries  in  the  field   such  as  Muhammad  Yunus,  Bill  Drayton,  Premal  Shah,  Sally  Osberg,  and  Jacqueline  Novogratz.       • Content-­‐edited,  proofread  and  provided  editorial  feedback  on  all  chapters  as  well  as  on  the   introduction,  round  robins  and  conclusion.        
  6. 6. Katia Sol Madjidi–CV Page 6 ONTARIO  INSTITUTE  FOR  STUDIES  IN  EDUCATION,  UNIVERSITY  OF  TORONTO   Research  A ssistant,  C omparative  a nd  I nternational  E ducation              M ay  2 007-­‐June  2 008   • Assisted  w ith  v arious  a spects  o f  t he  functioning  o f  t he  C omparative,  I nternational  a nd   Development  E ducation  C entre,  i ncluding  s upporting  t he  f ormation  o f  a  C IDE  s tudent   association  a nd  c ore  o rganizing  s tructure  a s  w ell  a s  p roduction  o f  n ewsletters  a nd  r eports   Co-­‐Editor,  Comparative  and  International  Education:  Issues  for  Teachers              May  2007-­‐  June  2008   • Coordinated  communications  and  planning  between  editors,  authors,  and  publisher   • Managed  the  editing  and  submission  of  all  chapters  and  of  the  final  manuscript     • Completed  a  full  editorial  and  proofreading  revision  of  the  textbook   • Contributed  a  chapter  on  Comparative  Indigenous  Ways  of  Knowing  and  Learning     STANFORD  UNIVERSITY   Master’s  Thesis  Research   Sept  1999–June  2000   • Studied  the  role  of  cross-­‐cultural  and  interracial  dialogue  groups  in  transforming  human   relationships.    Participatory  action  research  project,  including  the  facilitation  of  a  series  of   dialogue  groups  over  a  two-­‐year  period  and  the  design  of  an  intercultural  dialogue  curriculum.     Honors  T hesis  R esearch     •                    J une  1 999-­‐June  2 000   Analyzed  t he  implementation  o f  F reirian  p edagogy  w ithin  t he  B razilian  L andless  R ural   Worker’s  M ovement  ( MST).  T raveled  t o  r ural  s ites  w here  M ST  h ad  s eized  a nd  o ccupied   land,  c onducting  r esearch  o n  g rassroots,  p articipatory  e ducation  w ithin  t he  m ovement.   FOUNDATION  FOR  THE  TEACHING  &  APPLICATION  OF  THE  SCIENCES  (FUNDAEC-­‐  COLOMBIA)   Educational  Research  Analyst                                                                                      June–August  1998   • Conducted  an  evaluation  of  a  newly  developed  primary  school  system  for  potential  application   throughout  Latin  America.  Traveled  to  Costa  Rica  and  Ecuador  to  visit  parallel  educational   sites.    Conducted  interviews  and  on-­‐site  research  and  composed  a  final  50-­‐page  analysis.   SAN  FRANCISCO  STATE  UNIVERSITY  WILDLANDS  STUDIES  PROGRAM  (NEPAL)   Student  Researcher                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  June–August  1997   • Researched  the  integration  of  conservation  and  development  within  the  Nepalese  WWF  park   system,  analyzing  the  potential  for  inclusion  of  local  peoples  into  park  management  in  the   newly  opened  Shey  Phoksundo  region.       OTHER  RELEVANT  PROFESSIONAL  EXPERIENCE     EMERGENT  PERFORMANCE  CONSULTING,  LTD.      D esign  P artner                                    J uly  2 011-­‐  P resent   • Design  partner  for  an  innovative  consulting  company  focusing  on  transformative  and   experiential  educational  experiences  and  leadership  development  from  an  emergent  paradigm.   • Member  of  team  of  consultants  that  provides  innovative  educational  solutions  to  individuals   and  organizations  based  on  a  model  of  deep  living  and  precise  engagement.     REGENERATIVE  DESIGN  INSTITUTE   Coordinator,  I ntergenerational  D ialogue  C ircle           April-­‐November  2 011     • Coordinated  an  intergenerational  and  intercultural  Peacemakers’  Council  of  youth  leaders  and   Elder  mentors  currently  working  with  underserved  youth  in  East  Bay,  San  Francisco  and  Marin   County  communities,  together  with  Penny  Livingston-­‐Stark  and  Belvie  Rooks.   • Responsible  for  a ll  logistics  a nd  p lanning,  o utreach  t o  s takeholders,  c reating  a  c ollective   vision  f or  t he  e vent  w ith  e xisting  p articipants,  p lanning  f or  o ngoing  c ommunity  i mpact   and  i nvolvement,  c ommunications  t o  a ll  p articipants,  e tc.    
