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Katia sol gratitude te dx


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Katia sol gratitude te dx

  1. 1. TheTransformative Power of Gratitude
  2. 2. Dreaming the Grateful City
  3. 3. Created by Karen Kearneywww.syracuseculturalworkers. com Inspired by the Onondaga Nation, Haudenosaunee
  4. 4. Stumbling upon Gratitude
  5. 5. California! (The Ecology of Leadership)
  6. 6. Daily Gratitude Practice
  7. 7. What’s so Special about Gratitude?• Affirmation of life itself• Turns our focus from the negative to the positive• Opportunity for reframing – new lens on life• Connects us to something greater than ourselves• Cultivates a sense of wonder and awe
  8. 8. How can Gratitude Transform?• Our Personal lives• Our Marriages/Relationships• Our Children• Our Organizations• Our Communities/Cities?
  9. 9. Personal Happiness & Health8-year study (Emmons- UCDavis) - Regulargratitude practice results in:• Progress toward important personal goals• Higher alertness, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness and energy• Better health, sleep duration and sleep quality• Greater energy, optimism and positive moods• Greater sense of feeling connected to others
  10. 10. The moment you shift from a mindstate ofnegativity or judgment to one of appreciation: • Brain function becomes more balanced, harmonized, and supple;• Your heart begins to pump in a much more coherent and harmonious rhythm;• And biochemical changes trigger a host of healthful responses throughout your body. (J & M Levy)
  11. 11. Marriage and Relationships
  12. 12. The 5:1 RatioGottman Institute:• #1 Predictor of success in marriages: – 5:1 or greater ratio of positive to negative encounters – The solution? Gottman suggests practicing gratitude in marriage, with at least 5 expressions of gratitude or appreciation for every 1 negative interaction
  13. 13. Gratitude in our Families
  14. 14. Gratitude in our Organizations
  15. 15. Why DON’T we practice gratitude?• Deceptively simple• Afraid of putting ourselves out there - being vulnerable?• Assumption – people already know, taking for granted• Old world values of greed, competition, selfishness, stinginess
  16. 16. The Keys to a Gratitude Transformation1. COMMIT – just do it!2. Look for what’s true3. What you appreciate appreciates4. Do it TOGETHER5. Give thanks for what is to come– as if it’s already done!
  17. 17. Why Gratitude & City 2.0?– Gratitude is the fertilizer for creating resilient, regenerative communities & cultures– What’s missing in cities – sense of community- sense that you know each other – core vehicle in creating a sense of community/common unity – gratitude, love, appreciation – unifying force as much as judgment is a fragmenting force– Creating a field of love & appreciation, in which we are nurtured by what we appreciate in each other
  18. 18.