  7. 7. Katia Sol Madjidi–CV Page 7 GHOST  RIVER  REDISCOVERY,  CALGARY,  ALBERTA                      Program  Coordinator,  International  Indigenous  Youth  Leadership                                      Oct  2002–Aug  2006     • Directed  an  international  Indigenous  youth  leadership  program  for  an  Aboriginal-­‐based  non-­‐ profit  organization  that  specializes  in  experiential,  cultural  education  programs.   • Responsible  for  all  aspects  of  program  coordination  and  management,  including  project  design   and  delivery,  fund-­‐raising,  budget  management,  hiring,  recruitment,  staff  training,  program   expansion,  promotions  and  marketing,  and  public  relations.   • Successfully  fundraised  over  $3  million  CAD  to  support  the  programs   • Provided  diverse  programs,  ranging  from  two  to  eight  months’  duration,  for  up  to  500   Aboriginal  youth  annually,  resulting  in  the  youths’  emergence  as  community  leaders.   • Recruited,  hired,  and  managed  30+  staff  across  international  locations,  in  challenging  and   remote  sites   • Conducted  regular  site  visits,  program  evaluations,  and  extensive  reporting  to  funding  agencies   INTERNATIONAL  TEACHING  CENTRE,  HAIFA,  ISRAEL                          Program  Officer,  Quality  Controller                      Sept.  2000–May  2002   • Worked  overseas  at  a  multicultural  international  organization  with  800  employees,  overseeing   correspondence  related  to  grassroots  education  and  training.     • Responsible  for  upholding  a  high  degree  of  excellence  in  correspondence  with  over  180   countries  and  territories.    Position  required  excellent  writing  and  analytical  skills  and   comprehensive  geographical  and  cultural  knowledge.   • Analyzed  budgets  and  monitored  ongoing  financial  needs  for  individual  overseas  volunteers  as   well  as  large-­‐scale  educational  training  projects  around  the  world.   • Awarded  special  projects  in  addition  to  regular  responsibilities,  i.e.  compilation  of  periodic   newsletter,  creation  of  country  analyses  and  reports,  and  document  editing.     ACADEMIC  SERVICE  AND  ASSOCIATIONS   Dynamics  of  Global  Change  Collaborative  PhD  Program            Steering  Committee  Member   • Selected  as  student  representative  for  the  steering  committee  of  the  Dynamics  of  Global  Change   PhD  program  at  the  Munk  School  of  Global  Affairs   Department  of  Adult  Education  and  Counseling  Psychology          Faculty  Search  Committee  Member   • Selected  as  student  representative  for  a  faculty  search  committee  for  a  new  faculty  position  in  the   department  of  Adult  Education  and  Community  Development   Comparative,  International  and  Development  Education  Student  Association                                  Co-­‐Founder   • Helped  to  initiate  and  co-­‐found  the  CIDE  Student  Association  –  now  a  flourishing  student   association  with  an  annually  elected  core  organizing  team  and  over  100  members   Indigenous  Education  Network  (IEN)               Member   Transformative  Learning  Centre  (TLC)               Member                          Volunteer  –  Music   One  Earth  Community  Conferences  2007,  2010,  2012  (OISE-­‐UT)   Comparative  and  International  Education  Society  (CIES)           ADDITIONAL  EDUCATIONAL  CERTIFICATIONS  AND  TRAINING       Member     Emotional  Healing  and  Community  Renewal  for  Youth  and  Elders,  Helping  Professionals  from   Aboriginal  and  Non-­‐aboriginal  Communities,  Canadian  Institute  for  Transpersonal  and   Integrative  Sciences  -­‐                                Oct  2008-­‐May  2009   • Year  long  training  led  by  Dr.  Beth  Hedva  (transpersonal  psychologist),  Grandmother  Sara  Smith   (Mohawk  Elder)  and  Kim  Haxton  (Potawatomi  teacher  and  ceremonialist)      
  8. 8. Katia Sol Madjidi–CV • Page 8 Students  trained  in  facilitation  and  counseling  for  both  individual  and  community-­‐based  healing,   particularly  in  Aboriginal  communities  but  also  in  non-­‐Aboriginal  contexts.     Four  Seasons  Permaculture  Design  Certification,  Regenerative  Design  Institute                Oct  2012-­‐present   • Permaculture  design  certification  course   Ecology  of  Leadership  Program  –  Regenerative  Design  Institute                            Feb-­‐  June  2011   • Five  month  leadership  development  program  focused  on  inner  and  outer  leadership  in  one’s   personal  life,  community  and  service  path/work  (part  of  participatory  research  project  for  my  PhD)   Cultivating  Women’s  Leadership  Training  -­‐  Bioneers,  Ocate,  NM                                July  2010   • One  week  training  with  Nina  Simons  and  Toby  Herzlich  on  developing  women’s  leadership   capabilities   Awakening  the  Dreamers  Symposium,  Pachamama  Alliance,  Toronto,  ON   • Attended  symposium                                          June  2010   The  Emerging  Wisdom  Culture  -­‐  State  of  the  World  Forum  and  Wisdom  University                        March  2010   • One  week  course  of  the  Wisdom  University  and  State  of  the  World  Forum,  with  an  integral  focus   and  intensive  teaching  by  Paul  Ray,  Jim  Garrison,  Lester  Brown,  Randy  Hayes,  Marcela  Olivera,  and   others.   Awakening  the  Divine  Feminine  -­‐  Divine  Feminine,  Awakened  Masculine  Institute                            Oct  2009   • Weekend  course  on  healing  and  awakening  the  sacred  feminine     Women’s  Ceremonial  Training,  Sacred  Fire,  Six  Nations  ON              Feb-­‐Sept  2009   • Participated  in  monthly  women’s  ceremonies  and  training  led  by  Diane  Longboat  (Leading  Earth   Woman)  (Mohawk-­‐Haudenosaunee)  at  the  Sacred  Fire  on  Six  Nations  Territory   Leadership  Calgary-­‐  Volunteer  Calgary,  Calgary,  AB                      Sept  2005-­‐June  2006   • Year-­‐long  in-­‐depth  leadership  training.    Curriculum  focused  on  the  Human  Venture  and  the  Pioneer   Leadership  Journey,  including  aspects  of  personal  responsibility,  social  and  cultural  co-­‐ responsibility,  the  creative  realization  process,  and  the  cultivation  of  tools  of  wisdom  and  judgment.       Rediscovery  International  Training,  Rediscovery  International  (Pearson  College,  BC)                          June  2003   • Two  week  intensive  training  in  facilitating  cultural  outdoor  education  programs,  based  on   Indigenous  wisdom  and  focused  on  developing  participants’  connections  with  themselves,  one   another,  and  the  land.   Ruhi  Institute  Facilitator  Training                                                          Sept  2001-­‐Feb  2003   • Seven  course  training  to  become  a  facilitator  for  the  Bahá’í-­‐inspired  Ruhi  Institute  training  program,   focused  on  developing  spiritual  capabilities  for  transforming  our  global  civilization   VOLUNTEER  &  COMMUNITY  ACTIVITIES   CommuniTuesdays  –  Member                 Dec  2011-­‐  present   Keeva  A  Cappella  –  Community  Choir               June  2011-­‐present   Voices  of  Unity  -­‐  Community  Choir                                Nov  2009-­‐June  2011   “Harmony  Circle”  Children’s  Virtues  Classes-­‐Founder  and  Educator                                March  2009-­‐June  2010   Echo  Women’s  Community  Choir            September  2007-­‐May  2008   Leadership  Calgary  –  Program  Guide   July  2005-­‐  June  2006   Women  in  Spirituality  –  Board  Member   Jan  2004-­‐June  2006   Alberta  Youth  Movement  Coordination  Team-­‐  Chairperson     Aug  2002-­‐Feb  2005   Youth  Activities  Committee  –  Youth  Developer  (Haifa,  Israel)     May  2001–May  2002   Stanford  Race  Dialogue  Program  –  Initiator  and  Facilitator    Jan  1999–June  2000   Talisman  A  Cappella  –  Fundraising  Director,  Member                                                                                                              Sept  1999–June  2000   Youth  Year  of  Service  program,  Bolivia  –  Volunteer   Sept  1995–May  1996      
  9. 9. Katia Sol Madjidi–CV Page 9 CROSS-­‐CULTURAL  AND  INTERNATIONAL  EXPERIENCE   Dual  citizen  of  the  United  States  and  Canada,  with  mixed  European  and  Native  American  (Cherokee)   ancestry.   Firsthand  experience  living  in,  travelling  to,  and  working  with  communities  in  the  following  countries:     • Argentina,  Aruba,  Bolivia,  Bonaire,  Bosnia-­‐Herzegovina,  Brazil,  Canada,  Colombia,  Costa  Rica,  Croatia,   Dominica,  Dominican  Republic,  Ecuador,  Germany,  Guyana,  Finland,  France,  Hungary,  Indonesia,  Israel,   Italy,  Mexico,  Poland,  Portugal,  Nepal,  the  Netherlands,  New  Zealand,  Saint  Lucia,  South  Africa,  Spain,   Switzerland,  Thailand,  Uruguay,  the  United  Kingdom,  the  United  States,  and  Venezuela.     And  with  the  following  Indigenous  Nations:   • Quechua, Aymara, Guarani, Mapuche, Makushi, Arawak, Kalinago, Maori, Anishinaabe, Mohawk, Plains Cree, Swampy Cree, Nakoda, Haida, Haisla, Wet’suwet’en, Kwakwaka’wakw, Nlaka’pamux, Okanagan, St’at’imc, Ktunaxa, Cowichan, Tsmishian, Gitksan, Dene, Kainai, Siksika, Tsuu T’ina, Métis, Cherokee, Chippewa, and Saami   I have facilitated numerous cross-cultural and interracial dialogue circles, bringing together of people from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds to increase understanding and work together toward common causes. LANGUAGES   • Fluent  in  Spanish,  Portuguese   • Basic  French  (was  previously  fluent)   • Completed  introductory  level  courses  in  Arabic,  Hebrew  and  Farsi   REFERENCES   Academic  References   Jean-­‐Paul  Restoule,  PhD  (Dokis  First  Nation,  Anishinaabe)   Associate  Professor  of  Aboriginal  Education   Department  of  Leadership,  Higher  and  Adult  Education   Ontario  Institute  for  Studies  in  Education  of  the  University  of  Toronto         Academic  Supervisor     Edmund  O’Sullivan,  PhD   Professor   Department  of  Leadership,  Higher  and  Adult  Education   Ontario  Institute  for  Studies  in  Education  of  the  University  of  Toronto   Committee  Member     Deborah  Barndt,  PhD   Associate  Professor  in  Environmental  Studies   Faculty  of  Environmental  Studies   York  University   Committee  Member     Daniel  Schugurensky,  PhD  
  10. 10. Katia Sol Madjidi–CV Page 10 Professor     School  Of  Public  Affairs  and  Social  Transformation   Arizona  State  University     Community  and  Professional  References   James  Stark   Co-­‐Director,  Regenerative  Design  Institute   415-­‐868-­‐9670   Colleague,  The  Ecology  of  Leadership     Beth  Hedva,  PhD   Transpersonal  Psychologist   Co-­‐Director,  Canadian  Institute  for  Transpersonal  and  Integrative  Sciences   403-­‐247-­‐1441     Belvie  Rooks   Co-­‐Founder,  Growing  a  Global  Heart;  Board  member,  Institute  of  Noetic  Sciences   415-­‐596-­‐8311   Colleague,  Intergenerational  and  Intercultural  Dialogue  work       NB:  *PLEASE  NOTE  THAT  DUE  TO  A  CHANGE  IN  PERSONAL  CIRCMSTANCES  I  HAVE  ALSO   CHANGED  MY  NAME  IN  RECENT  YEARS.  FOR  WEB  AND  PUBLICATIONS  SEARCHES,  I  CAN  ALSO  BE   FOUND  UNDER  THE  NAMES:   • Katia  Sol  (Name  I  Currently  Use)   • Katherine  Madjidi  (Legal  Name)   • Kathy  Madjidi     • Kathy  Wiatt  (Maiden  Name)